Book Review - World Travel in low budget

Title - World Travel in low budget
Author - Shrinidhi Hande
Genre - Travel
Publisher - NotionPress Publishing
ISBN - 978-1-64760-410-3

Shrinidhi Hande is a budget traveler. He has traveled close to 40 countries till date. Having known him for almost a decade and the way he travel, I did not think twice to pick up this book. He never exaggerates but has always given the realistic hints and tips when it comes to travel. I have also seen him in close quarters as to how he saves lot of money by traveling alone - without the help of any travel websites.

This book delves deep into the ways in which one can save huge sum by planning the travel on their own. The book ha 12 sections namely:

1. Where to go? Selecting Destinations
2. How to get Cheapest flight tickets?
3. Visa and Forex
4. Stay and Vegetarian Food(Shri is a Vegetarian)
5. Language Problems
6. Local commute and Sightseeing
7. Checklist
8. Saving for travel
9. Safety aspects
10. Potential risks and mitigation
11. Be a responsible traveler and
12. My unique experiences

Though the titles look self explanatory, the pointers covered in each and every title gives you a perfect idea as to how you can plan your travel all by yourself. I appreciate he being a responsible traveler and urging others also to be one and in the 12th chapter, he has given details about his various travel experiences which were unique.

The way he has given examples coupled with tabular columns would make you feel real happy and yes, whatever the money you spend in this book could be recovered - in fact at least 100 times over and above the actual cost, for sure.

He also warns us to check for the information with regards to few aspects as they tend to change from time to time. As of today, these information holds good. 

This book is available in English and Kannada on Amazon