Author Focus - Shrinidhi Hande

It feels a great pleasure to feature my good friend and an avid traveler who is known for his wits to feature on my blog. I asked him few questions and despite his busy schedule, he responded back to me on the same day. Here is what he has to say:

1.What motivates you to write?
I have been writing since school days. Started blog 14 years ago in 2006. Writing is my major hobby, time pass and a medium to express myself. Combining this with my observations, detailed analysis and travel experience, I aim to share genuine experience accounts, critical reviews and practical tips so that others can read and benefit.

2. How did you feel after publishing your books?
It feels good. No amount of online writing matches satisfaction of having a printed book in hand with our name on it.

3. What are some of your favourite novels and authors?
I have been big fan of Fredrick Forsyth. In India I read Ravi Subramanian. Several others but these are the two I would name if I have to pick.

4. Is there a specific reason for naming your novel?
Wanted to keep it very simple and easy to understand. So didn't look for any complex word. Title reflects what this book is about.

5. Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or the hills? 
Majority of the writing happens in my mind. Whenever I am idle in a traffic signal or waiting in a queue or something like that, I think about next topic to write, key points to cover and so on. Thus when I sit down to write the framework and key points are already in my mind. Actual typing I do from wherever possible/necessary- mostly home, at times from my travel locations

6. What inspired you to write the books(in general)? Any tales to tell…
I have written 2500+ blog posts over past 14 years- most of them were in English. There was a strong need for providing these info and tips in regional languages- particularly my mother tongue Kannada. There were several travelogues and travel related books but these mainly explained about a particular destination. There were no books explaining how to plan for a holiday or an international trip on our own, that too in budget. Thus I decided to compile this book and help wannable travelers plan their trip in budget. Book was first written in Kannada and followed by strong demand from non-Kannada friends, english version was launched within a month.

7. What was your biggest learning experience throughout the writing process?
Despite our best efforts mistakes creep in, so need to be extra careful. 

8. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?
Always kept my readers in mind- what is useful for them, what is relevant. Didn't write for SEO, didn't write for marketing or hype. Focus on relevance and usefulness is what helped me as per my self assessment.

9. Any best piece of writing advice that you would like to share with new or struggling writers? 
Read a lot before you begin to write.

10. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
On social media I might appear to be traveling perpetually- that is not true. I am at home most of the time, living a simple normal life like everyone else. Only once a while I get to travel and I break it into smaller topics and keep writing about them over a period of time.

11. Any future books that you would like to discuss now?
Working on a fiction plot which is in progress.

12.What other profession excites you the most?
Flying may be.

13.Any special mention about your reader (be it with reviews/feedback or anything else)
Many of the customers of the book have been long term readers of my blog. They like my travels, trust my content/advise. These readers have been my biggest asset and morale boosters. Being able to add value to them in one way or the other helps me feel assured that whatever I am writing is having some real world impact on real people and their travel/decision making

14.Do you write the story at a stretch or you take your time to complete it? If you take a longer time, wouldn’t you be forgetting the story? How do you tackle it?
This is a non-fiction. I have defined topics to be covered in the initial phase and keep adding all the relevant content under these chapters over time.

15.Traditional or Self-Publishing? Why?
Self publishing. I did a very detailed analysis of all the options, results of my finding is available in below post.  Quick reasons- easy tool, quick to publish, lots of control, higher earnings per book and support for online sales

16.How is the response so far for the book? 
Kannada book has sold over 100 copies in one month. English book has been sold about 15 copies in first 24 hours. English book has reached #1 Bestseller under Travel & Holiday guides category of Amazon India books. So I would say initial response has been great.

His book World Travel - in low budget! is available in Paperback Version on Amazon in English and Kannada