My hair styling experience at Cuts & Colours

Cuts & Colours is a one of its kind Spa/Salon located in the heart of the city. They are on Google Maps. Hence it is pretty easy for you to spot them.
Though they are in a prime area, the location is calm & serene. It has an impressive CCP which is good enough to accommodate 6 cars. There is also a provision for 2 wheeler parking.

What makes them special?
Firstly, it is the cleanliness. They maintain cleanliness on high priority. It is a 3,600 Sq.Ft facility & they are specialized in the following services:
1) Hair which includes Hair cuts, Coloring, Chemical treatments(Straightening & Smoothening)
2) Skin Services - all kind of Facials
3) Pedicure
4) Manicure

They bring out the latest techniques & products. There are lot of tailor made packages which would suit the budget for all.
They have a special scheme for college students who could avail 20% discount on all services by simply flashing their college id.
Last but not the least, they are specialized in Bridal Makeups. The products that they used are Mac, Kryolan, PAC, Bobby Brown
Their primary brand is L’Oréal & Matrix but yes, they also deal with other brands like SP, Wella, Moroccan oil, Schwarzkopf,Cadivue, Luxlisse
Prior appointment is advisable though you can walk-in as well. The facility is fully equipped with products and equipment’s that you would never feel like going out elsewhere to get any of the services done.
They have a team of 12 professionals. For more info, refer their website.

What a transformation 😊
I never thought I would look as young as this. I never stepped into a Spa/Salon as I thought its a mere waste of money but today I was proved wrong.
They say “Looks constitute 50% of your persona”. This was proved correct by Cuts & Colours, Spa/Salon
I visited their outlet which is located in serene locality in Royapettah(More about the outlet on my next post).
Mr Palani, my stylist took almost 1.15 hours to style my hair. Yes. That’s an unbelievable stuff right? Never ever I imagined that styling even for men would take so much of time.
What did he do?
Firstly, he asked my preferences and started the work by washing my hair. After drying it up, he started playing with the scissors ✂️ & trimmer. He was such a thorough professional that he took his own sweet time to do with my styling. There were cuts done apart from drawing the lines over my head- on the side(On a lighter note, if I did this type of haircut during my schooling days back then, I would have been asked to stand outside).
Let’s come back to our stuff. After doing away with my styling, he showed the mirror to confirm, if I’m Ok with the final output. After getting my nod, we entered a room to get my “Fruit Facial” done.
This was done, yet again, in a professional way. My face was given a gentle massage followed by application of mask/pack. He let it dry for a good 30
Minutes (I was asked to relax during this time). Once the timing was up, he entered the room & cleansed my face with hot water wipes. After thoroughly removing the mask, I came out.

My hair was given a final wash and all was done. What an experience! I must thank the CEO - Mr Alex for getting this done in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

Here is the summary of how the transformation was made in the form of a short TVC.

Book Review - Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita

Title -  Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita
Author - Ace V.Simpson
Genre - Business, Strategy & Management
Publishers - SAGE Publications India P Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-532-8686-6

Bhagawad Gita is believed to be the discourse of worldly information given by none other than Lord Krishna(Avatar of Lord Vishnu) to Arjuna(one of the 5 members of Pandava brothers) in the battlefield when the latter decided not to find against his cousins despite knowing the fact that they stood for "Adharma". It is this discourse which enlightened him, making him to fight and defeat the Gauravas/Kauravas.

The book has been deciphered in various forms from time to time. Each one of them gave a different way of approach to the "Gita" and has never failed to wow me. However, this time, when I picked this book, looking at the description, "Books for a Happy Work Life - Leadership Lessons", I was bit skeptical as to how it would differ from the other. Most importantly, what sort of leadership skills would be deciphered from the book. I have read the book, a long back and had never failed to pick up books written by various authors on various interpretations.

Trust me! This book is certainly one of its kind. True to its title, the book has done a proper justification and lived up to my expectations. This 300 odd page book is a treasure trove because I don't think I have come across any other book which has simplified the Gita itself, in the first place, by getting the important verses translated into English, coupled with interpretation of Leadership Skills in such a subtle manner.

What did I like about this book?

Firstly, it was the concept in itself. This was different. Appealing. Most importantly, applicable to the present day.

The book is divided into three parts:

1. Self-Leadership and Servant Leadership
2. Higher Purpose &
3. Holistic Systems

Each part is divided into 6 sub divisions and each one is a GEM!

