Book Review – They Go To Sleep

Title – They Go To Sleep
Author - Saugata Chakraborty
Genre - Fiction
Publisher –Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1684663613

‘They Go To Sleep’ is a debut book by Saugata Chakraborty. It isn’t a novella or bulky novel but a collection of 12 short stories that will take your for a kaleidoscopic tour, as all stories are different and hugely differ from one another. Reading this, means, getting taste of a gamut of genres in one binding.

Honestly putting, as the stories are so different and vast in scope that you, as a reader, may be able to connect to some stories and some may go over your head. Reading this collection requires an eye of an expert – though it may leave you reeling with mixed emotions. The collection worked for me, as I myself feel that I am a complicated person. Love exploring different things in life, go for it anytime.
Each story is unique on its own. On one, the first story talks about a murder mystery with nuisance of criminology, P for Payback may intrigue you about the time in life, and the same may come true with the story, It’s About Time. Based on virtual reality or say how people get lost and get depressed due to internet chatting, is this masterpiece named The Short Lives of Shazia Sultana. You cannot make out which story is better over the others, as due to wide-ranging content and emotions attached with them.

Despite being varied in genres and themes, the collection sheds light on various themes like redemption, cyber future, sacrifice, longing, life of a prisoner, and so on. It would not be right to talk about all stories in one go, you rather pick up this brilliant collection and see yourself what’s best for you and what you can relate most.

Saugata Chakraborty is a promising writer, and there seem all chances that he may come up with a full-fledged novel about the surroundings he bred in this collection. In the end, I would like to say that the stories built around banking system and bankers were superb, as the author himself hailed from the same background. City life and hustle-bustle of cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and others have been captured well.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review – Six, Five

Title - Six, Five
Author - Binary
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN-10: 1684660599
ISBN-13: 978-1684660599

When I was approached to read and review this novel by a book review blogger, first off I did some research about the book and through one author interview, I was able to decode the meaning of the title – Six, Five. The meaning behind the title is beautiful and purely born out of love.

The novel is quite lengthy, but the flow was good, thus I was able to finish reading it in some days along with some other books that were on my TBR list since long. I will not say that it is a one-sided story, rather mix of a few genres in it. It takes us to some far-away land, possibly USA, and into one huge college because the author has repetitively mentioned cafeteria, ground, stadium, fountain, etc. Even this is a college story; the author has given more focus to two main characters – the girl Violet, and the boy Victor. The former is sarcastic while the latter is smart and brilliant.

Victor is an orphan and rather silent. He doesn’t like getting into mess and create trouble for himself and others, while Violet is just the opposite. The core point of the novel that binds the story till end is Unveil – online campus newspaper. And Victor works for this publication. His job is to investigate cases that occur in the college campus, at times outside as well. So, there are around ten crime case studies, ranging from issues of drug abuse to emotional torture to discrimination with students, and much more. You may not be so cross with the cases and the aspects involved into them. Rather you may find them interesting.Suspense, drama, mystery and thrill all is there in the novel, like one pack with many things into it.

However, the blurb of the novel says a lot about it. So, you may crave to find out the answers of the following questions:
Are the stories on the lines of Sherlock Holmes?
Will you be able to decode the meaning of Six, Five?
Is it a pure love story or crime thriller?
What happens to Victor in the end?
Raging for answers, simply grab this book and get all your answers.

You can buy the book on Amazon (both Paperback and eBook).

Book Review – Born To Be King (The Epic of Kautilya)

Title – The Epic of Kautilya
Author – Deepak Thomas
Genre - Fantasy/Fiction
Publisher – Notion Press
ISBN: 978-9388459853

As expected, the book was not in the line with my predictable reading nature. I thought of predicting it from time to time, but every time I was proved wrong, right from that moment when the King went to the Himalayas to the marriage ceremony where Kautilya jumped in to save her love. It was all something different, sensory illusion to my eyes and imagination. I loved that as it kept me hooked till the last page and it ran like saga. My reading experience was amazing.

