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Book Review - Men and Dreams In The Dhauladhar

Title - Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar
Author - Kochery C Shibu
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Self Published

Men And The Dreams In The Dhauladhar is a perfect confluence of stories drawn out parallel from three different persona which gets merged in that place. It all begins with the construction of a hydro-electric project.

The protagonists were Nanda, Kusru and Rekha. All three of them had a secret past which they did not wanted to recall or talk about. 

What were they? 

Why did they want to avoid speaking about it?

The book touches upon various sensitive issues including falling in love, though it isn't a sin but when you do it after being married, is certainly the one. One would not feel the agony until they lose their spouse cursing themselves forever for being the reason for their demise.

The story also touches upon how the workers who came as migrants from other nation were exploited and how their death gets covered up and for what reason which was really moving. Though I initially felt that there were too many characters to remember, I then felt that none of them could be missed. I would recommend you to make a note, if you are forgetful in nature.

How partition has affected the life of people across the border, how the produce like milk, wool were being bought at lower price, the destruction that came with the cloud burst were mentioned in great detail. The story could have been little bit shorter, is what I felt, honestly.

When the lives were at stake, the story starts picking up the pace. Yes. It gets real interesting only after the first half. So, if you got bored till then, do not lose your hope because it takes up only after that. 

You would be intrigued when each chapter which has Nanda ends with "What the Dhauladhar wanted to tell him?" and yes, you would find about it in the end which was really a strong message that the author has driven.

I must say this is not the usual story but the story with a difference. Give it a read. I am sure you will like it.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Leader

Title - The Leader
Author - N.S. Ravi
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Author Paradise Publishers
ISBN - 978-8193502235

Who is a Leader?

When we are poised with this question, we usually tend to answer that it is the one who leads. When we are questioned further as to what the term "Lead" exactly refers to, many would not have an answer. The term "Lead" is a vast one though not vague but we tend to get confused. This is common for both the good and the bad things. We do have leader(s) who lead the public towards a general cause for the betterment of the society and we also have the leader(s) who mislead public.

Coming to the story. The story line was set almost 4 decades ago. Hence you would get to read the name of the cities as it is be it Bombay, Madras or Calcutta which is a nice feeling. The story revolves around few characters including Guptaji, Kakaji, Chaterjee, Keshwani, Guruji, Ankesh Modi and Lata.

Author has penned this story with such an intricacy that you would be surprised for sure. When I finished reading this book, I really wondered whether author has worked in this industry since the story is all about the textile industry where he has mentioned about most of the details in such a subtle manner. It begins with the death of Kakaji, a labour leader and then goes back to the beginning. Guptaji was a shrewd businessman and he had business competition with Keshwani. Guptaji had an adopted daughter Lata who gets married to Anvesh.

Anvesh had BIG dreams of making it big in the league of textiles. He was always shadowed by his father-in-law Guptaji. He makes some plans and makes use of Guruji. What did transpire in the end is the story.

I liked the way the story was narrated because the author did not miss anything at all. He tried to include all the possible events that could happen in a textile industry which includes opening an entity in a tax free haven. The story would make even a person who has literally no knowledge about what happens in the background in the textile industry be equipped and aware of all the happenings. A brilliant attempt.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - 1914: NaMo or MoNa : Why is 2019 not 2014?

Book Title - 1914: NaMo or MoNa : Why is 2019 not 2014?
Author - Amit Bagaria
Genre - Politics
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64249-845-5

There are many books which have come earlier which has discussed about politics. They would either give importance to one particular individual or talked about a party by glorifying it. This book 1914: NaMo or MoNa : Why is 2019 not 2014? is not the usual one. It does not glorify a single party and at the same time talk about one individual but the Indian politics as a whole.

The author Mr Amit Bagaria is known for his business and political acumen. Having done his best in whichever field he chose, the author who is a serial entrepreneur from Bangalore has come out with his first ever book on Indian politics which has already garnered close 14,000 orders at the time of writing this blog post(24th April 2018) which clearly shows as to how well this book has been written.

The paperback is of superior quality with glossy pages. What adds more to the beauty of this book were the illustrations and graphs that were being used which makes this book an even more interesting one to read.The graphs includes the poll results of some of the most voted polls in India,Asia and in the World since Mr Bagaria's ePollster company MyVoteToday is the World's 2nd Largest ePollster and there is no doubt that the usage of information was at its utmost accuracy. The facts and figures used in this book isn't an exaggerated one but actual figures, some of which would make you go bonkers.

