Diwali Dhamaka with Mum Bhai on ZEE5

ZEE5 is India’s leading OTT platform which releases amazing content from time to time in various languages. I have been a subscriber for a while now and it has never disappointed me when it comes to the quality content. I was browsing the app on my smart phone as usual to see as to what is NEW for this festive season and I chanced to watch this amazing trailer called Mum Bhai.

Mumbai and its connection with dons, being the Financial Capital of India, needs no introduction. This trailer, though runs for little over 3 minutes was so intense that it has kept me captivated from the beginning till the end.

What does it signify?

It has already evoked interest in me making me to bookmark it so that as soon as it is released, I would be watching it on the same day, if not immediately.

Image Credit - ZEE5

As the trailer goes, there is a don who is ruthless. He does not fear any one and wanted to control Mumbai at any cost. He does all the activities which are the trademark activities of a don which includes killing, extorting to name a few. While there seems to be no looking back for this dreaded don who has kept everyone on toes, there comes the cop.

Image Credit - ZEE5

Though this cop seems to be keeping a low profile initially, he seems to be having an impeccable record of having executed 80+ encounters.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

Did the don know about his background?

While these questions would naturally arise out of curiosity, the ultimate answer to all these questions would be obtained by watching the movie.

Set to happen in the 90’s, this would take us back to the past where Mumbai was under the grip of few dreaded don’s who executed lot of terrifying events there and elsewhere. This is where, the department even goes a step further in setting up the much needed ATS - Anti Terrorist Squad. They have done an amazing job ever since its inception till date. But what happens back then is something which we all would like to know, isn’t it?

I am sure this fiction movie would be a perfect answer for that.

A dreaded DON

A Cop with an impeccable record

Who will win among these two?

Image Credit - ZEE5

What am I looking for in Mum Bhai?

Firstly, I am expecting a full-on action which would show the fight between the cops and the bad guys.

Secondly, I guess this movie would also feature some romance since there is a beautiful female cast and with some portion of the story set to happen in Dubai/Middle East, I am sure that there will be no dearth for some romance.

Last but not the least, I am also expecting tis movie to have all the essence which is required for a perfect entertainer. The trailer just proved beyond any doubt that it is a power packed action entertainer.

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Press Release-Ampas Art Gallery presents PERSEVERANCE 2020, An Online Group Show Curated by Neelam Malhotra

Ampas Art Gallery presents PERSEVERANCE 2020,An Online show curated by Neelam Malhotra the exhibition showcases artworks of more than 20 artists. The show is an attempt to weave together some sensitive works of art and bring them forth to invoke thought and contemplation. The show starts from 1st October and is on till 30th November. 



Curated by:Neelam Malhotra 

Date: 1st October to 30th November 2020

Timings: 11 am - 7pm


You can visit the online show at  www.ampasartgallery.com/web/




The world has been struggling to keep some normalcy and to deal with the losses that have been sustained over the last few months every industry has offered and most of all humanity. Neelam Malhotra- The curator of Ampas Art gallery says that” For most artists sustainability is not easy and they have to struggle during the formative years here is where curators and galleries comment come in but as the pandemic escalated the entire system suffered a huge setback necessity is the mother of invention people to find new ways to display the creativity and to reach out people over other avenues that could be possible without physical contact the online options we have seen a Surge of online shows curation stock webinars conducted by various galleries curators an artist they has been a lot of effort that has been put into staying relevant..”


"The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home."

— Carl Sagan


We are a newly evolved civilization. Only recently we have invented "Technology" it hasn't been that long but from the time we began we have come a long way it may seem like a long time if you look at it as compared to our life spans but looking at the history of Civilization it is a very short period in date this technology may have developed faster then we did, we may think the world of ourselves but the truth is  close at hand now - as the world struggles to find a cure order means to control a tiny virus we realize that we really aren't all that award we really have a very long way to go if we I want humanity you carry on longer than the sun survive it is not going to be easy but we have to start somewhere start with understanding and compassion it is not just discoveries and inventions it is also love, kindness and compassion for each other and for all life.