Before you get into the book, I found the cover page worth attention. It was apt with the story line and generated interest and curiosity. The cover page gave me idea about the backdrop of the story, I mean an era where the kingdoms were ruled and destroyed by arrows, archers, spears, swords and so on. You can feel the heat in the battlefield in the later part of the book.

Chandra, the king of Bharath, did everything to have an heir but to no avail. Finally, he gets six children by sacrificing birds like falcon, eagle, and hawk – out of them five are boys – and one girl was born of parrot. The king was rather peaceful and sounded a bit insipid, opposed to his elder son Dhanush, who was relentlessly lusting after the throne. However, things go awry, and Kautilya, the beloved princess of the king, sees something that changes her life forever. She vows not only to claim back her kingdom but also to seek avenge for her father’s death. But who are the enemies…that’s real mystery that surronds this fast-paced fantasy. Read yourself to find out what happens to Kautilya and who are her enemies, hell bent to bury her alive, and more to catch up definitely in this novel.

Themes like revenge, redemption, lust, love, compassion and so on are abundant in the book and all these elements made this book a special read. People having taste like for books like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, will surely enjoy going through the book. Sweeping magic, swaying landscapes, dark-themed places and objects and demons, are all there to entice your heart.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - God of the Sullied

Title - God of the Sullied
Author - Gaurav Sharma
Genre - Mythological/Historical Fiction
Publisher - Think Tank Books
ISBN - 978-81-936204-4-1

A good novel with a different story. I initially thought that this is the same Ekalavya who was in the epic - Mahabaratha but then I realised, it wasn't the same. Ekalavya, the protagonist was born to Vyas and Sumati. As soon as he was born, his mother dies and his village gets flooded. Though Maha-Purohit prior to his birth predicted that he would change the course of the world, later announced that he was Sullied.

Being sent to Gurukkul, Ekalavya gets trained by Acharya Bhushan and Acharya Virbhadra in self-control dharma and combat. However, another person Acharya Kaushal did not like him. In the meanwhile, his granny dies and his father is left out as the single person in the family.

The debate that happened between Ekalavya and Acharya Kaushal is an interesting one which shouldn't be missed.

When things were not going well for Ekalavya, he gets to meet Mohammed and Mahavir. Though he did not knew them, they knew him well and those events turns out to be a game changer in his life.

When he faces an imminent danger, he gets saved by Pundir and Tara. Few incidents happens later which changes the fortunes of Ekalavya. 

What happened in the life of Ekalavya?
Was he the real scion of Ikshvaku?
Did the image "Sullied" shattered from his life?
Who were the two mysterious guys?

I felt that the story was elaborated a little more than required making it a bit bored half the way. Otherwise, the writing style and characterisation were the advantages for this novel which would make you read, at least once....

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Book Review - Vedic Warriors

Title - Vedic Warriors
Author - Rituraj
Genre - Fantasy/Fiction
Publisher - Vishwakarma Publications
Cover Design - The Book Bakers
ISBN - 978-93-86455-95-6

Firstly, I would like to mention that I was totally surprised as to how the story has unfolded. This wasn't the usual story line where you predict something and see that coming true. I failed miserably in more than one place where I predicted something but it never came true.

Cover Page needs a special mention as it is perfectly coinciding with the story line. This would give you some idea as to what this story is all about. The story dates back to the era where only the swords, arrows and spears were used in the battlefield.

Taraksh, a mighty and a ruthless Emperor conquered almost the entire world leaving Nakshatra which was the Union of Seven Kingdoms and had the legendary twin brothers - Zekrar and Vedhas. They were touted as the strongest warriors who could not be defeated, when they fought together. On the other hand, Nirmay and Apykarych, the generals of Taraksh along with Shrestaha, the legendary priest of Mahaverna(also the half brother of original King Namaha) hatches a plan to bring the Armour which was guarded by Mahayogishm.

Tarkash announces a tournament and selects the best of the warriors from the planet which includes

Jairudh - who excelled in Archery
Nismibh - who was as strong as Taraksh
Tung Zapotec - who excelled in Sword
Agastya - who excelled in Axe
Atikaya Oniyata - who excelled in Sword
Vinashki - only Woman who had mystical powers

They get joined by Jivraj, who is the master of the seas. The story takes you to a journey which would keep you captivated till the end.

