Masterclass with Maestros @ Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa

Today, I had an opportunity to attend the Masterclass with Maestros. There was a bunch of participants who had come over enthusiastically to attend the class.
What did they make?
Classic Tiramisu

Chocolate 🍫 Texture
Peanut 🥜 Butter Cookies 🍪
Chocolate 🍫Chip Cookies 🍪
Classic Chocolate 🍫 Brownie

Chefs did a great job in demonstrating initially about making the products. It was then the turn of the participants to try their hands on replicating the same. To our surprise, each and every one mastered the act in no time and brought out the best output. I managed to capture the last bit of the making process through the LIVE Video (on FB).

After the session was over, we were allowed to click pics with the cookies and it was a tasting session thereafter. Trust me, each and every cookie that was baked came out really well. I could see the happiness on each of the creators which was very evident on their face. I had the cookies & the taste still lingers in my mouth while I’m writing this message.

The brand said that they would be coming with many more such classes. Follow their page Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa to know more about the upcoming events and to actively take part in it.