Book Review - The Illegitimate Dollars

Title - The Illegitimate Dollars
Author - Atul Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Quignog, A PIRATES imprint
ISBN - 978-93-87004-23-8

This is a story which has captured the roller coaster ride of the protagonist - Arjun Singh. The book is a real good read despite being lengthy as it gave the real feel of reading a novel. The concept of "KARMA" has been emphasized in this which could act/re-act either on a positive or on a negative way as per one's action. The life of an aspiring middle class boy is explained in a vivid manner. The writing style of the author is compulsive and makes an appeal to the readers to understand the seriousness behind the situation. Atul had even hinted in the very beginning that it may not be a fiction, as is construed and looking at his biography, I felt that there might be a part or fullest of resemblance of his own story.

Coming to the story now. Arjun Singh joins a cruise liner and gets promoted in no time. He started facing hurdles right then which continues till the end. The rise in the grade and the pay would be a dream come true moment for any youngster but he thought otherwise. He gives his resignation soon after to pursue his dreams. In the mean while, he meets Sameera in an airline.

Who is Sameera?
What she has to do with Arjun?
What was Arjun's dream?

When Arjun was about to get his dream fulfilled, it gets shattered again. He gets arrested by the U.S. immigration authorities.

What sin/error did he commit?

Moreover some tries to injure/kill him.

Who was this person?
What is the enmity between him and Arjun?

Read this novel which has the ingredients of love, friendship,  compassion along with a tinge of suspense. The book is a real refresher. It appealed to me the most and needless to say - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Do not forget to recommend it to your family and friends as well. 

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Interesting writing.. captivating story.. Nice job by Atul. All the best to him.