Did they get to lay their hands on the Armour?
Why was this armour so important?
Who emerges victorious in the end?

The story has captured the essence of greed of power, victory, treachery, love in the right proportion. All I can say is, this is the Indian version of Avengers :-)

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

Book Review - The Hitman's Mistake

Title - The Hitman's Mistake
Author - Sally Brandle
Genre - Fiction(Thriller)
Publisher - Soul Mate Publishing
ISBN - 978-1682917503

This is the first book in the Love Thrives in Emma Springs series and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the way, the characters have been used in the novel. This is a fast paced novel which would take you the world of Miranda Whitley who is the protagonist and how she fights the bad elements to establish the fact that she was innocent.

The story has lot of characters but the ones that caught the limelight were 

Agent Grant Morley
Miranda Whitley
Snake Neck
Detective Karpenito
Ike(in the beginning)

This is a fast paced novel which touches upon various subjects like Crime, Vengeance, Love, Courage etc among others.

The love angle between Miranda and Agent Grant was a blessing in disguise. It makes the otherwise serious subject, an enjoyable one. It all begins with an assassination attempt of a Federal Judge. While we can very well assume as to why this has been done, the way the protagonist tries her best to protect the Federal Judge and despite knowing the fact as to who was the person who was behind it, she puts up a brave fight.

Despite her neighbour house being stalked, cops also being involved in the incident, when you think all her hopes were shattered, there emerges a light. 

But, does it help Miranda?
Was she able to fend off her stalkers?
Did she manage to get justice?
Was she able to win the love of Agent Grant Morley?

If you are seeking for answer for all the above questions, do download the book and read it right away. While it is FREE for Kindle Unlimited, starting from tomorrow and for the next 4 days, it is available for FREE on Amazon.in 
Do make use of this opportunity to download your copy and do not forget to leave a review.

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback format. You can read more about the author on her official site

How To Choose A Bracelet From Pearls: Fashion Trends And Products With Their Own Hands

There are jewellery that can bring a touch of sophistication to any image. This includes the bracelet made from black and white pearls. The accessory made of natural material looks elegant and stylish. It will suit women of any age.
Original models will complement the business image or decorate an evening dress. You can make a beautiful bracelet from beads and pearls yourself by viewing braceletworld.

The formation of pearl mineral takes about 10 years. It is obtained from small grains of sand or a pebble that falls inside the shell, and the clam envelops it in layers of nacre in order to protect it.

Natural Pearl

Products with mother of pearl stones are attributed magical and healing properties. It is believed that it helps to reduce pressure, helps with kidney disease, and even recommended for pregnant women. Astrologers advise to wear a necklace and a bracelet made from pearls, as such jewelry brings happiness. You can wear an accessory with gold or silver.

There is some information about the pearl stone:

1.     It happens to be cultured and natural.
2.     For the first time it was used by the Chinese more than 40 centuries ago.
3.     You can find different configurations, shapes - oval, drop, sphere and hemisphere.
4.     Rare phenomenon of accrete stones.
5.     There are many varieties of varieties: Akoya, Tahitian, southern seas, Cortes, Mabe ...

How to choose the right decoration

Pearl decor with any ornament should not sit too tightly on the arm. The accessory fits any look and outfit thanks to a neutral colour palette. This is a necessary item in the wardrobe, because it fits well in any style.

Looks great gold bracelet with pearl pearls. He draws attention to himself and is an excellent accent in the ensemble.

In products rarely found natural sea or <a href="http://www.greatriver.com/pearls.htm/">River Pearls</a>. Often used grown in artificial conditions.

