Restaurant Review - Hybrid@Mercure, Sripreumbudur

Today, I had an opportunity to visit Hybrid Restaurant in Mercure, Sriperumbudur.

I was impressed with the hand cart which had tender coconut (which was sealed in a different way altogether). I found it irresistible and unique and settled for it as my welcome drink as against the traditional goli soda (which was offered in different flavours). I was told about the ever changing menu in order to keep their guests happy.

The menu is really exhaustive. They have buffet & A-la-Carte. One could select it as per their convenience.

I had the opportunity to taste some of the starters which includes but not limited to:
1. Malai Broccoli
2. Paneer Tikka
3. Tandoori Jhinga(Prawns & Chicken)
4. Mutton Tawa Pulao &
5. Nasi Goreng

I liked each and every dish that was served which tasted so good. I liked the Broccoli & Tandoor Prawns in particular.

However the star of the day is Nasi Goreng which is served in Bali, Indonesia. This is a spicy rice which has the mix of mutton & chicken coupled with fish skewers. This is served with groundnut sauce, salads which were a perfect complement to the main dish.

I loved the perfect toon at which these were cooked. Each of the dish I had were tender, freshly sourced which made e drool over it over and again. 

Do see my next post for the next set of pics. 

P.S. This post also features the like of Kancheepuram Idli served with Fish Kulambu, Palak Paneer, Chicken Biryani, Burger & Mutton Chops.

1. Mutton Tawa Pulao - This was a new dish altogether that I have tasted. This proved to be a real good one.
2. Schezwan Prawns
3. Oreo Cheese Cake

Also featured in the post - Paneer Tikka Burger, Chicken 65 Burger, Stir fried seafood with sesame oil on sticky rice & Desserts. 
What is special about this restaurant?

They have this unique theme called “Harvest of the Day”. This is where it gets interesting. 
The hotel has their own place where they grow some fruits, vegetables and herbs. Whatever gets harvested in the day gets featured here and the guests can request for the same based on which the dishes could be prepared and served. They have harvested Papaya & Drumstick leaves today (last pic on the post)

I had a memorable, tasty and sumptuous lunch today :)