Book Review - Scavenger Hunt

Title - Scavenger Hunt
Author - Michaelbrent Collings
Genre - Horror(Fiction)
Publisher - Kindle Publishing

Michaelbrent Collings is known for his acumen in horror genre. This is the first book of his that I had a chance to read and I must say that I was massively impressed with his style of writing. It is no wonder that he was the BramStoker Award finalist because his writings stands as a perfect testimony of his talents.

It took a good 4 hours for me to complete reading it. Usually I finish reading a novel in 2-3 hours. There are few reasons as to why it took more than my usual reading time. Firstly, it was the plot. Initially, I was of the feeling that I was watching the Hollywood Movie "The Saw" through this book but as and when the story progressed, I was proven wrong because this was no way connected to that plot. The only similarity is the task given for the inmates to complete but this also gave me a feel that I was watching this Sci-Fi movie(I forgot the name of the movie),wherein the group is given a task and is been monitored via a gadget.

The recording of the witness by Detective Hernandez, Dehghani with such a precision would give you goosebumps.

The story revolves around Clint, Noelle Morgan, Elena Ruiz, Chong and Solomon Black who all gets kidnapped and confined to a room. It is from here, each were given a task to complete it in order to set themselves free. 

These tasks were given by one Mr. Do-Good!

Who is he?
What this person has to do with others?
Did the captors manage to complete the task on time in order to free themselves?

Read this story which takes you into the lives of each characters through Prelude and Interlude.

The ending was not the one you would have expected/suspected and it would surely come as a surprise for you....

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.