This 250+ page is a classic entertainer and if you love politics, you would definitely fall in love reading this book.  There are two more books to be released by the author soon. Keep a watch on this space for more information.

The book is available on Amazon and all leading bookstores from May 11 and the Kindle version of the book would be available from May 14. You may also place the order via his own book store 1914bookdotcom

Book Review - And So You Can

Title - And So You Can
Author - Dr Roopleen
Genre - Inspirational/Self Help
Publisher - Power Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-86526-78-6

Dr Roopleen is back again with another blockbuster. This book is nothing less than sharing some of the stories of unsung heroes who lives amongst us performing their duties without any expectations. This book is a genuine attempt to bring to us these heroes who has taken up the noble profession - Medicine.

While many of us use to complain about various aspects of a physician which includes consultation fee charges, attention given to the patients, misleading them with evasive replies, referring to unnecessary tests including scans etc., we must also agree that this is not widely prevalent and even if it did, the control is always in our hands by complaining to the authorities concerned.

Through this book, you would enter into the lives of 17 physicians who are revered in their own field. What is really touching is to get to read in detail as to how these physicians struggled to come up in their lives. Out of 17, I found majority of them were into Ophthalmology though I am not complaining about it because each and every story is unique.

I liked the way the author has approached to present these real life stories in an interesting way as possible. There were no exaggerations but only the real facts and figures that these physicians have come across in their life. While this book is not attempting to glorify a specific set of physicians among the wide range of others, it is a genuine attempt to cover some of the best personalities which is really appreciable.

Though the book says that it is a must for every doctor and a medical student, I feel that this is a must for everyone especially the students because when they do read this book, it would inspire them to take up this noble profession for sure. Since we as a country is lagging greatly with regards to number of physicians which we require every year, I am sure that this book would go a greater extent in inspiring the youngsters to take this up as their career.

What I have liked the most about this book is the section which comes at the end of each inspiring story "Advice to young and aspiring doctors" and "Takeaway - Words of Wisdom" which were given by the respective doctors/physicians. Since they are by far one of the most successful professionals in their respective field, these words would go a long way in helping the youngsters to come up in their life.

Author has covered 17 different aspects by corresponding them to the respective doctors which includes Tenacity, Ever Onward, Self Belief, Bouncing Back,Fighting Spirit, Perseverance, Passion, Never Give Up, Fire in the belly, Positive Attitude, Resilience, Firm Resolve, Determination, Fortitude, Courage, Survival Instinct, Never Say Die which would be applicable in each and every person's life in different stages.

Each story is Inspiring. Unique and most importantly carries a message. 

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Book Review - For the Sake of Love

Title - For the Sake of Love
Author - Anamika Mishra
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 938685046X

A beautiful love story which strongly sends us the message that LOVE doesn't need age,culture,colour,money etc., and can sustain for decades. The story revolves around few characters  namely David, Jasmine, Alex, Twisha and Bobby. I could see how effectively these characters were used by the writer. While David was waiting for his lady love to return, Twisha finds her love with someone. There was a conspiracy as well which has led to some irreparable damage. 

Set in two different time periods, the story would enchant you from the beginning till the end. Remember, there is no profanity, vulgarity, lust but at the same time, the story is full of love and affection which is the need of the hour.

The story line was just about right with no exaggerations and most importantly, it would make you feel contended once you finish reading it. I am not taking any more details here because I may end up revealing the story. Do buy and read the book. You would not regret for sure.

Book Review - My True Angel

Title - My True Angel
Author - Irshad Thalakala
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-87328-20-4

Irshad Thalakala has come out with a story which many of us would have experienced in our life. This is a well written story which touches upon the happenings in the life of the protagonist Iqbal who is aka Ikku. Iqbal was born and brought up in Kerala in a family which comprises of his parents Nafisa and Abdulla. He had siblings namely Asif and Nafisa and couple of friends Sajid and Mustafa.

When Iqbal had to travel to Bengaluru seeking better opportunities, he leaves his own town with heavy hearts. He faces even more treacherous days in Bengaluru as he was unable to find a new job soon but was lucky enough to join a reputed organisation where he meets Rubina and falls in love with her. Destiny had other plans and he gets terminated from the company.

