What's New at Royalasthan?

If you reside in Southern part of Chennai, you might have had a chance to visit Royalasthan. Till recently, they had both veg & non-veg cuisine but now have revamped it to pure veg cuisine.This place is close to AVM Rajeswari wedding hall. As the menu is revamped, I wanted to check it as to how it is. Hence I decided to visit the place along with my friends who are foodies themselves.

Now, I am going to talk about the Interior/Ambiance/Service:

The interior is very intricately decorated & each and every inch makes you feel that you’re in Rajasthan.

With some classical Hindi song playing in the background, you get the feel that you’re in an authentic Rajasthani Restaurant.

Staffs are helpful. They are ever smiling & serve you well. Lighting and the coloring of the wall corresponds with the theme.

It can accommodate around 50 at a time and they have ample parking space as well. Created a collage since number of pics are really huge :-)

After they have revamped their cuisine to pure vegetarian, I decided to visit the place along with my other friends to try it out. It was a pleasant experience.
I had spoken about the ambiance, interior and other things on my previous post.
Here, I’m going to talk about the food. I always believe in asking the respective restaurant to get their best rather than me ordering something out of the blue 😊
We were given Jal Jeera to start with followed by Tomato Shorba. I must say both were good especially Shorba which was out of the world.
This was followed by starters which included Makka Tikki, Har Bar Kebab, Dal Pakoda, Masala Papad and finally Rajasthani Thali.
Thali was extensive and had the following items:
1) Gatta Ki Subzi
2) Mongolia Subzi 
3) Paneer Makhni
4) Panchratan Dhall
5) Salad
6) Phulka
7) Roasted Papad
8) Sweet Semiya
9) Curd
10) 3 varieties of Pickle
11) Basmati Rice
12) Roti
13) Dahi
14) Butter Milk

They were given in small portions. Hence there is no question of wastage, even if you are not a foodaholic.
I loved dhall. I liked sweet. I liked the side dishes. They had major domination of garlic in those which could have been avoided else everything was perfectly good. They weren’t oily. Taste was just about right. Nothing plus or minus when it comes to masala and other ingredients. Quality of the food was top class. Plates, table and the surroundings were neat. We had normal water which was also good.
To end it up, we ordered Rooh Afza Sharbat & Carrot Halwa Which were top class. Do not miss these.
The food is certainly worth its price 👍

Book Review - The Last Yogi

Title - The Last Yogi
Author - Pritesh Bhosale
Genre - Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher - WorditCDE
ISBN - 978-9388081375

The Last Yogi is a dream come true for the author since he had this in his mind from 2010 and after few years of struggle, he finally got it published in paperback form. The gist of the story is simple but the way it was portrayed, makes it an interesting read.

This has some resemblance of a Hollywood movie but having said that, this is set in the Indian sub-continent and would surely get the attention of fantasy lovers. The protagonist of the story, The Last Yogi is Arpit which translates to "Offering to GOD". He has to leave his parents when he was 8 due to a promise made by his parents to Swami Brahmananda.

What was the promise all about?

The story is set to be happening during the period of Kali Yug where in Kali poisons the mind of King Kalyavana. When every hope seems to have been lost, The Last Yogi emerges.

Who is Arpit?

What is special about him?

The story is narrated in such a way that you would not stop reading it, once you picked up the book, until you finish it. The sequences were narrated in a real interesting way. Arpit gets to meet Jayraj, The Lion King, Vajra - King of Gypsies, Niramaya - The Royal Astrologer, Meenakshi - The Yaksha Princess who all plays a vital role in helping him in some way or the other. He also gets a magnificent Stick, Nectar of Invisibility to assist him in his mission.

Did he succeed?

Read this captivating novel which surely would make you feel fascinated.

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Title – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Author – Dr. Parag Mahajan
Genre – Non-fiction
Publisher – Parag Suresh Mahajan
ISBN – 978-9353115579

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It is going to change the way the world works and thinks and medicine field is not going to be an exception to this norm. Recently, I stumbled upon this book named ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ by Parag Mahajan. I took time to finish reading it, as I take time to grasp technical stuff. But personally putting, this book took me to a new venture of tech revolution. Topic by topic, the author, who himself is a MD, covered what all is happening in the field of AI with reference to AI and other technologies like Robotic Automation.

I really liked the fear he managed to portray in the book, as many think that AI will wipe out the potential career of doctors and other medical staff. There are some incorrigible myths surrounding the entry of AI in healthcare. But the positive bet is that it will be able to save millions of lives across the world that otherwise get lost due to human errors. I do not belong to healthcare field, but I got the hunch what the author was trying to build up in the book.

