Book Review - An Inherited Dream

Title - An Inherited Dream
Author - Udai Narayan Singh Bisht
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon KDP

One of the outspoken narration that I have come across in the recent times. I am not going to talk about the story since it is for the readers to show their patron towards this book by buying them and get to know as to what I meant in the first line.

The book revolves around Dreams, Aspirations and Struggles faced by the Protagonist Himmat Veer Pandey who hails from a village who goes to a bigger school to get good education. The initial struggles he faces in understanding English was well documented.  The story reveals the reality wherein the rich and the privileged are given priority compared to the middle and lower middle class.

You could see them facing struggles in their day to day like where in they struggle to make their ends meet. The book has taken reference from some real life incidents too. The title is pretty apt for the story. The story is an inspiring one which would go a long way in inspiring youngsters in being persistent. 

When you read this book, you would feel like traveling along with Himmat. This, I would say is the perfect example of creating a character which lives through the book.

This book is available on Amazon in the format of an eBook.


Thank you for this detailed review, just in case someone wants to grab a copy, here's the link: bit.ly/fromunsb