Book Review - The Unprodigal

Title - The Unprodigal
Author - Manu Dhawan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - RUPA Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5333-541-0

A story that is intricately woven - says Actor Ayushmann Khurrana. I cannot differ from his view point. To start with, I loved the cover. It is simple yet different and YES, the cover picture has some role in the story as well.

Author has done a neat work in bringing out the story in its real form. What I mean is, this is happening in many of the affluent families. While few comes out in public, many of them remain hidden.

We ourselves have witnessed family feud in those families which would have certainly made us wonder as to what could have been the cause apart from fame and money.

The story revolves around the protagonist Aryan who despite having enormous wealth, runs away from his family.

Why did he do so?
Did he realise the greatest blunder he was about to commit?

Just then, he realises that he may be gone forever, he gets an helping hand but rather than the person helping him, he helps that person.

Who is that person?
Did that person make Aryan realise his mistakes?

Read this novel which has included most of the emotions which we experience in day to day life in a vivid manner. One of the renowned author, Ravi Subramaniam has rightly said that this book is "A Kaleidoscope of real characters and compelling conversations" and you too would agree to his wordings, once you finish reading this book.

The writing style was fluid. Characters were used judicially. I loved the conversation between the siblings Aryan and Zara. This would surely take you back to your old memories, if you too had a sibling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel which looks simple as it is but it couldn't get any more complex than this.....

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle format.