What's New at Royalasthan?

If you reside in Southern part of Chennai, you might have had a chance to visit Royalasthan. Till recently, they had both veg & non-veg cuisine but now have revamped it to pure veg cuisine.This place is close to AVM Rajeswari wedding hall. As the menu is revamped, I wanted to check it as to how it is. Hence I decided to visit the place along with my friends who are foodies themselves.

Now, I am going to talk about the Interior/Ambiance/Service:

The interior is very intricately decorated & each and every inch makes you feel that you’re in Rajasthan.

With some classical Hindi song playing in the background, you get the feel that you’re in an authentic Rajasthani Restaurant.

Staffs are helpful. They are ever smiling & serve you well. Lighting and the coloring of the wall corresponds with the theme.

It can accommodate around 50 at a time and they have ample parking space as well. Created a collage since number of pics are really huge :-)

After they have revamped their cuisine to pure vegetarian, I decided to visit the place along with my other friends to try it out. It was a pleasant experience.
I had spoken about the ambiance, interior and other things on my previous post.
Here, I’m going to talk about the food. I always believe in asking the respective restaurant to get their best rather than me ordering something out of the blue 😊
We were given Jal Jeera to start with followed by Tomato Shorba. I must say both were good especially Shorba which was out of the world.
This was followed by starters which included Makka Tikki, Har Bar Kebab, Dal Pakoda, Masala Papad and finally Rajasthani Thali.
Thali was extensive and had the following items:
1) Gatta Ki Subzi
2) Mongolia Subzi 
3) Paneer Makhni
4) Panchratan Dhall
5) Salad
6) Phulka
7) Roasted Papad
8) Sweet Semiya
9) Curd
10) 3 varieties of Pickle
11) Basmati Rice
12) Roti
13) Dahi
14) Butter Milk

They were given in small portions. Hence there is no question of wastage, even if you are not a foodaholic.
I loved dhall. I liked sweet. I liked the side dishes. They had major domination of garlic in those which could have been avoided else everything was perfectly good. They weren’t oily. Taste was just about right. Nothing plus or minus when it comes to masala and other ingredients. Quality of the food was top class. Plates, table and the surroundings were neat. We had normal water which was also good.
To end it up, we ordered Rooh Afza Sharbat & Carrot Halwa Which were top class. Do not miss these.
The food is certainly worth its price 👍