By all means, it sounds like a technical book. However, if you are someone hungry for knowledge and want to expand your horizons for tech revolution, probably this is the time to add digital healthcare in your list. Another aspect that formed firmly in my mind is that digitalization of healthcare is inevitable and it is better if people accept this smoothly. As you know the author has given possibly a list of five myths that surround the advent of AI into healthcare.

I also got to know that big giants like Google, Chinese search engine Baidu, Apple, etc. are all gearing up for digital healthcare investment and market share. The book is full of such informative gems that covering all the topics in one review is like making the table of content, just like in the book. I believe this is the book that you can refer from time to time – I mean to say doctors, tech bloggers, health bloggers, AI enthusiast, and most importantly students and researches.

The book makes a promise that the scope of digital healthcare across the world is promising and people looking to have a career in that can go ahead without much hesitation. And importantly, doctors need not to fear about their job security. At the maximum, AI will work like an assistant to humans, it may never supersede them…but still fingers crossed.

The copy of the book can be bought from Amazon.

Book Review – Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic

Title – Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic
Author – Sanju Verma
Genre – Non-fiction
Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers
ISBN – 978-93-5347-304-4

How many of you agree that India is really changing under the Modi-led government? Many agree, many doubt or get incited for debate! Well, the fact is that our country is indeed changing under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, who has been elected PM twice, back to back. To support my point, I would like to discuss this book, Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic, of Ms. Sanju Verma. She herself is a famous BJP spokesperson, and you can often find her on TV channels.

Coming to the book, it basically is bifurcated into two sections, the first one discusses about Modinomics, and second one focuses on the genius of Amit Shah’s in making BJP as the best and leading political party in India. Modinomics has become a generic idea and people from across the world have begun recognizing it for various development models.

To gain deep and fruitful insights about as what is Modinomics Unplugged and how it is beneficial to every citizen of India, one must carefully go through the book. After the forwards, the very first chapter – The Vibrant Gujarat Model of Development – talks about the rudimentary economical aspects that work in the building of Modinomics. It is stated that the roots of Modinomics belong to the Gujarat model.

Next, you will get insightful chapters on 10 percent GDP Growth Trajectory, Demonetization, GST, The Empowerment Tool such as Aadhar and DBT, and great portrayal of Make in India, Startup India, Mudra, The Modi Era and Fiscal Prudence, Ayushman Bharat, and much more. 

The author has done commendable research on datasets and stats. It’s possible as she herself is an economist. Otherwise, many other books on Modinomics just talk about shallow waters. This one has particularly taken pains to guide curious readers by providing multi-dimensional facets.

The second part of the book is rather short and it discusses the rise of BJP under Amit Shah and it also highlights some other issues that often go unnoticed by media, like discussing Article 35-A and UCC, a look at the issues of minorities, Kashmir problem, Mission 2019, etc. It is surprising to note that in Mission 2019 the author already predicted that BJP would win over 300 seats, and it came out as raw truth on the election results day. Other than Modinomics and various policies, the book is high on stats, data, and credibility and does not miss to discuss the deadly Pulwama Attack of Feb 14, 2019.

The book can be bought from Amazon

Kerala Food Festival at Regenta Central Deccan

If you are a foodie and staying in or visiting Chennai, you wouldn't want to miss the Kerala Food Festival which is happening in Regenta Central Deccan.

The festival has commenced today and will go on until 30th June. It is one among the two 3 Star Rated Restaurant in Chennai which offers pure vegetarian menu. They are a part of Royal Orchid Hotels which operates close to 50 properties across India.

Entrance itself was decorated really well which gave the feel of what we could expect. My expectations did not go in vain. The theme had a complete make over making us to feel as if we are entering a restaurant in Kerala(this isn't an exaggeration).

The food stations were really good. They were all stocked up and were ready to serve the customers.

The items were many. Since there were many, I decided to taste all of them. Hence, I became a miser by taking just 1 spoon from each of the item. Trust me, those were good enough to fill my tummy.

Each and every item was cooked to perfection. The variation in the taste on each item showed how much of an expertise the cook had brought in with her, all the way from Trissur, Kerala. Yes, the entire food menu is curated by a good friend of mine who is also a World Record Holder - Mrs Saras Viswam.

I liked the ambiance and the ever smiling and helpful staffs. Restaurant was neatly maintained and we felt refreshed with the fully air-conditioned property. This is the authentic Kerala cuisine, I had come across in the recent days and since we know who is behind creating this magic, this comes as no surprise.

The food festival will run until 30th June. Each day, there will be a different menu which means, you can visit them all the ten days starting from today. They serve lunch and dinner with these specialties. What are you waiting for?

