Book Review - A Sweet Deal

Title - A Sweet Deal
Author - Andaleeb Wajid
Genre - Romance(Fiction)
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-89432-466

This book is like a breeze. As was rightly mentioned  by Milan Vohra, "this book cannot be put down" 

I can say this story in just a line or two but the point is, what impact does this book make.

I must appreciate Andaleeb Wajid for creating such a lovely story which is as good as a real one. It can be made into a perfect romantic movie too. 

Not Too Sweet - That's the name of the cafe owned by the protagonist Rumana along with her friend Neharika. They also had a helper Vinod, who was sluggish. However, they managed to run the show after quitting their decent paying corporate job. One fine day, they ends up with a jolt. The news of opening of new Pattesserie shop next to them by the renowned Daniyal, a rockstar chef starts giving them nightmares.

Rumana wasn't the character who would budge easily. She executes some plan to bring down the shop even  before the business is established.

What did she do?

Her parents were also compelling her in the meantime to get married and she meets the prospective match who comes visiting her shop. Hammad was his name and he promises Rumana that he would help her in setting up the business back in the U.S. when they are married and leave India for good.

In the mean time, a spark happens between Rumana and Daniyal.

Were they in love with each other?
If yes, why did Rumana agree to marry Hammad?
How does the story end?

Give it a read. I am sure, you will find it real interesting. It might even rekindle your memories, if you had something similar in the past. All I can say is, this story is for those who were in LOVE and also for those who are in LOVE!!

This book is available on Amazon in paperback format.