Here is an attempt to weave together some sensitive works of art and bring them forth in this exhibition to invoke thought and contemplation


Participating artist 

Amit Harit

Ashok Gulati

Debraj Goswami

Devidas Agase

Deepak  Khandelwal

Gaurvi Sharma

Kavita Jaiswal

Sukesan Kanka

Pratul Dash

Rajendra Kapse

Yashvant Singh

Ashok Gulati

Ashok Gulati says that “There is a certain meditative quality in my work. A quest into the unknown. I try to reach  out through the mind’s eye to go beyond the and into the transcendental. My imagery is simple yet mature, with a certain positivity towards the world and all life on it.”

Yashvant Singh

Yashvant SIngh says that I manifest the innermost emotions onto work surfaces, writing in a language which is my very own, a script of the mind, spontaneous with my deepest feelings. I work with elements and symbols witnessed in the tribal community around me during my growing years, its rituals, telling of stories of the ancestors and tales of deities narrated in gatherings. I instinctively began to incorporate them into my visual language.’’

Rajendra Kapse

Kapse says that “In life he has successfully blended this essence of his being into his work being a natural performer too. All my works invoke satire raising serious issues by means of my performative  imagery. The approach is candid and refreshingly bold and has been referred to as a“funny” artist because of the motif of the self icon with a clownish appearance that has all kinds of funny gestures. The imagery blended in my self portrait is done in  calendar art style. 

Pratul Dash

Pratul Dash says “being a committed artist I have been working towards creating awareness about climate change, from the time when it was not such an acknowledged or prevalent topic. I have worked with many media, paintings, drawings, photography, video art…. and has done various site specific installations and performances to draw attention to the anthropocene. Climate change has now started to have very real impacts on the everyday lives of people around the globe, rising temperatures, floods, forest fires and many more that begin to threaten human existence as we have been used to for hundreds of years of recorded histories. Art has an important role to play in bringing awareness toward such neglect.”

Devidas Agase

Devidas talks about  how his work is intense and sensitive, he is concerned about climate change, socio-economic difficulties faced by farming communities, and their dependence on natural resource for their crops and cultivation, even so their own survival, despite the global technological advancements and the unthinkable wealth of the few 

PR - Inbase and IPAK launches iPhone 12 Covers and Accessories within Hours of Apple's 'Hi, Speed' Event


New Delhi, October 20, 2020: Inbase, a leading name in the innovative and portable digital product market has launched its extra-premium range of covers for iPhone 12. These accessories are the finest while coming to craftsmanship, design and ease of use; available in three different sizes, indicating the four different iPhone models to be launched - one with 5.4-inch screen size, two with 6.1-inch screen size and one with 6.7-inch screen size.


Inbase’s dynamic, versatile, and ready to inspire a range of cases and accessories are already available in the market much before the iPhone 12 series reaches the Indian market shelves. Holding true to their design code of creating elegant and slender designs, elevated by premium materials, these cases are perfect for de-cluttering one's pockets, making on-the-go life simpler. The phone cover range promises two of the most important aspects- Latest Sleek Designs and Multi-Layered Protection.


Inbase offers more than 15 varied covers for the iPhone 12 series that will be available at diverse price points for the ease of customers starting from INR 999/-. While the duplex series protects the iPhone from water, drops, and scratches with access to all the sensors, ports, and screen; the hybrid series is shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and offers complete protection for your device. Most of these designs have edges raised so that the screen doesn’t touch the surface when you put it down. The buttons are covered in leather, designed to not compromise responsiveness; the openings for the camera and mute button are chamfered, adding to the premium aesthetic of the cases.


Apart from the Phone Covers, Inbase has also introduced supporting accessories including Durable Temper Glasses and Power line cables. The High-end temper glasses will provide the consumers to choose from features including edge-to-edge protection, matte finish, delicate touch, etc. Inbase’s Power-line cables come in two varieties; Type-C to lightning and USB to lighting ensuring complete charge and sync compatibility with your Apple device.

Furthermore, Inbase will be introducing 3DMatte and Privacy Tempered Glass and Powerline Cables in two varieties; Type-C to lightning and USB to lighting ensuring complete charge and sync compatibility with your Apple device.