Book Review - A Story And The Man

Title - A Story And The Man
Author - Harsh Vardhan Dutta
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64587-258-0

This is a story of revelations which would take you back to your schooling days. The beauty of the book lies in the character of Protagonist, who remains a mystery from the beginning till the end. When I say it, there is a strong reason behind it which you wouldn't know until you read the book yourself.

It all begins with the protagonist working in a private company owned by one Mr Lalaji who was a shrewd businessman. Despite of having 200 staffs, he never had HR department in his company and all the appraisals and pay hike were decided solely by him. Corporate culture has been vividly captured in this story without any exaggeration. Since I myself had worked in an MNC Corporate for almost 8 years, I can certainly vouch the authenticity of the events mentioned in this book. 

There were certain peculiar characters like Doctor Sa'ab which we a would have witnessed in our work place. Our hero few friends in the office which includes Mahesh, Jagdeep and then there were few women who came in his life - Akanksha, Tanya, Riya, Mira, Mansi among others. The hook-ups he had with each one of them were warranted by the events/incidents that very much required it.

Then, we get to go back to his schooling days where he was close to Manish and Abhijit. This is a complete turnaround which shows the stark reality of the life of an average(or not so brilliant) student. This particular section would give you goosebumps especially, if you belonged to that category back then.

Then, there is this spiritual part. Why and how is the protagonist involved in this?

Who is he?
What makes him special?
Is he a Play Boy or a Self-Enlightened Soul?

Grab the book. Read the story. Get ready for lot of surprises. Most importantly, figure out who the protagonist is...

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

Book Review - A Man From Mandu

Title - A Man From Mandu
Author - Manoj V Jain
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64587-162-0

Those who have read Manoj V Jain's other books like The BNO(Sex,Life and Hookah) or The THC(Under a Gibbous Moon) or Balraj, Ramona, Dystopia would know for sure that he never fails to enthrall the readers through his varied approach to a story line/subject. He is one among the few who has always given a different subject rather than sticking on to a single genre.

His writing style is lucid and he approaches the story in a different angle making the readers to ponder. A Man From Mandu is no exception. The book is unique because, even in the main story, there are few short stories as well. Each of these short story has got a message in itself which makes it stand apart from others. Moreover all these short stories are different from each other in terms of concept and approach. These would also make it a perfect bed time stories for kids.

The story is about the protagonist Dhawal who becomes Avishkar Baba. Yes, he is a self styled Godman. How did he become one, is interesting though.

Equally important to Avishkar Baba is Tarini who takes care of his assignments. Though she wanted to settle abroad, she gets teamed up with Baba, but that was only for a year.

Why is that so?

Tarini's friend Paulomi was always there when she wanted her help and so as Giri. Tarini gets an offer to work in the U.S.A. but on one condition. 

What was that?

What I liked the most about the story was the characterization and the sequence of events. They were like a breeze. Each chapter begins with a quote from none other than Avishkar Baba himself and they are a story in itself. 

The story takes you on a ride as to how one becomes a Godman, What are the pros and cons of becoming one,How is the branding done and so on and so forth. Get ready to read a real good story which would make you enjoy reading this by invoking your thoughts and appealing to your soul....

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

Miss Mahima Singh, Mr. Adi Khalasi & Mrs. Simran Jadhwani Bag Winner Title at Face of Mumbai 2019

Miss Mahima Singh, Mr. Adi Khalasi & Mrs. Simran Jadhwani Bag Winner Title at Face of Mumbai 2019

June 7th, 2019, Mumbai: Face of Mumbai 2019, one of its kind city level annual beauty pageant, brought to Mumbai by Fashionnova Events & Diva Pageants, is a title competition that recognizes personality and true beauty of individuals in Miss, Mr. and Mrs. categories across the Mumbai region. In its Mumbai debut, the pageant has announced its title winners in a grand finale that took place on Monday, May 28th, 2019 at Bandra Mumbai.

The winners of the Face of Mumbai 2019 are:

Mahima Bishnu Singh bagged the winning crown in the Miss category, followed by Bhavna Uday Bandodkar taking the first runner up and Pratibha Mishra winning the second runner up crowns. In the Mr category, Adi Madhubhai Khalasi was the winner, while Aamir Ashraf Khalfay and Aditya Bhaskar Bhepe were the first and second runner up respectively. The winning crown in the Mrs. category was bagged by Simran Jadhwani, while Nisha Mishra won the 1st runner up crown and Hazel Motwani won the 2nd Runner up crown.