He then joins HCL Technologies and meets Payal. Payal tried to show her bossy attitude over Irshad but things changes soon. They both starts loving each other but again destiny had different plans. Finally Irshad gets engaged with Naziya. In the meanwhile, he meets Rubina yet again which rekindles his old memories.

When things were going alright, Iqbal meets up with an accident and loses one of his legs. What happens in the end is certainly an unexpected one which has a strong message - when it comes to LOVE and LIFE, Religion shouldn't play a role in fixing it.

What I liked the most?

The style of the author who has written the novel in such a simple way without compromising on the effectiveness of the incidents/events and most importantly, the message he wanted to convey. I am sure many of us would have encountered a situation similar to this and wouldn't have been successful in tackling it and emerging successful. As they say "Love is blind", here I feel that it isn't the case. Love isn't blind but is universal which has the capacity to overcome any hurdles, if fought valiantly to uphold it.

The book is available on Amazon

Is studying abroad a boon or a bane?

We have always had a debate when it comes to the topic - "Is studying abroad a boon or a bane?"

The ideas differ from person to person. If you ask me, I would surely say that Studying Abroad is certainly a boon. Why is that?

India is home to many universities which are known worldwide. Having said that, we must also accept the fact that none of them are in Top 20 at least. While there are many factors that attributes to this, when a person has the means to afford it combined with interest and talent, I do not see the reason as to why one shouldn't be educated abroad? While few study for their status symbol, majority of them predominantly study abroad to enhance their career. There is no doubt in it.

Take a look at this brilliant video before we could proceed further.

Having said that, the option isn't available to all who wanted to go out of India. The major hindrance for us is clearing the English tests which were being conducted across the globe to gain entry into various universities and these ranges from TOEFL/IELTS among others. Since we live in a country where English isn't out mother tongue, this test becomes a prerequisite for our students to clear prior to applying in the universities abroad. 

What if I say that there is another way out to gain entrance to the prestigious Universities like Harvard University, Stanford University & many other leading universities across the world..? You might ask how would that be possible? 

Have you heard about Pearson Test of English Academic - #DefinitelyPTE ?

Do you know the English Language Test given my Pearson is accepted worldwide across various renowned universities?

There are many advantages to this which includes taking the test globally over 360 days in a year across 200 test centres, getting the results within five business days. You can also schedule PTE Academic 24 hours in advance apart from taking a practice session with PTE Preparation Course

Unlike other tests where you can send it only to limited number of Universities, PTE gives you the freedom to send it to as many Universities as you like. Now I am sure that this is something you wouldn't want to miss.

Leaving aside other factors, if you wanted to expand your career by enhancing your knowledge, you know better as to where to study and I have done my bit in educating you as to where you need to head over to.... it’s tume for #DefinitelyPTE

Book Review - PRALAY-The Great Deluge

Title - PRALAY The Great Deluge
Author - Vineet Bajpai
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - VB Performance LLP
ISBN - 978-81-936424-0-5

Vineet Bajpai is back again with PRALAY - The Great Deluge which is a sequel to his best seller Harappa - The Curse Of the Blood River. So it is imperative that you have read the previous edition to so that you would get to understand the story much better.

As mentioned by DNA, when you finish reading his books, you would surely agree that Vineet is a master story-teller. Hindustan Times has referred him as India's Dan Brown which is also really apt.

Those who have read the prequel, I am sure you would enjoy this book and to our delight, the story isn't ending with this book. There is another one coming out for this brilliant plot to be concluded - Kashi - Secret of the Black Temple.

Pralay - The Deluge is set in two different time periods. One during the Harappan period and one at the present time. Vivasvan Pujari who was a Devta gets deceived by Asura who unleashes attack on his own people. But when he realises the truth, it was too late to reverse his actions and the entire nation faces the wrath.

How was he deceived?
Did he find a way to redemption?
Has the curse which was unleashed on him got reversed?

Manu who was born to Vivasvan meets Matsya. Matsya did not looks like an ordinary person to him. He wields enormous powers which was beyond the comparison and he addressed Manu as "Satyavrata".

Why did he do so?
Who is Matsya?

The above is one part of the story. On the other side, there is this story happening at the present time which has the protagonist Vidyut. In this part, he gets the support of Dwarka Shastri who was the world's only param-taantric but they face a threat from Trijat Kapaalik aka Masaan-raja.