Pricing and Availability: 


iPhone 12 covers and accessories start at a price point of INR 999/-


For queries email at bd@inbasetech.in or contact +919500111351


About InBase Tech:


Inbase tech a company formed and operated by Sunshine Telelink Chennai with the sole purpose of enhancing the mobile experience, by means of accessories that take the consumers a step closer to enhancing the life of their product and staying in vogue at the same time. 


The brand strives to push the boundaries of innovation just to ensure greater user experience. From Cases and Covers to high-end lifestyle gadgets, the brand has brought in smart Bluetooth audio devices, TWS, earphones, power banks, Air pod accessories, car and bike mounts, tablet accessories, power adapters & cables all under one roof. 


Urban Series is a new segment of smart wearables focusing on style quotient for the youth and millennials. The motto of this series is to offer affordable luxury and style with a bit of Swag.


For more information, kindly visit http://inbasetech.in/

Make your child Fall in Love with Learning with BYJU’s

 Education is the quintessential requirement in everyone’s life. It is placed above everything. A person with a proper educational background can survive in any place irrespective of language, culture and creed. We are living in the testing times where even venturing out can put one’s life at risk. Having said that, we cannot stay put at home, all the time. We have seen Governments from all over the world actively promoting various aspects like Work from Home, Study from Home etc.,

Major corporations across the globe have asked their employees to work from home until June 2021. This highlights two aspects: 1. How serious this pandemic is. 2. The companies prioritizing the safety of their employees. I would say that there is no appropriate time than this to start preparing your kids to be tech savvy and make themselves equipped with all the knowledge that is available out there, through a proper channel.

I still remember, as a kid, traveling to various places to gain that knowledge which invariably resulted in wastage of time and money. Money which is lost could be earned at any time but NOT the time. Yes. I used to travel for at least an hour one way to get coached in Accountancy while I was in the 12th standard. Even though I scored almost 92% in my main subjects, if the travel and commute time was saved, I might have secured higher marks. The same goes with my graduation preparation. I secured a University Rank in 1 subject but if I had saved the time I wasted to travel to the coaching/tuition centre, this might have been 2 or 3 subjects.

Travel exhausts most of your energy and by the time you reach the place, you may not have that josh which you had when you started from your home. Moreover, your attention may also be diverted due to the presence of your friends in the classroom. Do note that I am not against the coaching centre but expressing my opinion as to what may not work in your favour.

Do you get a one-on-one attention?


These places will usually have big hall/room where in the speaker(teacher) would stand in the one end and would be taking classes with the help of a mike. What would be the outcome when this is the scenario?

There is no individual attention. People might get picked up at random for answering the question and most of the time, you may not get the opportunity despite knowing the answer. If stars aren’t lucky that day, you may be asked to answer wherein you wouldn’t have even heard the question properly.

What are the advantages of learning from home?

1. Your concentration is not diverted.
2. As a result of point 1, you tend to grasp the subject faster.
3. Saving in travel/commute time.
4. As a result of point 3, your energy levels are intact. You are not exhausted.
5. Saving in money. You may ask how. Click here to find out more.
6. As a result of point 5, you may invest that in acquiring a smart phone or a tab.
7. The combined result of above leads to saving in time, energy and money. What more do you need?

With close to 14.5 million downloads on the Play Store and an impressive 4+ Star Rating, this shows the kind of support and welcome BYJU’s has garnered already.

Some of the advantages of using BYJU’s:

Parental Control – This helps the parents to monitor the progress of their kids on a regular basis. A staggering number of parent’s have admitted that the performance of their kids had improved while studying from home.

Study with Fun: The kids have the option to take part in the quiz and also challenge their friends to play along with them and better their score. You could also see your scores reflecting on a real time in India and across the Globe.

Progress Report: Parent’s would get to see the performance on a real time basis. Hence, they can take preventive measures in advance, in case they see the performance dipping.

Picture Credits: BYJU’s App
Information Sourcewww.patrike.com

My takeaways from this topic:

1. It is not advisable for the kids and the elders to venture out during this time of pandemic unless otherwise required.

2. Kids would feel more comfortable and happy preparing for their subjects at home. Though they get taught by their teachers and parents, an additional coaching would surely go a long way in helping them excel in the subjects.

3. Since experts have prepared and presented the subject in the video format, 10 minutes of video is equivalent to 1 hour of book reading time. This means, subjects can be learnt and grasped faster by the kids making them to read more at a shorter time.