I was floored by the introduction part which was so full of information. If you ever think that you knew everything, BEWARE! You would still learn a lot from this book. I could see how meticulously author has researched this book thoroughly to put forth the points which couldn't be at fault, at any point of time. This in itself needs appreciations/applause because it isn't easy to make a book out of the book which is a trusted source for Millions of believers in Hindusim. By deciphering it, author has made it a common one for other believers as well. Many of the literature originated from India on various languages in the past were Universally applicable. Gita proved it, yet again, as one.

I took lot of notes to mention it on my review but then I decided to keep myself silent as it may become a spoiler and most importantly, I felt that the book should be bought and read to grasp the content which is more or less like a nectar. It would be even more effective, if you read one sub-chapter a day. There is a quote by famous personalities in each of them, in the beginning, followed by an Overview and then Prologue coupled with Reflections. In the end of every sub chapter, there is a Summary.

There are few tabular columns as well. I would highly recommend you read/grasp it without skipping it. There are also few pictorial representations which adds more value to the content. If yo have the habit of reading Gita, once in a while, in its purest form(in Sanskrit) and unless you are aware of the meaning of the content(which I doubt that would be the case), I humbly request you to refer to this book.

A real good attempt by the author which certainly needs all our support and appreciations.

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

Book Review - A Week In The Life Of Svitlana

Title - A Week In The Life Of Svitlana
Author - Ajay Kamalakaran
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon KDP

This is the second book of Ajay, I have read till date. His first book was completely a different genre and this one swept me of the content, it had in it. Ajay is known for his connections with Russian soil and hence drafting a story based on the life of a girl in Russia was never a problem. He recreated the magic yet again. This time, it was Svitlana, who hails from Ukraine but lived in Russia. She had dual citizenship and hence living in Russia was never a problem.

The story takes you to the life of what it is to be in Russia. Svitlana had coupe of failed marriages and she was facing trouble in raising her only girl child. Though she was employed in a luxury watch store, she was not getting enough to make her ends meet. She was attractive and when it comes to work, she gets is done by carefully choosing the words and help the store in selling some of the highly priced luxury watches.

Life is the same even in Russia. Though from outside, you may not find any beggars as such, there are lot who still lived in poverty. The stricter law, language barrier, troubles faced by beautiful/attractive women were captured very well in this story.

While Svitlana receives proposals from various men, one was real serious. 

Who was he?
Did he able to win her heart?

Read this story which would take you deep into the lives of a Russian. 

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

Restaurant Review - Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi

This restaurant is located in the Ispahani Centre. My sis & I reached the venue by around 12:15pm & was surprised to find that there was “No Parking” for our 2-Wheeler. Thank God! I did not go on my 4-Wheeler. After some searching all by myself, I found a parking space opposite to ICAI. Relief 😊
Weather was pleasant outside. Hence no complaints about that. As soon as I entered the restaurant which was on the ground floor - just on the left, we were welcomed the the restaurant staffs.
We took the corner seat (since by then we never knew that they had 2 floors - 1st & 2nd). We were amazed by the interior which were done & resembled the typical Dhaba. Yes. That’s Dhaba in the city. The lightings were Colorful & Attractive. Some chandeliers were made of glass bottles. Then comes the painting which were as Colorful as the lights. Then there were frames - frames of some anecdotes, wordings & Bollywood movies.
As we went up, we were surprised to see that the restaurant had received quite a number of Awards(commendable).
The vessels were of copper and they used earthen vessels for serving water, Shorba among others which is a welcoming move.
Staffs were attentive & explained it in Hindi/English about the dishes. We also had a good chat with the Restaurant Manager Mr Raja Kumar & Chef Kamal (who is from Uttarakhand). He did an amazing job through his culinary skills which is covered in the next section/post 😊
P.S. Be there early coz the restaurant gets crowded real fast and today being a Friday, there was a decent crowd.

