Book Review - Make Your Own Luck

Title - Make Your Own Luck
Authors - Bob Miglani & Rehan Yar Khan
Genre - Personal Development & Self Help
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-89178-456

The book is nothing less than a MAGIC! I realised it as soon as I read the Introduction. It got cemented firmly in my mind when I completed the first chapter. The book is written by Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan who have proved their mettle in their respective fields. 

To me, Bob Miglani to Pfizer is what Jack Welch to GE. Though the comparison may look exaggerated, consider this. Bob was rejected initially when he applied for a job in Pfizer but went on to hold some of the highest position in the company through his perseverance. His classic explanation of how he landed the job would go on to inspire millions, for sure.

Rehan Yar Khan, on the other hand is a serial investor. He was also born in average family just like Bob but his intuition had made him to become one of the most successful in his field - Investments. Considering that his investment of US$100,000 in OLA has become US$75 Million in no time, you can be very much assured of his investment acumen. His startup Flora2000 - an ecommerce website taught him the nuances and he went on to invest in PharmEasy, Druva, Country Delight, GoMechanic etc.,

There are 7 chapters in this book and each book opens up a new avenue as to how you can become successful. Usually, I give away the book once I finish reading it since I never wanted them to get piled up at my home but as far as this book is concerned, I will never be giving it away since I feel it precious and looking forward to get it autographed by both the authors, one day or the other...

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