4. The saved time would give the parents the leeway to allow their kids spend the rest of the time on sports/entertainment.

5. A trusted platform is what the kids require. When it allows them to take part in quiz, compete with their friends, these fun quotients would naturally encourage them to do it more often.

6. Parent’s need not worry anymore since the kids are right under their watch. Progress of their kids can be tracked real time giving them the complete peace of mind.

7. Learn. Save Time. Save Energy. Save Money. All these savings can be invested elsewhere making it a win-win situation for all – be it the Students or the Teachers or the Parents…

I would like to know as to why you think ed-tech is essential for children. You may take this small survey by clicking the survey below which would hardly take a minute to complete.

Book Review - QUAKER : It all comes back in the end


Title - QUAKER : It all comes back in the end
Author - Rohan Singhvi
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - 

QUAKER isn't  about the story which is happening in Asia but in Europe. I was pleasantly surprised to see an Indian author setting up a plot which is happening in Europe - to be more specific, in Italy. The cover picture would give you an idea as to what sort of story this could be. If you guessed it right, there are brownie points for you. Even otherwise, you still win since you read the story and would be knowing the plot.

The story revolves around the following characters namely:

Rick Quaker
Juan Quaker
Sergio Di Maria
Claire McFrigher
Salman Rashiq
Ricardo Perez
Christopher Farrier aka The Phantom
Antonio Corleone
Tommy McFrigher and
Andres Quaker

According to me, this book would go into a classic, if it was made into a movie. I felt like watching the Indian version of "Godfather". This isn't a flattery but you would agree to my view when you finish reading it. The story was told in such a way that you would sit at a stretch to finish it in one go. What happens in the life of Underworld Dons has been captured vividly in this story. Though this is a quick read, I feel this has also contributed majorly towards upholding the speed as you would not witness even a small slump, anywhere.

The fight that happens between the faction as to who will control the cartel and wield enormous power might have been shown/portrayed in various movies but this story gives a different dimension./approach to it.

The story gives the mix of various elements including mixed feelings coupled with vengeance and treachery which might be prevailing cartels. At one place, there is this saying "there is no going back" which is pretty apt. The fight that happens between Italian Mafia and Phantom Reich is a spine chilling one. The struggles faced by them among their own men and also with the cops brings down their activities to a considerable level which is where one faction decides to join hands with Sicilian Mafia on the Marluth Oil Refinery.

Read the story if you love the genres of Crime/Thrill fiction since this would satisfy your desire.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback format.

PR - India PR Distribution Acquires Three New Media Portals


India PR Distribution, a leading Press Release submission, and PR distribution company, has recently acquired three new media portals. India PR Distribution is now a well-known name when it comes to quality press release submission and distribution to media in India and abroad.


"We are pleased to acquire 3 media websites that were up for sale. These websites will help us provide better coverage to our clients looking for instant press release publication.", says Nitin Jain, Founder of India PR Distribution.


India PR Distribution aims to maximize the reach for the clients' news, and this is one good step in the direction of assured Press release publication on premium websites.


The new portals under India PR Distribution are Shoutingo, Scrolliq, and Educationsumo.


India PR Distribution(IPD) aims at providing comprehensive PR coverage to Indian and Global Startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies. They provide flexible and economic PR services to clients from India and abroad.


In addition to organic PR packages, India PR Distribution also provides guaranteed advertorials and paid articles in some of the leading publications and websites from India and overseas.


India PR Distribution was also chosen as one of India's top 25 trusted PR agencies by the CEO magazine.


You can not only reach your communication goals with the PR but also can get exposure on media websites online. IPD also ensures maximum distribution for your PR and content to media outlets and websites.


India PR Distribution is a one-stop destination to submit your Press Release in India to obtain a more comprehensive outreach and more excellent coverage. It is one of the most promising press release distribution services in India. Submit your Press Release, and the India PR Distribution team will help you broadcast it to a greater audience. India is a rapidly growing economy with a growing media industry. India PR Distribution aims to help the press and business community by establishing direct communication channels. Visit www.indiaprdistribution.com



Media Contact

Santosh Goswami


Ph: 9354076217