About the Food:
What did I order?
Masala Papad
Murgh Zaffarni Shorba
Sarson Fish Tikka
Sweet Lassi
Butter Milk
Butter Naan
Pind Di Chaamp aur Boti
Makki Ki Roti
Sarson aur Sabz kb(mustard leaves gravy)
Dhabe Da Meetha
Badam Halwa

Firstly, we were served with Masala Papad. They were nicely fried and the masala was hot. Remember, it is winter special.
This was followed by Shorba. We loved it as it tasted real good. There were 4-5 chicken pieces in the bottom. Yes. They were cooked well. This Shorba, I can say, is Unique!
Sarson Fish Tikka followed next. We noticed there were lot of mustard seeds on the top. Initially, I thought of discarding them but then decided otherwise. It was deep fried and tasted real good with the fish.
Butter Milk & Sweet Lassi followed next. They were thick in texture and tasted amazing.
Then it was time for Main Dishes.
We ordered Butter Naan & Mutton gravy (Pind Di Chaamp aur Boti). I was floored by its taste. It was so good that we finished all the pieces and did not want to let go the gravy (since Naan was over).
This was followed by Makki Ki Roti which was served with Sarson aur Subz. It gave a different dimension to our taste buds. It was accompanied by jaggery pieces & white butter. Do not miss this.
Finally, for desserts, we ordered Badam Halwa which was full of ghee. Dhabe Da Meetha is their specialty dessert. So, if you visit them, do not forget to order this.
What I also noticed is they served Hot Water. It serves two purpose - enhancing digestion & making you immune from cold/flu.

Restaurant Review - The Mayflower Cafe

A real good experience is what we had this evening along with my blogger friends. The property is located bang on the main road with perfect parking facilities for 2/4 wheeler. I came to know that the first floor has the co-working space concept and the ground floor has this one of a kind restaurant.
The interiors were intricately done by giving importance to each and every minute detail. This would be good for a family get together apart from hosting parties for your friends and colleagues.
They have this swing in the lawn which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. The walls were done beautifully with pictures/paintings. There were properties across the sections on the wall.

The menu is curated my “Mad Chef” Koushik Shankar. We were 7 of us out of which 5 were vegetarian & 2 of us alone were Non-Vegetarian.
What did we order?
Peri peri wings
Onion Rings
Kaju Paneer Skewers
Purple Chicken Dimsum
Three sauce - mustard, spring onion, soya chilli
Crispy lotus stem
Corn Broccoli dumplings
Charcoal prawn Dhimsum with wasabi mayo
Panko fried chicken
Mexican Nachos
Chilli Basil Vegetables
Pina Nata Colada
Orange Flambo Darsan
Soup (Veg & Non - Veg)

That was quite a few, isn’t it?
What would I recommend?
Honestly speaking, all of them but among the drinks, I would ask you not to miss Pina Nata Colada which is a fusion of Pineapple & Coconut. It tasted extra ordinary. To put it in other words, it was out of the world.
Peri Peri wings tasted real good. The secret sauce that was used as the topping, did the magic.
You would fall in love with Purple Chicken Dhimsum & Charcoal Prawn Dhimsum as they looked real attractive & tasted equally good. Both chicken & prawn were cooked to perfection. The wasabi mayo that was served with Prawn Dhimsum was amazing.
The Panko fried chicken was of a different league altogether.
Khao Suey Non-Veg is their specialty. It is served with boiled egg, chicken, noodles & 9 different ingredients which needs to be mixed together before having it. This gives the unique taste which you wouldn’t forget.
The orange flambo darsan is also a “must have”. Ask then for it in specific and see the magic when it is served.

Japanese Film Festival at PVR ICON, VR Chennai

When I heard through couple of my friends that there is Japanese Film Festival happening in PVR ICON, VR Chennai, I immediately wanted to go but due to time constraints, I could not. The movie festival started on 8th November and is ending today - 17th November,2019. It is screened across 7 cities in India with 25 films being screened in each city.

I was told that the movies that were screened were really good. Though I regret missing few of the movies, I made it a point to visit the theater and was there yesterday -16th November. The movieplex was beautifully done(it was my first time to visit this theater).

The stage was set just opposite to the ticketing counter. We were asked to wait since it is only an hour before, they would issue the tickets. I was there by 10:30 and they started issuing tickets from 11AM. I was the first to grab them. The first movie was "Bento Harrassment". I decided to catch up with the next movie as soon as this got over but yes, by the time I came out, it was already 1:40PM and the next movie was slated at 2PM. There was already a huge queue this time. I could see not less than 200+ standing but the good part was, they allowed 3 at a time and the queue got dispersed in no time. Since by the time, I got the ticket, it was already 2PM and I may not get to sit at my preferred seating, I picked up the tickets for 2:30PM show which was "Children Of The Sea". While going for the first movie, I was given a cloth bag as a gift. For the 2nd movie, after it ended, we were given feedback forms. Those who completed got a Tee for Free! This is some serious promotions.