When deciding which one to buy a bracelet made from pearls, one should pay attention to such parameters:

1.     The brilliance of the mineral. The surface should be smooth and reflect the image. The best option - the similarity with the mirror.
2.     The large ones are suitable for necklaces, and the middle ones are for bead and pearl bracelets.
3.     All stones should have a uniform structure so as not to violate the integrity of the decor.Triple bracelet with natural stones
4.     The color palette depends on the color of the skin. A golden one suits a golden tone, olive green - peach, and light pink. Universal version - white color.
5.     The mineral can be natural or artificially colored. Natural grains always have the smallest imperfections.
6.     It is worth considering the black or white version.

It is worth choosing according to individual taste and style. This accessory is suitable as an option for every day. Stylists advise wearing a sea mineral bracelet in combination with metal and leather jewellery. In this case, you can decorate not only hands, but also legs.

Press release - Author Seema Punwani shares parenting tips in Mumbai

Press release - Author Seema Punwani shares parenting tips in Mumbai

Global marketing professional and author Seema Punwani, whose slice of life book 'Cross Connection' laced with wit and humour has sparked conversations across the world, was on a whirlwind tour to Mumbai. She spoke at two  events on parenting, leading up to Mother’s Day, and offered interesting insights on motherhood, feminism and parenting.

The first of these was "role of humour in parenting', a much ignored topic . Conducted at Crossword Bookstores, Kemps corner, the discussion also  Dr. Swati Popat Vats,  famed parenting mentor and educationist,  co-author of ‘Once Upon a Story,’The discussion was moderated by the witty Mansi Zaveri - Founder and CEO of Kidsstoppress, and had the audience in splits.

While discussing whether humour can be used in the case of  serious situations; Punwani asserted that humour has its role. “In serious situations, joking won’t help solve the problem but will help lighten the moment.”

Dr. Vats added,  “Have a sense of humour with your child. Let them understand what to laugh at and what to laugh with. But when a child is upset, never laugh it off!”

Mansi was able to draw out useful tips for mothers. For instance,  while Seema suggested that rather than taking the child aside abruptly to talk about topics like the LGBT community or sexual preferences, these conversations should take place in spontaneity, Dr. Swati Popat Vats added, "stop asking for sympathy as parents. Every parent must know that will go through sleepless nights. You can either get wrinkled about it or can stay one step ahead with your humour.”

The second event was at The World Trade Centre Mumbai, which witnessed an empowering panel discussion. Seema Punwani joined   multiple award-winning and bestselling author, Meghna Pant (author Feminist Rani) Dr. Swati Lodha (author of "54 reasons why parents suck) to discuss a very pertinent question: ‘Can feminism and motherhood co-exist?’

Moderated by celebrated TV anchor Swati Khandelwal, the panelists seemed to agree that  the word feminism may be seen increasingly as irksome.  However, since it represents the 'cohort that needs equality more' it remains relevant. The panel discussed wrong notions of 'the pressure to be a supermom' and moments of doubts that arise as a mother.

"As a society, we need to change the questions we ask women," reiterated Meghana Pant, while Dr Swati Lodha said, " Our social innovation must move away from enforcing pinks on girls and blues on boys."

Both events were curated by The Network, India's leading influencer engagement and content agency. Commenting on the same, Reeta Gupta of The Network, herself a bestselling author said, " we can spark mindset change, one discussion at a time. Authors  like Dr Swati Popat Vats, Meghna Pant, Dr Swati Lodha and Seema Punwani, as well as prominent names in Indian media such as Swati Khandelwal and Mansi Zaveri represent a new balanced consciousness thats shaping our society."

Folding clothes also tantamount to #ShareTheLoad

For the past three weeks, I have been sharing the load of my mother by doing various activities. This includes washing the clothes, helping her in the kitchen, arranging the wardrobe etc., As a continuation of this activity, this fourth and final week would enable my readers/audience to see my proficiency when it comes to folding the clothes. I have been doing this for more than 20 years since my Mom has taught me as to how the clothes should be folded.

This is just an attempt to emulate it. You can see me folding clothes in a period of just 30 seconds. I did fold 8 clothes, to be precise.

Folding the clothes may look easy from outside but trust me, this also needs some special skills. I could do this activity with ease because, like I said earlier, I have been doing this for the past 20 years or so. Why folding the clothes assumes significance?

