Make your child Fall in Love with Learning with BYJU’s

 Education is the quintessential requirement in everyone’s life. It is placed above everything. A person with a proper educational background can survive in any place irrespective of language, culture and creed. We are living in the testing times where even venturing out can put one’s life at risk. Having said that, we cannot stay put at home, all the time. We have seen Governments from all over the world actively promoting various aspects like Work from Home, Study from Home etc.,

Major corporations across the globe have asked their employees to work from home until June 2021. This highlights two aspects: 1. How serious this pandemic is. 2. The companies prioritizing the safety of their employees. I would say that there is no appropriate time than this to start preparing your kids to be tech savvy and make themselves equipped with all the knowledge that is available out there, through a proper channel.

I still remember, as a kid, traveling to various places to gain that knowledge which invariably resulted in wastage of time and money. Money which is lost could be earned at any time but NOT the time. Yes. I used to travel for at least an hour one way to get coached in Accountancy while I was in the 12th standard. Even though I scored almost 92% in my main subjects, if the travel and commute time was saved, I might have secured higher marks. The same goes with my graduation preparation. I secured a University Rank in 1 subject but if I had saved the time I wasted to travel to the coaching/tuition centre, this might have been 2 or 3 subjects.

Travel exhausts most of your energy and by the time you reach the place, you may not have that josh which you had when you started from your home. Moreover, your attention may also be diverted due to the presence of your friends in the classroom. Do note that I am not against the coaching centre but expressing my opinion as to what may not work in your favour.

Do you get a one-on-one attention?


These places will usually have big hall/room where in the speaker(teacher) would stand in the one end and would be taking classes with the help of a mike. What would be the outcome when this is the scenario?

There is no individual attention. People might get picked up at random for answering the question and most of the time, you may not get the opportunity despite knowing the answer. If stars aren’t lucky that day, you may be asked to answer wherein you wouldn’t have even heard the question properly.

What are the advantages of learning from home?

1. Your concentration is not diverted.
2. As a result of point 1, you tend to grasp the subject faster.
3. Saving in travel/commute time.
4. As a result of point 3, your energy levels are intact. You are not exhausted.
5. Saving in money. You may ask how. Click here to find out more.
6. As a result of point 5, you may invest that in acquiring a smart phone or a tab.
7. The combined result of above leads to saving in time, energy and money. What more do you need?

With close to 14.5 million downloads on the Play Store and an impressive 4+ Star Rating, this shows the kind of support and welcome BYJU’s has garnered already.

Some of the advantages of using BYJU’s:

Parental Control – This helps the parents to monitor the progress of their kids on a regular basis. A staggering number of parent’s have admitted that the performance of their kids had improved while studying from home.

Study with Fun: The kids have the option to take part in the quiz and also challenge their friends to play along with them and better their score. You could also see your scores reflecting on a real time in India and across the Globe.

Progress Report: Parent’s would get to see the performance on a real time basis. Hence, they can take preventive measures in advance, in case they see the performance dipping.

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My takeaways from this topic:

1. It is not advisable for the kids and the elders to venture out during this time of pandemic unless otherwise required.

2. Kids would feel more comfortable and happy preparing for their subjects at home. Though they get taught by their teachers and parents, an additional coaching would surely go a long way in helping them excel in the subjects.

3. Since experts have prepared and presented the subject in the video format, 10 minutes of video is equivalent to 1 hour of book reading time. This means, subjects can be learnt and grasped faster by the kids making them to read more at a shorter time.

4. The saved time would give the parents the leeway to allow their kids spend the rest of the time on sports/entertainment.

5. A trusted platform is what the kids require. When it allows them to take part in quiz, compete with their friends, these fun quotients would naturally encourage them to do it more often.

6. Parent’s need not worry anymore since the kids are right under their watch. Progress of their kids can be tracked real time giving them the complete peace of mind.

7. Learn. Save Time. Save Energy. Save Money. All these savings can be invested elsewhere making it a win-win situation for all – be it the Students or the Teachers or the Parents…

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