Book Review - My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems - Part 1

Title - My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems - Part 1
Author - Sunil Bhatia
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Partridge Publishing India
ISBN - 978-1642498929

The book is certainly one of its kind because having read hundreds of books and reviewed many of them, I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. The book has many protagonists including that of the author where he indulges in conversations with various birds at various point of time.

Yes. He converses(imaginary) with Pigeon, Parrot, Owl, Swan, Sparrow, Crow, Nightingale, Peacock, Vulture, Falcon, Duck, Rooster, Hen, Hummingbird and Bat. He also converses with Copper Fish. Don't you see the uniqueness in the concept?

The story begins with missing pigeon and then diverts to missing Peacock Jr and what happens to them has been excellently narrated in this story with series of events where the author meets up with various birds with each one giving him a teaching/lesson about life. I would rather say that this is an inspirational/motivational book because I was feeling really before I started reading this book but when I finished reading it, my confidence level shot up really high.

This would surely be liked by the kids and is applicable even for the elders and when I finished reading 21 chapters, I got another pleasant surprise with Book of Poems(Part 1) which has poems classified under 10 sectors that includes Mystical,Love, Fantasy Story, Self, Dark, Spiritual, Inspirational, Observational, Humor and Futuristic poem.

I must say that this book will be an excellent read that would satiate your reading desires...

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