1. It keeps the otherwise congested place, neat.
2. It helps in keeping your wardrobe neat and in an arranged manner.
3. You can segregate the clothes easily.
4. You can retrieve them based on point 3, as and when required.
5. Your clothes would have lesser wrinkles for you to remove when to sit for pressing the clothes.
6. Anyone who looks at your wardrobe would be impressed.
7. Most importantly, you are now ready to #ShareTheLoad of your mother.

The above activity has taught me as to how to be systematic an how to plan things in a short span of time. Now I realize that each and every activity which my Mother has taught me has not only made me to excel it and become an expert but each of them has got it's own message which would help you in leading a disciplined life. Don't you agree with this statement?

Thank You mom for being a guide, philosopher who has taught me everything. I can say with pride that I would make you proud and I did, already :-)

Have you checked this amazing TVC? If no, it's time that you checked it.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

Book Review - Those Forgotten People

Title - Those Forgotten People
Author - Aniruddha Roy Choudhury
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-68466-158-9

Initially when I saw the book's title and it's cover, I opined that this book is all about history. I came to know sooner or later that it wasn't the case but a novel with the combination of fictitious and non-fictitious characters. Only a few has succeeded in combining both, so far and the author is certainly one among them.

I was also surprised by the bulky nature of the book. Yes. The book runs for 500 odd pages. After finished reading it, I felt that it could have been made into (or released) two parts which still could have evoked greater interest among the readers. Nevertheless, here is the novel and if you a reader who loves fiction and history with some sci-fi factor, you would rejoice.

The novel begins with the disappearance of seven ships. These ships were carrying enormous treasures(details can be found in the book). They were:

1. Shiva Shakti(Leading Ship)
2. Dhruva
3. Srinjita
4. Nirbhaya
5. Shanjukta - reported as Missing
6. Manjula - sank &
7. Payel - reported as Missing

Then the story goes to present day where Sudhir Bagaria, the protagonist who despite being suffering from ADHD, had managed to have a well built body and stamina. His wife deserts him citing his incompetence in life. When things were going awry, Sudhir, through his honesty and talents starts rising up the ladder in his corporate job.

Just then, an accident happens and he gets stranded in an island. When he thought that everything was over, he stumbles upon a marvelous palace which is in shatters. Things which are beyond his comprehension starts happening inside the palace and he was convinced that all those weren't illusion.

What is special about this palace?

He also stumbles upon letters written by King Cherusseri Namboodiri of Nair Dvipa to his son Prince Hanuman.

Who is this King and what are the significance attached to the letter?

Sudhir meets local tribe group and he becomes one of them. Why did they accommodate him ?

Just when he discovers something important, he has to face an Himalayan task of facing a dark force called Mogui.

Who is this Mogui?
What he has to do with Sudhir and island inmates?

Read this story which would keep you captivated till the end. I loved the way, author has imagined and weaved a perfect story which ends on a happy note.

What did I like?

1. Characterization
2. Story
3. Sequence
4. Combination of Sci-Fi,Fiction and Non-Fiction
5. Elaborate explanation capturing minute details

My Conclusion - This book is a MUST READ!!

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats.

Book Review - A Year Of Wednesdays

Title - A Year Of Wednesdays
Author - Sonia Bahl
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-8881-065-4

Sonia Bahl needs no introduction. She writes for movies and has also written for few ads. Her debut novel "The Spectacular Miss", was optioned by a leading Bollywood studio and she was commissioned to write the screenplay.

In this new novel "A Year Of Wednesdays", the author has shown her class by penning a novel which happens on Wednesdays throughout the year. I did search for the number of chapters and it was almost close - since a year usually has 52 weeks and presumably 52 Wednesdays whereas the novel has 46 chapters. So, I can say that this has justified the occurrence of the story over a period of a year.

Coming to the story. The story can be said in 2 lines. However the way it has been elaborated has made this novel, a real special one. As you could see, the renowned Ronnie Screwvala has said "This is a story which will make you smile, laugh, cry, think, and think again". Initially, I was skeptical about these claims but as and when I started reading the story, I was pretty much convinced that this novel certainly deserves all that praise.

