Author Coverage - Evam Karthik

Post the event of book launch which you can read here, I also had a chance to pose few questions to Evam Karthik and this is what he has to say. These lines were more or less reproduced,in the exact way as was told to the interviewer.

1) What prompted you to write a book?

I think we had lot of learning phase at the Evam. Lot of learning from the mistakes we made and lot of wisdom were passed on by the people who were kind enough to advice us. Being the first generation entrepreneurs, we did not have a ready support system by then. To document all of that, the mistakes we made and the wisdom we got and to pass it on all of that part of the journey. This has prompted me to write this book which would serve as a support system or start up manual for the first generation entrepreneurs.

2) How different is this book from other ones which belong to this genre?

Most books on the startup space talks about the mechanics of starting up,skills required and details like funding  etc., I believe that I am talking about the emotional aspect. The challenge is that the personality requires and the emotional challenges that one would face at the time of setting up a start-up. Indian entrepreneurs face a lot of resistance since the society is not tuned to support startup ventures. It is more tuned to supporting in getting a job and settle. My book essentially addresses this 

3) What is the message you’re looking to drive forth with this book?

Message is simple. Start something. Starting is one of the most beautiful things you could do in life as it will change you and change the world around you. If you believe there should be a change in the world, you need to be that change to be able to effect the change in the world. So be the change you want to be, you want to see in the world.

4) How much of time did you spend in penning this book & did you feel bored while writing this book?

There were lot of pressure in writing the book since I had to meet the deadline and also be thorough about what I am sharing  and not feel like that I have left anything in that sense. I approached it with rigor to get the book written before the deadline and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I broke it down as a task and was able to meet the deadlines. I today feel like that I have said everything that I wanted to say in this book as such.

5) Will there be a sequel/prequel to this book?

Sequel/Prequel will depend upon what young people want to hear about tomorrow. The book is a good cue to learn about what they like and what they want to know more about. There could be a prequel to the book, if ongoing support system is required for young startup towards setting up one or to remain in the startup space.

6) If this book becomes a big hit (something similar to Harry Potter but not in that genre necessarily), will you take up writing as full time profession?

I am always been a writer in various avatars since it is a  full time profession since stand up comedy requires one. Its just that I am writing the book for the first time. It is the essential truth of the craft at which I operate in(laughs). I am a full time writer in a sense at all point of time

7) Who is your idol in literature? 

I don't believe that I have a idol in literature. However, I was greatly influenced by Ayn Rand, the author of The Fountainhead which made me to saw it as "To live a life being able to serve the world through your skill and through your craft and to be able to pursue your ideal and in that ideal, to be able to serve a world in a certain sense".