Days Hotel - Chennai OMR : Comfort and Beyond

OMR is a buzzing place, all through the year and it would be apt to say that they are operational 24/7 owing to the presence of MNC's, Hospitals, Places of Worship and Attraction, Restaurants, Malls to name a few.Need less to say, there are lot many hotels and resorts in this stretch that caters to the needs of visitors who would want to witness something unique - be it with Food or Hospitality or the Services they offer.

This is where Days Hotel,Chennai OMR stands apart.

How and Why?

Firstly, it is a part of Wyndham Group which has over 8,000 properties worldwide spread across 80+ countries. The volume speaks itself about the reach they have in the hospitality sector. Secondly, this is probably one of the very few hotel which offers Japanese Cuisine/Menu in specific. Please note that they also offer Indian and English cuisine.

Let me start with the Japanese Menu first. You could see that they have a wide range of food items available for Japanese customers. Hence there is no wonder that this hotel is frequented by them, as and when they visit Chennai.

Coming to the features and facilities of the Hotel.

The hotel offers three types of rooms:

1. Standard
2. Deluxe and
3. Suite

While Standard and Deluxe is sufficient for a family, for business delegates and for others who would prefer to have a bigger room for comfort and to accommodate visitors, they could opt for Suite. Suite offers a Visitor Room with separate rest room and Master Bedroom with attached bathroom. Each and every room has lot of facilities which includes:

1. Electronic climate controller.
2. Electronic Lights controller.
3. Mini Fridge(they do not stack liquor in it though as they have their own bar).
4. Water Bottles.
5. Kettle with dairy whitener along with sugar, coffee and tea packs.
6. LED TV with Set Top Box. They have Japanese Channels too.
7. Fully Stocked restroom(with shaving,dental,bathing kits).
8. Iron box, Iron table and place to stock your belongings.
9. Electronic Locker which can be handled by the customers themselves. Lock can be enabled through pass code combination or even by swiping their debit/credit card.

The suite also has:

1. Master Bed.
2. Diwan.
3. Easy Chair.
4. Table and Chair to make notes or work with your laptop.

As you could see in the above pic, they have a long passageway to park your vehicles - which I guess could easily accommodate between 40-50 four wheeler. The interiors are done intricately well and you also have Valet Parking. Please note that this property does not have a swimming pool but I don't think it is required since you could visit the beach which is hardly 5 kms from this place(places of interest like Muttukadu, VGP Golden Beach to name a few. Mahabalipuram is just 20 kms from this place). You can visit the surroundings through the hotel's travel desk.

Staffs are very friendly and helpful. They are at your service 24/7. Each room also has intercom and they also have Wi-Fi facility. So, you are always connected.

If you are a fitness freak, you have gymnasium on the top floor. You will not find a trainer here but it is not required since most of the equipment in the gym are easy to operate(based on DIY) and yes, you could have a view of the sea, when you are working in the gym. The place is surrounded by buildings as you could see and on one of the side, it is surrounded by Banana Plantation with a huge well in the middle of it.

There is a Spa as well on the T-Floor. It is called Viviana Spa. You could get your massage, facials, hair cut done over here by the trained masseurs. They have three massage rooms. They also have a room for Steam Bath and Jacuzzi. They use brands which could be found in all their other properties across the world. This means, you get the world class treatment and brands as is the case with other countries/places.

If you wanted to host a party for your family or friends, they have Sunrise banquet hall which can easily accommodate 300 people. There is a separate provision for hosting a buffet for them. You could find this in M-Floor next to the restaurant.

If you wanted to relax in the evening, you have a fully stocked Ride Bar on the M-Floor. This is opposite to the restaurant. You can sit, relax and have a drink with your family,friends and colleagues. You can get the side dish at your ease as they are served from the restaurant including the potato chips which are prepared with meticulous care.

Coming to the food. As I have mentioned earlier, they have a specific menu for Japanese. Apart from this, they have an impressive line-up of Indian and English cuisine. Buffet has been discontinued by them as they found lot of food being wasted but they have introduced something called as Set Combo menu which is worth the try.

From starters to the main course, they have all you want. You would love their food for sure. I have given not even a half of their wide spread. Each and every item is prepared with perfection and so as the presentation. This section is headed by Executive Chef Mr. Raja Ramaswamy and Chef Gavaskar and his team. They work really hard to bring you the best taste. Just to let you know that this property has won various awards from Make My Trip, Trip Advisor, Zomato( for the cleanliness) to name a few. 

Here is my Video Review of the property

What is stopping you from visiting the property? Head over today to Days Hotel. You will thank me later, for sure.