The story coincides with the Japanese term Ichi-go ichi-e which stands for "One time, one encounter, lasts a lifetime".

What did I like the most?

The style of writing and expression. You usually wouldn't find a novel which uses a high level language. This book is one. That doesn't mean you would have to search a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word/sentence. 

Sequence. They are classic. It kind of reminded me of those classical Hollywood movies which were received well just for being conversational. 

Characters. The roles played by two protagonists who were seated next to each other on a fifteen and a half hour journey. They lived it. It gave me a surreal feeling as if I am watching them LIVE.

Message. The novel touched upon various aspects like Love, Life, Achievement, Responsibility, Friendship etc to name a few. The book also had references to Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Barack Obama,Kanye West,Lord Buddha to mention some.

Lord Buddha's Golden Words "If you love the life you have, you have everything you need" is pretty much apt for this story.

The story is about us. YES. You read it right. It has an instance where the protagonist was forced to be on family WhatsApp Group despite having 35 members. She was married to a Muslim man even though she was not born a Muslim. The book emphasized the importance of being together which brings happiness - be it the celebration of Christmas, Diwali or Eid. 

The wordings " I don't think it's my place to drill into my kids what religion, if any, to follow. I think it's my place to show them that the only way to live in this world is by not being suspicious of other people's choices" is very much apt for the present day scenario. 

The journey which took the characters seated on seat 7A and 7B to their destination had a long lasting effect where they had to think about one another despite being busy in their own lives - one being a Investment Banker and the other one being a Mom of a toddler.


This book is available on Amazon in Paperback format for a special discount of Rs.199(instead of Rs.299)

Hair Loss isn't a Nightmare, anymore....

Losing hair especially when you cross 40's is the sense of worry for most of the men. This can happen due to various reasons like heredity, vitamin deficiency and others. This is where Advanced Hair Studio comes into picture. They completed their 10 years of success story with Brand Ambassador Sourav Ganguly. The brand which began its operations in the U.S. back in 1970s is now a USD2.4 Billion organisation with State of Art facilities in Hair Replacement and Hair Retention industry.

Close to 1 million people have benefited from their expertise till date. They have performed procedures on more than 10,000 celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports and Pop Starts from across the world. They have 200 Brand Ambassadors which includes Gautam Gambhir, Sourav Ganguly and Mohit Sharma from India, Shane Warne and Greg Matthews from Australia, Jacques Kallis from South Africa, Ravi Bopara, Graham Gooch and Darren Gough from England and so on.

In India, Advanced Hair Studio has launched its operations in 2007-08 and offers the same facilities and experience to the Indian customers through its 9 studios spread across India - Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Punjab(Ludhiana), Pune and now in Gurgaon. The company is the World's first and largest hair replacement company which has a vision to open studios in all metro and mega cities of Indian sub-continent and Middle East with the state-of-the-art facilities, best possible infrastructure and technology far advanced than any company in Hair Restoration Industry.

The event which was held on 30th April 2019 at ITC Grand Chola saw the participation of Sourav Ganguly and Mohit Sharma who answered to the questions directed towards them by journalists and television channel anchors. Sourav Ganguly said "It feels good to be associated with the brand, fostering healthy living for over a decade now. Advanced Hair Studio is known for innovation and excellence in the hair care industry. I congratulate the team on their exceptional journey and wish them success for their future endeavors".

The CEO and MD, Middle East and India sub continent of Advanced Hair Studio, Mr. Sanket Shah said " It is immensely motivating to see the pace at which the brand has grown in the last ten years. The response has been extremely positive and now we are set to enter into the suburban markets. Indian hair care and restoration industry have significant growth potential and there are few players who can guarantee certified quality services".

He further added "I thank our ambassadors and supporters for their trust on the brand which has always driven us to perform better. We promise to continue with our endeavor to completely eliminate hair-loss challenges through product excellence and differentiated experience".

On this occasion, they have also launched a gift voucher worth Rs.30,00 that will be given away to 30,000 customers under the "Man of the Match" offer. Contact your nearest studio for more details.