There was also a booklet which few of them got and were getting stamped on it during each movie. I heard some contest was running. Man, how did I miss it?

There were two audis that were specifically dedicated for the movies - Audi 3 and Aui 10. Both of them were huge as I guess it could accommodate not less than 500 pax easily. I had the privilege to see movies in both these.

Do not miss it since today is the last day. My heartfelt thanks to Japan Foundation, Eneos and PVR for this wonderful screening.

About the movies:

Bento Harassment - A touching movie which shows how the single mother raise two daughters. It was emotional and gave me an impression that I was watching an Indian movie. The expressions a well the acting by the lead actress and her daughter were outstanding. Picturisation was good. I never felt like watching a Japanese movie since there was English sub-title which made my job easier.

Children Of The Sea - This is an animation film which talks about the greater truth. Animation was done really well. I so missed my niece because she would have definitely enjoyed this film as equaly as I did. 

Being a Sous Chef for Vicky Ratnani

If you are a foodie, you certainly wouldn't want to miss catching up with Masterchefs especially when they come to your place for an event. This is what happened with me when I came to know that Masterchef Sarah Todd would be visiting VR Chennai along with other celebrity Chefs Vicky Ratnani and Saransh Goila

Sarah Todd is known for her quick preparations and had cooked Aloo Gobi in Masterchef Austalia whereas Saransh is famous for introducing Butter Chicken - his brand "Goila Butter Chicken" to the West. Vicky needs no introduction. I saw the posts made by Kiran Soans promoted "World On A Plate" instagram page about the contest and took part in it immediately. As luck would have it, I was announced as a winner for couple of events - "Judging the Dish" prepared by the Chefs on their face-off challenge and "Sous Chef for Vicky Ratnani". This came exactly at 9:30PM, the day before the event with just less than 12 hours to go as the event was slated to begin at 9AM at VR Chennai. I hardly could sleep that night.

Next day, I promptly reached the shopping centre - as it was called so and not as a mall by the VR Chennai centre head Ms. Natasha Soni. The Chefs arrived at 8:45 and after some photo shoot across the property, they proceeded to the dais. The stage was beautifully set and the gathering were excited about seeing their dream chefs in person. We have been tied a tag so that we could get access to the VIP Area. We were also told about the itinerary in advance. There was also a sale of souvenirs which were priced at INR500. The celebrities autographed only on that which is a good move since all the proceeds including that of the event went to HUG Charity promoted by WOAP of GoldRush.

There were 15 under privileged kids who were brought to witness the event and some 15 of us - bloggers & influencers were paired with each to facilitate the judging the best dish. We were given 3 score cards each to give our ratings. We were told not to influence the kids about the rating.

The Chefs happily obliged to autograph and pose for selfies with them.

Finally, it was show time where I was the Sous Chef for Vicky Ratnani. He asked me as to whether I am prepared to be the Sous Chef for which I answered YES. I witnessed his wits firsthand on the stage. He is a thorough professional who doesn't get distracted and cooks perfectly well. I assisted him in grinding the mix, making the balls by frying them on the pan. Finally, he said "I'm Fired!" since he asked couple of younger chefs(kids) to take over the mantle for me.

All I can say, it was such a memorable day wherein no one felt fatigued or bored since there were back to back events which included the performance by a band and Masterclass with Chefs who were brought from some of the major restaurants in Chennai. It was a feel good experience and experience of a life time...

Book Review - An Inherited Dream

Title - An Inherited Dream
Author - Udai Narayan Singh Bisht
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon KDP

One of the outspoken narration that I have come across in the recent times. I am not going to talk about the story since it is for the readers to show their patron towards this book by buying them and get to know as to what I meant in the first line.

The book revolves around Dreams, Aspirations and Struggles faced by the Protagonist Himmat Veer Pandey who hails from a village who goes to a bigger school to get good education. The initial struggles he faces in understanding English was well documented.  The story reveals the reality wherein the rich and the privileged are given priority compared to the middle and lower middle class.

You could see them facing struggles in their day to day like where in they struggle to make their ends meet. The book has taken reference from some real life incidents too. The title is pretty apt for the story. The story is an inspiring one which would go a long way in inspiring youngsters in being persistent. 

When you read this book, you would feel like traveling along with Himmat. This, I would say is the perfect example of creating a character which lives through the book.

This book is available on Amazon in the format of an eBook.

