Book Review - Past Dwellers : Change your mindset to change your life


Title - Past Dwellers : Change your mindset to change your life
Author - Samridh Seth
Genre - Personal Development & Self Help(Non-Fiction)
Publisher - authors upfront
Cover Design - Neena Gupta
ISBN - 978-9-38728-081-6

I was really amazed when I finished reading the book. You may even feel intimidated but when I say this, you would agree after reading the book yourself since the content is such. The book is less than 100 pages but it is a power packed one. Surprisingly, author is his twenties but that doesn't mean he couldn't write one.

These are the chapters in this beautiful book.

1. Past Dwellers
2. Is it Really that bad?
3. Palm Trees
4. The Pyramid Scheme
5. The Club Above the Clouds
6. The Dark Horse
7. Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It...
8. An Elephant has Two Sets of Teeth
9. Aim for the Stars, You Might Reach Space
10. Don't Fly too Close to the Sun
11. Tomorrow Never Comes
12. Making it Rain
13. Hunt or Be Hunted
14. Being Good
15. The Rise of the Phoenix
116. The Awakening!

Now I am going to discuss about some of these chapters, not in that particular order, as to why I find this book irresistible.

Author discusses in great detail as to why the time is important and why no one shouldn't consider missing it. Though we may have been iterated and reiterated about this in the past and even at the present moment, the usage of carious examples in this book makes it unique.

He speaks about the concept of using the Hour Glass to put for the point. Each chapter carries a beautiful illustration which complements it perfectly. After speaking about the time, he starts speaking about Palm Trees and gives various information about how Palm Tree brave the odds and what we could infer from it.

I liked one of the chapters in particular where he discusses about the Pyramid Structure. The concept of 30:30:30:10 where you get to spend your time with Less, Equal, More Intellectual and Yourself is simply splendid. I would certainly give an applause for this concept.

Then there are many aspects he covers including the reference from Bhagavad Gita, Social Media, Efforts, Humility and Respect, Quick Money, Loving Yourself, Change, Perseverance to name a few. Again, I would like to mention about two more aspects which deeply moved me. In one of the chapters, he talks about the importance of being "Jack of All Trades instead of being a King/Master of One" in the present context and the reasons he gave for that certainly justifies his view point. 

Last but not the least, his reference to two contradicting titles - "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Be Paranoid and Stay Calm" has more logical explanations to make us agree to his view point.

This book is certainly one of its kind. I liked the way author has presented the content and the flow of it making it a real interesting read.

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