Food Review - Kabuki, an authentic Japanese Restaurant in Nungambakkam

About the Restaurant:

Kabuki Chennai is an authentic Japanese Restaurant which has a wide range of Japanese delicacies. The best part is, they even cater to the Indian cuisine & can tweak the dishes as required.

This is located on Nungambakkam High Road - just opposite to the newly opened Karachi bakery. The restaurant has parking space for 2/4 wheelers.

The interiors is done in such a way that it gives your a feel of entering Little Japan. The paintings are done so nicely so as the lightings. A portion of it is dedicate for “Cherry Blossom” as well.

The term Kabuki actually means Dance, Music & Art(KA-Abu-Ki). I was given this information by Karthik Murali H. Thank You Karthik for the detailed explanation.

They also have a LIVE Bar and the bartender does an excellent job by catering to your needs - you name it, you have it - be it a Cocktail or Mocktail.

They are open for Corporate Bookings. Karaoke can be played if you’re coming in a group.  You’ll leave with pleasant memories for sure. 

About the Food:

We tasted the best of the Japanese delicacies at @kabukichennai 

We ordered a few starters and Mocktails before proceeding to the main dish.

The list includes:
1) Chicken Karaage
2) Tofu with Crabmeat sauce
3) Chicken Gyozu with dumplings 
4) Veg Mix Rolls (Sushi)
5) Crab Cream Korokke
6) Spicy Sesame Ramen with Boiled Egg
7) Mixed Fried Rice(Chicken & Prawn) 
8) Burnt Garlic Fried Rice
9) Mocktails

Each and every dish certainly deserves an appreciation as they brought us the authentic taste of the Japanese Cuisine. You should eat it without having any expectations since their cuisine is definitely different than ours. 

We loved each and every dish that was served with professionalism & affection. 

Do not forget to try their burnt garlic rice. They were prepared with the authentic sticky rice.

When it comes to mocktails, though they have a preset menu, do ask the bartender for suggestions. He can give you some of the best ones.

If you are t familiar using the chopsticks 🥢, they provide fork & spoon.

I must say that I had a great time since each and every dish had a different taste which satisfied my taste buds and that of my friends.