Being a hard core cricket buff, I could not help but to click selfies with the cricketers. My heartfelt thanks to the brand for this once in a life time opportunity, which I will cherish for my life.

Book Review - Dare Eat That

Title - Dare Eat That
Author - Divya Anand
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publisher - Penguin Random House India
ISBN - 978-0-143-44466-4

Ever since I watched Bear Grylls, I was always on a lookout for the Indian version of him and I must say that I did one through this book. Thanks to the author who has introduced the person who is none other than her better half.

The cover page is certainly unique and it very much gives you an idea as to what this book is all about. The reverse cover on the bk promptly displays

"There are people who travel to eat and people who travel for adventure. And then there are those who travel to eat adventurously"

The wordings are very much apt for this book since the couple Divya & Vivek takes us through a surreal journey of the food chain where Vivek has relished eating most of the living things which are classified under 

Invertebrates which is sub classified into Mollusc, Echinoderms, Coelenterates and Arthropods
Vertebrates which is sub classified into Pisces, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.

I liked this book very much for the following reasons:

1. The content is unique.
2. Each chapter's title was interesting and intriguing in its own way.
3. The experience was classified into Taste( 1 to 5 Stars) and Fear Factor which would give you a fair idea as to where those food items stood at.
4. Pictorial representation - both in B&W and Color.
5. Recipe for few items at the end of the chapter.

The book has covered the couple's journey in Americas, India, U.K, Luxembourg, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia presenting us with different cuisines and delicacies from around the world.

My Conclusion - If you are a foodie and is always in the lookout for something unique, do not miss reading this book as it gives you a fair idea as to what to look out for in the above mentioned places.

P.S. I did taste Rabbit back in early 1990 in a popular Chettinad restaurant in Chennai :-)

Do watch put for page no 123 and 185 :-)

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats

When I decided to #ShareTheLoad of Vessels

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing my experience via my blog post as to how I decided to #ShareTheLoad with my mom who has been instrumental in keeping the household running efficiently. It was only then did I realize as to how much difficult it is to run the day to day chores though it may look easy from outside.

After helping my mom with the laundry(which includes drying the folding the clothes) and in maintaining the wardrobe, I decided to do my bit with regards to kitchen.Little did I now by then that I had to face an Himalayan task in mastering them.

What did I learn?

Firstly, I learned about washing the vessels. It is an art in itself as you need to be real careful as it involves water. You need to save them to the maximum extent possible. How to do it?

Do not wash vessels in running water.
Apply soap on all the vessels first and then start washing it.
Do not wash vessels which can be reused after sometime.
Wash all the vessels at the same time.

If washing is a task, arranging them to get it dried is another task. This has to be done before they get arranged in their respective racks.

After this was done(putting the vessels in the special holder which will help them dry faster), it is time to put them on to its respective place.

My work did not end here. I decided to go further in order to master the cooking. Though I did not become one, overnight, I had learnt few basics which includes:

1. Making Tea/Coffee
2. Preparing bread toast/ bread sandwich.
3. Making egg omelette.
4. Making dosa.
5. Making rice.
6. Chopping vegetables.
7. Making raita.
8. Making Sambar/Indian Soup.

I am not sharing those pictures here because I think it would be too tempting for my friends to start visiting my home to taste my delicacies lol

Yes. I did learn few things:

1. Cooking is an Art.
2. Mastering it needs patience and virtue.
3. Each gram/ounce can make or destroy the item.
4. 100% concentration is a must.
5. Always keep all the items ready including vegetables(chopped/grated).
6. Cook in low flame and cook all at once.
7. Use the same vessel(preferably with multiple compartments) to cook vegetables/dhall etc.,

I did my best(I think) in sharing the load of my mother. How about you?

Check out this TVC to see how each and everyone must #ShareTheLoad in their respective household.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

Celebrity Vedic Astrologer & Vastu Expert Mr. Sagar Chug recognized with Best Upcoming Vastu Expert Award, 2019 by Astroyogi

Celebrity Astrologer and Vastu Expert Mr. Sagar Chug, from Gurgaon, was recognized  with Best Upcoming Vastu Expert Award for 2019 at event held at Courtyard by Marriot in Gurugram by AstroYogi, India’s number one astrology portal. The award was received by Astrologer Sagar Chug from Managing Director of Astro Yogi Ms. Meena Kapoor.

The event was organized to felicitate the performance of the partner astrologers in the fields of Vedic astrology, Vaastu, Numerology and Tarot reading. Venerated astrologers were gathered from all parts of India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Bangalore. The event showcased the success of Astroyogi over the years and how it has constructed a pulpit for over 2000 astrologers to demonstrate their meritorious work in the field of astrology. With a constantly growing network, Astroyogi provides services to over 85 countries and the astrologers receive calls from all parts of the world including UK, USA, Seoul, Korea, and Switzerland.

Mr. Sagar Chug is on panel of Astroyogi providing online Vedic and Vastu consultations to clients across globe, he was awarded for his exceptional Astro Vastu consultations and simple to do remedies, panel of Astroyogi did consider client reviews and feedbacks of Mr. Sagar Chug consultations and predictions before honouring him with this award.

To express his views, celebrity astrologer Sagar Chug said that- “This is my second award of this year, first award of the year was in field of vedic astrology as Best Young Star Astrologer for 2019 By Stars Achiever’s Award at Delhi, I am thankful to entire crew of Astroyogi to Honour me with this award, this gives me International recognition in field of astrology and vastu, I would like to thank God and all My Guru’s for making me who I am today, I am thankful to my parents for my incarnation, thankful to people who kept their faith in me and my remedies, This Award is a result of my passion, honesty and dedication towards Astro Vastu practise.
What your car company is not telling you about your insurance

What your car company is not telling you about your insurance

Insurance is a tricky thing to buy, especially when it’s for your one of your most valuable possessions, your car. At times, your car companies offer you insurance solutions which may sound good through the sales person’s perspective, but in reality there’s a lot they are not disclosing. Before you make that final decision, note these below points and then purchase your car insurance:

            1. Your good credit score can save you some money.
Practically all car insurance providers pull your credit report. Studies demonstrate an immediate connection between your credit score and the probability that you'll record a claim. Insurance companies believe that in the event that you pay your bills on schedule and have had a similar credit account for a while, you're steadier than somebody who pays late and often opens/closes accounts. This data is utilised to make your "insurance risk score," a factor that decides your insurance rate.

2     2. Card model influences the premium.
Your car insurance plans have a rating system for each vehicle’s model. Most utilise a system contrived by the Insurance Services Office, which begins with the vehicle cost and post that factors the theft and safety data. Vehicles are evaluated from 1 to 27. Higher number methods higher premium. In case you're purchasing another vehicle, get some information about the distinction in premiums for cars you're thinking about. Look online for the latest top 10 records on the most affordable vehicles in terms of insurance.

3     3. You can save big on instalment interest if you pay in full.
Instalments as a rule are offered on a six-month, quarterly or month to month premise, however most insurance plans charge hefty interests for creating the instalments. The more you increase the period, the more those charges add up.

4     4. You'll have to pay for your terrible driving.
The standard followed is to increase your premium by 40% of the insurance plan's base rate after your first to fault mishap. For instance, if the organisation's base rate is 4000, your premium will go up by 1600. Not all car insurance policies play by this standard, however, some may increase your individual rate by 40%. Notwithstanding what equation they use, more than ever your rates will go high.

5     5. You'll pay for your friend’s terrible driving, as well.
In case your friend borrows your vehicle and meets with an accident, you'll need to document a case with your insurance agency. You'll need to pay any deductible that applies, and your rates will most likely go up because of your case.

There’s this and much more that not every car company doesn’t inform you about while you take an insurance as part of the deal. Therefore, choose the right insurance consultant before you take a call and make sure you have a safe yet secure journey ahead.  Call Insure Efficient today and get yourself the perfect insurance adviser.

For all your insurance needs, you could get it hassle free through InsureEfficient.

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