The only connecting point between the two is The Black Temple. What lies in this highly secretive temple and who guards this place? What is the connect between two different periods?

Read this story which would keep you at the edge of the seat till the end.

Author has penned the story very meticulously and has combined few real facts with the fiction. You would not feel bored at any given point. The sequence of events, the sudden turnaround in the scenario makes this story a compelling read.

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Book Review - She Walks,She Leads

Title - She Walks,She Leads
Author - Gunjan Jain
Genre - Non Fiction / Anthology
Publisher - Penguin Random House India
ISBN - 9780670088850

She Walks, She Leads is a non-fiction anthology written by Gunjan Jain. When I got the book, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the book. The book is surely bulky but having said that, when you are an avid reader and love reading books, this would for sure enthral you not only with the quality outside but also with regards to the content that it carried inside.

Honestly, I was confused as to what category this book would come into because according to me, this qualifies to be placed under various categories which includes Self Help, Motivation, General Knowledge among others.

I am not going to talk about the content of the book because that is what the book would give it in great detail to you but about the style in which it has been penned. This isn't a usual book which talks about people who has achieved but what made them achieve?

The book is divided into 6 parts which includes:

1. Altruism & Other Interests
2. Corporate, Banking & Law
3. Entertainment
4. Fashion, the Arts & Empowerment
5. Media
6. Sports

The book covers the lives and achievements of 24 renowned women personalities which includes

1. Nita Ambani
2. Rajashree Birla
3. Sudha Murty
4. Yasmeen Premji
5. Parmeshwar Godrej
6. Indra Nooyi
7. Chanda Kochhar
8. Arnavaz 'Anu' Aga
9. Naina Lal Kidwai
10. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
11. Zia Mody
12. Swati Piramal
13. Priyanka Chopra
14. Mira Nair
15. Shabana Azmi
16. Kareena Kapoor Khan
17. Anamika Khanna
18. Ritu Kumar
19. Jyotsna Darda
20. Shobhana Bhartia
21. Indu Jain
22. Mary Kom
23. Sania Mirza and
24. Saina Nehwal

The coverage was given in the same order as mentioned above in the book.

What makes this book unique?

Author has taken great struggle in meeting the people in person and got to make them speak. This makes this book more appealing since you get to hear from the "Lioness's Mouth" direct. While we are dumbstruck by the sheer power and command the above mentioned personalities wield in their respective field, what made them achieve that was not an easy journey.

Many of them hailed from a humble background and due to their sheer perseverance and hard work had rose to this level. Their passion and zeal to perform and excel in their respective field has been captured candidly by the author. 

There is a saying " Castles weren't built overnight" and this is very apt when it comes to the people featured in this brilliant book but also the book itself because it isn't easy to meet all the above mentioned personalities that easy in the first place and even if one did, it wouldn't be easy to get them talking and recording it in such a way that you feel that you yourself has converse with them.

To make it even more appealing, author has got various other famous personalities to get to speak about the women they have been associated with in the capacity of a friend, mentor, guru, husband among others.

I would sum up my review saying that this book is a MUST in every household and if you appreciate womanhood, the presence o this book would surely justify it. This would also be a perfect book to gift it your friends. I am 200% sure that you would agree to my viewpoint once you finish reading this book.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - College Days

Title - College Days
Author - Devayu
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pandora Box Press
ISBN - 978-93-5288-235-9

A simple novel but has an everlasting effect since it takes you back to your college days. If you haven't had the chance to study in a college(Regular), then, I am sorry. Devayu has recreated the magic of living the carefree life in the college where the only worry of a student is to get a pass mark, if not a good CGPA.

The story revolves around Neil, Chinu and Baba. While Neil is the protagonist, the other two were no less as they occupied an equivalent roles in this novel. What did I like the most about this novel is the presence of humour. Though the author did not claim this as one, the usage of words and the incidents would make you feel this without a slightest hinge.

The story line is simple and hence I wouldn't be going deep into it. What do we have experienced while studying in a college(P.S. Those who are hardcore education fanatics must stay away from this as you hardly would have come through any of the events mentioned in the novel)has been captured in a subtle way without compromising on various aspects like humour, love, struggle, pain among others.

Do not forget to send in your answers for the set of questions which the author has posted in the end. I am sure, you would be able to find some of them for sure :-)

I would surely recommend this book.

The book is available on Amazon