Book Review - Mahayoddha Kalki

Title - Mahayoddha Kalki
Author - Kevin Missal
Genre - Fiction(Myths,Legends,Sagas,Fantasy)
Publisher - Finger Print Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-89432-961

Mahayoddha Kalki is the third and the final book in the Kalki series by Kevin Missal. Those who have read the previous releases will not find it difficult to follow the story. If not, I would highly recommend to read the first two prior to proceeding with this. This isn't a hard and fast rule though because, if you are good with in reading and grasping the details, you can still manage to understand the story by buying this third book, direct.

There is a difference when it comes to writing a fiction and a non-fiction. While the latter is based on facts which cannot be changed. It can be told as it is or with some addition(without changing the actual context). On the other hand, fiction needs greater attention especially when it is released in parts. This is because, the story has to be perfect and the characters should be linked without any overlap or otherwise. Since readers are real good in grasping the contents, even a small error could be picked up by them and highlighted.

Kevin, who had his struggles like others when he was a kid has went on to become a National Best Seller with his Kalki series. It did not happen overnight. Each and every book in this series runs for not less than 350+ pages which means, the raw version would have been almost twice the size, if not more. This isn't a joke. 

In this third book, you could expect the unexpected. I was literally shocked when I realized as to who was "Adharm". While we(the readers) had a notion about someone else in this place, the real one came as a shock. There are too many characters in the story but yes, if you have read the previous books, you wouldn't find it difficult. Moreover, if it is about an historical fiction, these are absolutely necessary.

The Naga Queen Manasa was trying to kill the Yaksha King Nalakuvera. She was ably assisted by Airavan and Captain Jaratkaru(who was serving them since Lady Kadru's reign).  It was Manasa who defeats Kadru and saves Tarakshya. She forms an alliance with Vibhishan.

There was a parallel story involving Padma - Daughter of Vibhishan and Bajrang.

Nalakuvera makes Arjan, the King. Ratna Maru also wanted to avenge Nalakuvera.

While Kalki and Arjan were the brothers, they were in different places fighting their own wars. It was an unexpected twist when you come to know about their relationship with Kali, the erstwhile King of Indragarh. He voluntarily comes to help Arjan though Arjan badly wanted to kill him for the loss of his friends. He deploys Danavs- the 20 foot giants to fight against the Naga Queen when their kingdom was attacked. Were they able to win the war?

Then there are Maruts who are now called Rudras and Jambhavan, who believed to have the strength of 10,000 Lions. Kalki wanted to kill Jambhavan.


The fight between Yakshas and Nagas reminded me of the characters - Werewolves and Vampires who were always at loggerheads.

Did Kalki able to lay his hands over the Powerful sword of Lord Shiva?

Did Manasa able to defeat the Manavs?

Why was Guru Narendra not happy with Arjan being crowned as King?

The story takes a lot of interesting twists and turns as and when it progresses making it a compelling fiction and let me alert you that you wouldn't have realized that you have spent a few hours to complete reading this book.....

This book is available on Amazon in Paperback format. Also available on all leading online and offline stores.

Book Review - A Sweet Deal

Title - A Sweet Deal
Author - Andaleeb Wajid
Genre - Romance(Fiction)
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-89432-466

This book is like a breeze. As was rightly mentioned  by Milan Vohra, "this book cannot be put down" 

I can say this story in just a line or two but the point is, what impact does this book make.

I must appreciate Andaleeb Wajid for creating such a lovely story which is as good as a real one. It can be made into a perfect romantic movie too. 

Not Too Sweet - That's the name of the cafe owned by the protagonist Rumana along with her friend Neharika. They also had a helper Vinod, who was sluggish. However, they managed to run the show after quitting their decent paying corporate job. One fine day, they ends up with a jolt. The news of opening of new Pattesserie shop next to them by the renowned Daniyal, a rockstar chef starts giving them nightmares.

Rumana wasn't the character who would budge easily. She executes some plan to bring down the shop even  before the business is established.

What did she do?

Her parents were also compelling her in the meantime to get married and she meets the prospective match who comes visiting her shop. Hammad was his name and he promises Rumana that he would help her in setting up the business back in the U.S. when they are married and leave India for good.

In the mean time, a spark happens between Rumana and Daniyal.

Were they in love with each other?
If yes, why did Rumana agree to marry Hammad?
How does the story end?

Give it a read. I am sure, you will find it real interesting. It might even rekindle your memories, if you had something similar in the past. All I can say is, this story is for those who were in LOVE and also for those who are in LOVE!!

