Book Review - Big Billion Startup : The Untold Flipkart Story

Title - Big Billion Startup : The Untold Flipkart Story
Author - Mihir Dalal
Genre - Industries & Business / Entrepreneurship (Non-Fiction)
Publisher - Macmillan
ISBN - 978-93-89109-14-6

Castles aren't built overnight. This is a popular saying which most of us know. What we may not know is how those castles were built. This is the theme of this extra ordinary book which is the first hand account of how the Bansals who hails from the powerful Baniya business community went to built one of the largest eCommerce companies in India, SORRY - World.

The book runs for 272 pages with 24 chapters. Each and every chapter is distinct in itself. Mihir Dalal who is an investigative journalist has brought in his expertise which reflects in each and every word that was used in this book which would take each and every reader on the upward journey of Bansals. 

Many f us knew by now that Bansals who went to build various brands - be it Sachin, Binny, Mukesh weren't related with each other but their passion to build a brand ran deep into their veins which brought out some of the most successful start-ups in the recent times. Some of these even breached the status of Unicorn. These brands made India proud in the international arena as it turned the focus from the ever famous "Silicon Valley" to the Indian hub, particularly to Bengaluru. This is what has made even the biggies like Amazon and WalMart to set up their shops in India.

WalMart picking up a majority stake in Flipkart did not happen all of a sudden. Lot f sweat had gone into it since building Flipkart by Bansals was as good as Jeff Bezos himself who took had a humble beginning of selling books, initially. Not all the stuffs which gets copied or replicated becomes successful but Flipkart was an exception. Sachin and Binny who came from different background, was destined to meet in their college and their association continued even in Amazon. How and why they came out of such a big brand was a different story altogether.

Though I thought I knew most about the Flipkart story being one of the early patrons of the brand and have made few hundreds of transactions till date, when I read this book, I understood that what I knew about one of the most inspiring brands is not even 1%

I would surely recommend this book. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this is the book you need to pick because you don't need an inspiration from a foreigner when you have an equivalent source/story that was groomed in our Motherland!!

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Hardcover formats.