Ms. Lakshmi Sona Suchan, founder of Fashionnova Events said, “Face of Mumbai is not only about recognizing and acknowledging beauty on the surface, but the confidence, thought process, hard work and one’s go-getting spirit. We are pleased with the overwhelming response received for the titles, where eventually each contestant gave his/her best shot at every phase of the pageant. Through this event, we want to offer a platform to every individual who dreams of winning a worthy beauty pageant title.”

After exhaustive auditions and elimination rounds held at various zones in Mumbai, the number of candidates vying for the titles (finalists) of Miss, Mr. and Mrs category were 15, 15, and 8 respectively, on the day of the finale. They competed in four distinct categories of judging: Personality & Poise in the Introduction round, Projection in the Ethnic Wear & Western Wear Rounds, I.Q. and Creativity in Q & A Round as well as their overall ability of captivating the audience. They were judged by Miss India Universe 2018 Nehal Chudasma, Co-founder Fashionnova Event - Mr. Varatharajan, Ms Rachel Nayyar TGPC Miss India and Mrs Universe Asia Archana Tyagi.
One of the most popular names in the Indian Modelling Industry, an actor and singer Mr. Sudhanshu Panday was among the special guests at the event.

About Face Of Mumbai:
The event Face of Mumbai is a property of Fasionova Events and Diva Pageants. Fashionova is the company owned by Ms. Lakshmi Sona Suchan, Mrs Maharashtra 2017 2nd runner up, And Mr. Varatharajan Sivasankaran a stock market professional. Fashionova launched a personality pageant called “Face of Navi Mumbai 2018” which was a massive hit in Navi Mumbai.
Diva Pageants is owned by Ms. Anjana Mascarenhas and Mr Karl Mascarenhas. They are International pageant groomers and own a grooming studio in Pune to train aspiring models. They are the sole owners of ‘Mrs Maharashtra’, ‘Mrs West India’ and ‘Mrs India - Empress of the Nation’ and many more city level pageants. Diva pageants are the official groomers for many international pageant like ‘Mrs Universe’, Mrs Queen of the World’, Mrs Dazzle India International and many more.

Book Review - Legitimacy Of Power

Title - Legitimacy Of Power
Author - Dilip Sinha
Genre - International Relations / Govt / International Relations & Globalisation
Publisher - VIJ Books India P Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-88161-06-0

United Nations has played a vital role in maintaining the world order and peace ever since its inception. The formation wasn't a cake walk and the journey it has undertaken till date has been captured vividly in this book.

Usually history is boring as it is all about the real facts that has happened over a period of time but at the same time, if it is presented in an interesting way, like a story, no one would want to miss reading those. Dilip has done an excellent job in bringing out most of the facts and figures in an interesting format. 

The book is divided into 16 chapters namely:

1. Collective Security
2. Birth of International Organisations
3. The Idea of the United Nations
4. San Francisco Conference : The UN Charter
5. Beginner's Luck : The Early Successes
6. Divided Nations
7. False Start : The Korea Operation
8. Innovative Compromise : Peacekeeping Operations
9. Military Actions after the Cold War
10. Sanctions
11. New Mandates
12. Charter - Compatibility of Military Actions
13. Security Council and International Law
14. Impermanence of the Permanent Five
15. Wars that escaped Security Council Action
16. Security Council Reform

Honestly speaking, I had never come across a book that talks about a global body in such a detail. The content is crisp and is written in such a way that you wouldn't want to miss reading all of it in one shot. If you love history or international relations, you would surely find this book, a real interesting one.

Though I have read about U.N. during my schooling, all those I have read back then would easily fit into a single chapter whereas this book, as mentioned above, has 16 of them. The content is so vast that even if it used as a reference for a doctoral program, I wouldn't be surprised.

Coming to the review. What did I like the most from this book?

1. There are so many snippets in this book which would surprise you. It is imperative for you to sit with a pen & paper to make notes since history is all about facts, dates and figures.
2. Each and every chapter has been discussed in detail with suitable end notes/references being mentioned which could help you to cross check/verify, if you need to.
3. The need for formation and the evolution has been captured in a candid format.
4. I loved Chapter 5 in particular as it crisply captured as to how many times the Veto was used, Number of Resolutions adopted etc over 4 different periods which is 1945-1969, 1970-1990, 1991-2011, Oct 2011 till date.

I too, like a commoner, was not aware of technicalities and how much the other nations struggled to form the U.N. Though it is a global body which is backed by Super Powers, formation wasn't a cake walk. It has to go through testing times on various occasion and has survived the difficult tides through compromise and co-operation. It would be really apt to say that the mere presence of the U.N has averted great many dangers/wars in the past decade or so...

This book is available on Amazon in Hardcover, Paperback and eBook formats.