Book Review - Soul Selfie : How To Click Into Your Real Self

Title - Soul Selfie : How To Click Into Your Real Self
Author - Sadguru Rameshji
Genre - Healthy Living & Wellness / Personality & Self Development
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-89567-786

In the present day, Selfie has become the norm wherein we are obsessed with clicking a selfie either with a Star or with ourselves.

Have we either thought of clicking the selfie of our soul? This is what this book is all about. The book talks about the inner beauty in great detail. To me, I found it more appealing because it touches upon all the aspects and effectively answers them by breaking away the myths we were made to believe.

Sadguru Rameshji is certainly an enlightened soul because each and every chapter in this 200 odd page book delves deep into the concept that he has taken to discuss. If I start writing my entire review, I am afraid that it may even surpass the number of pages in the actual book since they were appealing and most importantly, it connects with me and my life. If it did this to me, I am sure, it would do it to all the readers, for sure.

Best part of the book is, it is beyond all the religions out there as it speaks about the Universal laws. I liked in particular the chapter "WHO IS HE?" wherein author tries to answer our ever prevailing doubt of Who The GOD is and if HE actually exists? This chapter gives a logical explanation which would even make an atheist convinced about HIS existence.

The Nectar Of Gyana at the end of each chapter is almost similar to Points to Remember/Gist which is good enough for you to recollect all that was discussed in the topic. I would recommend you to read one chapter a day because it would help you grasp the contents in its truest form.

What I have also liked in the book is the citation of few short stories which were thought provoking. Also the comparison of SOUL to a SIM card in the very beginning evoked me an instant interest on the book which kept me hooked till the end.

I must admit without giving a second thought that this book is a TREASURE and it would certainly Enlighten you....

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This is really helpful, thank you for posting such a detailed review. Even I am fond of this book.