This book is available on Amazon in paperback format.

Book Review - Finding The Gaps : Transferable Skills to Be the Best You Can Be

Title - Finding The Gaps : Transferable Skills to Be the Best You Can Be
Author - Simon Taufel
Genre - Business, Strategy & Management
Publisher - Pan Macmillan India
ISBN - 978-93-89109-25-2

Simon Taufel has been adjudged the Umpire of the Year from 2004 to 2008. The Award was introduced only in 2004. Winning it 5 times in a row is no joke. We may not be knowing the nuances of what goes into umpiring and probably might be of the opinion that they do not have any work other than standing on the field and adjudging the game. If you had that notion on your mind, it is time to change since they do more than what we could ever imagine.

Through this book, Simon Taufel brought out the best characteristics of an umpire. It was written in such a way that it is applicable beyond the boundaries of umpiring. I was lucky to be at the book signing section which happened in Odyssey, Adyar yesterday(7/11/19) and I must say that I was fascinated and surprised by his fitness. We must note here that he has retired from cricket, long ago but the fitness he maintains till date is something one should be envy of. It happened because he was into sport coupled with his own interest which saw him approaching a fitness coach on his own who agreed to share the fitness regime(which was shared only to the players)on the condition that he relayed back his feedback and reports.

His thought process on Interpretation is amazing. He says that "There is no disputing the event was the same, but the interpretation based on how we think and our experiences means that we can see it differently. That just means we need to be respectful of the views of others because they are not right or wrong - they are just different".

I never knew that he was on the bus that was attacked in Pakistan during the Pakistan-Srilanka match and missed the bullet by a whisker. Man, that would have been an horrific day/incident, for sure. 

When he talks about Planning, he asks us to make a note so that you do not forget things or conceive it in a different notion, if it was memorized. I do this, all the time.

Talking about Feedback, he wants us to consider or ask ourselves these three questions:

1. Was the source of Feedback credible?
2. Was the feedback valid and relevant?
3. Did the person giving the feedback have my best interests at heart?

How valid and true these points are.

He also goes about saying as to what he asks himself when it comes to the game "I can umpire well, I will umpire well, I am going to umpire well". It is these kind of notion which has kept him on top of his business. I was also stunned when I read about his knowledge of counting up to number 6 in Seven languages. As we know, the maximum runs one can score in the game of cricket is 6 and so as the number of deliveries in an over. He wanted to make the players feel well by conversing in their local language. It is to be noted here that when he came for book signing, he said "Vanakkam" and "Namaste".

By mentioning that "it's important to not forget where you came from, nor to forget those who have helped you along your journey", my admiration over him has grown manifold. It was stunning to know that the New South Wales Cricket Association has produced 12 Australian Test and 84 First-Class Umpires over the past 105 years. Simon also spoke about his personal life as to how he depended on his neighbors especially when he was touring abroad which showed his humble side. 

His worst ever Test match was the match between England and Newzealand in 2004 where he made 6 incorrect decisions. He was gracious enough to accept his fault and man, he went on to become the greatest umpire for 5 years since then.  He says that after spending 23 years in the cricket field, I am not the perfect umpire. How many have said this before?

He also spoke about how he made the Local Umpires understand that they are no different from the ICC Panel of Umpires and there is no "Senior" or "Junior" as they all wear the same logo an represent the same team.

The ICC PCT Code for Umpires on HONESTY was something new to me.

He has talked about few players in his book which includes Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, Brian Lara & Bevan, Mark Taylor, McGrath, Mahela Jayawardane and Inzamam. There is also a reference of Mahatma Gandhi.

His reference to Mark Taylor's score of 334 and declaring the game as he considered the game's end result on priority rather than his own personal record showed how some of the great players sacrificed for the sake of the game.

There are Key Summary Points at the end of each chapter. All I would say is author through his rich experience has brought out a book which would hold good not only for the game but also for the general principles in Life.....

This book is available online on Amazon, Flipkart and Offline on leading bookstores like Odyssey, StarMark, Crossword etc.,

Book Review - With Ash On Their Faces

Title - With Ash On Their Faces
Author - Cathy Otten
Genre - True Accounts
Publisher - Finger Print Publishing
ISBN - 978-938-9053-944

This book is a first hand account of what is happening in the war-torn areas of Iran, Iraq, Syria and the surrounding areas. Cathy Otten has done her best by recreating the stark reality through her book in the form of short stories. She has reproduced the incidents which she had come across during her career in journalism. Hailing from Britain, she is based in Iraqi, Kurdistan and has come across some of the reckless, frightening and harrowing events and experiences.
There are many books written about wars and the after effects. These were mostly based on African nation or elsewhere but for the first time, probably, a detailed account has been created/documented about the happenings in Kurdistan where the war is a daily affair.
I felt sorry for the characters – the names were changed since it might intrude on the privacy of the real ones. The bad state of the people would bring tears in your eyes for sure. There isn’t one but there are hundreds and thousands. We were given to read about a few only but this is itself is a conclusive proof about the sheer brutality of the organization which has unleashed horrifying experience over the set of people.
The book mainly focuses on Yezidi people who were dislodged due to the ongoing war in most of the affected areas which has seen them being diminished as they lost their fortune and belongings. Most importantly, many of them had even lost their identity. Some were forced to convert to Islam. They aren’t the only ones who got affected but also the Kurds and the other public in general. Others weren’t affected as much as Yezidis which I am not sure whether it is a curse of being born there or born in as a Yezidi.
Human trafficking is at the peak especially in areas like these. Women gets kidnapped and even the official account puts it up as high as 3,000+. Men were murdered. Kids were tortured. This would make you think whether we live in a barbaric world? We might also be wondering what is UN and Human Rights Organization is doing when it comes to drastic situations like these.
Each and every chapter is a powerful record of the reality which is intense and yes, it is appealing and most importantly would surely make you to pray for the people who are affected…..

This book is available on Amazon in Paperback and Hardcover formats.

Book Review - The Smart Balance

Title - The Smart Balance
Author - Ankita Aurora
Genre - Literature & Fiction(Human Behavior)
Publisher - Blue Rose Publishers

This book is the need of the hour since it talks about how the world has evolved due to the evolution of Technology and how we embraced them so much that we have almost become a slave to it. If the word SLAVE makes you feel bad, let me say that you have become an ADDICT! I am no exception but the only difference is, I make money out of it, since this is my profession. I do not want to be rude but to put forth the reality which is precisely covered in this book, in great detail.

The outer cover of the book is pretty much obvious and establishing the fact that we have become a puppet in the hands of gadgets. I don't think it could have been portrayed better than this. So, kudos to the designer who did this, thoughtfully.

Coming to the content in the book - There are so much of them that was covered with an in-depth analysis making it an interesting read. Some of them, I was aware of and some - were new to me. In fact, they were scary as well. The intention of the author is pretty clear. She wants to create an awareness, through her book. She has written the book so well that it almost felt like a fiction novel. The contents were fresh, interesting and inviting. I use to take notes in order to write  review, after I finished reading the book but realized that it was way too many for me to put it over here. There was also a mention about Influencer Marketing which made me feel better. The books talks about Dr.Google and those who use or search for information there, knows what this term means.

There are few charts that were used in various chapters. Do not skip them since they convey a greater/wider meaning which is as good as the entire chapter. Also there is an Appendix in the end. Do not skip/miss it since it is also helpful in evaluating yourselves.

There are few power liners and information, I would like to mention here(these were quoted from the book):

"Never in the history of humanity have humans been this connected and yet so lonely"

McNutt "These days we have Smartphones, Smartcars, Smartboard, Smarteverything, but consider this if the technology is getting smarter, does that means humans are getting dumber?"

Do you know that Netflix had a greater revenue than the Malta's GDP in 2017?

Facebook can collect your data even when you are logged off through Social Plugins, Cookies, Apps etc.,

Have you noticed that there is no END which is referred to "The Bottomless Feed" on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc?

Do you know what is Roach motel technique?

Do you know what Oobah Butler did in November 2017 which went Viral?

Why do we check-in where ever we go? It is an irony that there is a check-in even when someone returns to his/her own home and on worst case scenario, there are check-ins, even in the restroom. Seriously?

How many of you know your virtual friends, in real?

When did you last speak to your cousin over the phone or wished him/her direct instead of sending  message on WhatsApp, FB etc?

Don't we send a WA message when the person sits next to us or in the next room?

Well, there are more such cases/revelations. Thankfully, author has tried to answer these / give a solution to most of the problems. It is up to us to diligently grasp these and act on it. I found this book, a real helpful one and would conclude that this is a MUST READ since this book is written for our well-being.

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats.