Book Review - The Dev Anand Story

Title - The Dev Anand Story
Author - Dr Govind Sharma IAS Retd
Genre - Memoire
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-948032-54-4

The book is a recollection of some of the greatest memories, the Evergreen Actor, as he is known is associated with. The intricate details of each and every movie has been very nicely covered by the other even though the book claims this isn't an exhaustive list.

This can certainly be fit to be called one of the best collection of information in one place about Dev Anand. If you are a fan of him, this is something you cannot afford to miss. 

The book talks in great detail about the life of Dev Anand as to how he found the break to be featured in a movie and his association with some of the great names in the industry which included greatest musicians, directors, producers and co-actors and his temperament and approach.

I would say this is certainly an unbiased book because while it celebrates the success of the star, it also details about his failures and the reason behind it. Since the information is really abundant, it is advisable to use the marker to make a note of some of the important information since it is only by that way, one could do justice to the Padma Bhushan and Dada Saheb Phalke Award winner.

This can certainly be classified as a Treasure Trove!!!

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Anant Dot Com

Title - Anant Dot Com
Author - Dr Govind Sharma IAS
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Partridge
ISBN - 978-1-4828-6964-4

A simple novel which will take you back to your school/college days. This is a story of group of friends as to how their lives turn around as and when they grew up. Various events like first sight love, infatuation, greed, passion has been well portrayed. Though this would be really appealing to kids between age group of 6-16, the story gives a wide prospect of how one should perceive the life.

What makes the novel even more appealing is the inclusion of Ram Charit Manas since one of the protagonist cum narrator of this story Mohan indulges himself in giving a discourse in the subject which gives some good message from time to time.

The story involves around characters Anant, Baldev, Mala, Panther, Sudha, Nalini, Sayeeda, Posco, Verma Sir and Mamaji with each one of them playing their roles perfectly well. To make this story more interesting, the story also has bollywood, match fixing and betting and advocates on joint family system, sacrifice and duties.

Not all of us would have come across all the events captured in this novel but it would surely make you live the past.

The book is available on Amazon

Undelivered Letters

Title - Undelivered Letters
Author - J Alchem
Genre - Fiction
Format - Kindle

I usually do not review eBooks but when I came to know that J Alchem has published an eBook, I could not stop myself but to read and review it instantly. There are few reasons to it. Let us not get there.

This is yet again a different genre altogether and I liked the way the story has been written. A letter can play a vital role in someone's life and what if there are few letters which did not get delivered by oversight? 

What would be the consequences?

Who suffers the most?

All these were beautifully captured in this collection of short stories. I would not reveal the names of the characters or the uniqueness of this story collection since it would become a spoiler but I am sure that once you read this, you would be equally surprised as mine.

The idea of coming up with such stories is really appreciable. While you might by expecting something, you end up reading all the stories which would later unveil the surprise. I must say that it is surely worth the money you spend. The cost for you is not even a cup of coffee in a restaurant but the memories it will leave you is surely priceless.

The book is best recommended to be read with a cup of coffee on a weekend.

The book is available on Amazon as an eBook. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read this book for free.

That's how it's meant to be

Title - That's how it's meant to be
Author - Shilpi Chaklanobis
Publisher - Author Paradise
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 8944571548436

A beautiful story that has captured the true emotions and the helplessness of Nilanjana who was chirpy in the beginning and when she got to feel the meaning of LOVE, it went up a notch higher. However there was something that life had to offer her.

The protagonist proved yet again that women should not treated just for the sake of being married and to get pregnant to deliver the baby and look after them because they too have emotions, aspirations and ambitions.

Nilanjana fell in love with a smart and affluent guy Vikram but she has to go away from him for couple of years. During this time, she meets up with Arunabh who made her notice him for his selfless attitude. Did that mean Vikram was selfish?

Vikram never was and never will be.

What made Vikram to change drastically?

Why did Nilanjana despite being married to Vikram could not find the solace she was seeking?

Read the novel to find answers for all of them which has been depicted in a brilliant and subtle way.

The book is available on Amazon.

PINK - The Inside Story

Title - PINK : The Inside Story
Author - Gautam Chintamani
Genre - Film
Publisher - Harper Collins India
ISBN - 978-93-5277-038-0

The movie PINK which was released in the year 2016 was known for various reasons. It was a critically acclaimed movie which got mixed response - both the Positive and Negative. This book is about the movie PINK and what all went into its making.

Usually, it is easy for us to criticise a movie by viewing it. I always had a strong belief that there is nothing called as a good or a bad movie and the reviews are usually biased which is either based on the reviewer's inclination towards the cast and crew of the movie or otherwise. For those who usually criticise a movie since there is no proper yardstick which defines which is a good movie and which one is not, this book comes as an eye opener.

The book recollects the events from the past that happened between the Ritesh Shah, Jitesh Shah, Shoojit Sircar, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Ronnie Lahiri as to what made them come up with a unique concept like this and eventually ended up making the movie. The movie was actually not on cards when it was initially proposed but when couple of incidents happened in the life of Shoojit Sircar, he decided to go ahead with it. 

The selection of cast and crew including the iconic Big B for his revered role and roping in the lead which included Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang has been beautifully mentioned in the book which itself looked like watching a movie for me. Most of us wouldn't have forgotten the picture of Big B walking on the roads of Dehi without being identified when this movie was shot. The classic way of his approach towards his role in the film is a learning point for many youngsters who usually let the success go up on their head.

The co-operation extended by the stars and the way the movie took its shape is a real inspiring one. Read this book to know as to how it went ahead to become a commercially successful movie as well despite having such a strong message which was very much unlikely to be seen or portrayed in a bollywood movie.

Adding an icing to the cake is the presence of film's screenplay. Its time to re-live the moment!!

The book is available on Amazon.

Read books at a nominal cost with doorstep delivery and pickup

Are you a book lover? You want to feel and read a paperback at a nominal cost without having to spend much? If yes, Farad Books is just for you.

This is a portal which functions as an Online Library. You read it right. You do not have to go in search of a library near your locality but the library will come to your doorstep. This makes your life easier since it saves your time and efforts.

Unlike few other portals, Farad Books does not charge you security deposit. They also do not charge you any registration fees. These are the two charges which readers are usually wary of. The collection available on the portal is simply tremendous since they have books from across multiple genres and authors. Even if you do not find a book in their collection, the portal lets you request it. They have an approximately 90% success rate in getting the books their members have requested this way.

The portal promises to deliver the books within 48 hours of placing the order. The delivery is currently limited to Delhi, Gurugram and other parts of NCR. The team is planning to expand it across India once they receive good patronage and support.

The best thing about the portal is that you can keep the books as long as your membership is valid. Hence there is no urgency for you to return the books in a few days or so.There is also a FAQ page where the brand has answered all the possible questions that may arise.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be a member to borrow the books. They have pre-defined plans that would suit your needs.

If you are not happy with the pre-defined plans, you also have an option of creating your own plan.

Isn't it interesting? The portal offers payment options via PayTM and CoD. What are you waiting for? The books which you always wanted to read is well within your reach now.

My first ever Hookah Experience

Before I could start this blog, I must convey this Statutory Warning

"Smoking causes Cancer. Smoking kills. None of the person shown in the video supports or promotes smoking since smoking is injurious to health"

Being a teetotaler, I always had a fantasy when it comes to smoking. I however refrained myself till date from smoking and in fact asked my friends to stay put from that. I also did gift an eCigarette to one of my friend in order to make him to get rid of smoking slowly. As a kid, I had tried with various other options like smoking a candy chocolate which satisfied my desire.

When I came to know that there is a restaurant which gives an unique "Hookah" experience I wanted to try it. Unlike the usual stuff, this Hookah was unique. It offered various flavors since even the management of this restaurant were actively promoting "No Smoking" which they have even put it up inside their property.

The restaurant V Lounge  is located at 6,College Road, Nungambakkam. It is just two buildings away from the renowned K.C.Das sweet shop and is located on the first floor.

Coming to the food that is curated which would go well along with the Hookah were the likes of Mongolian rice,Triple cheese grill, Mexican grill sandwich, Chilli cheese toast, Chiili mushroom, Dragon baby corn, Chilli paneer, Basil rice to name a few.

Each and every item is so well prepared that it gave me a mixture of all kind of taste be it with hot, sour, salty, tangy among others. I must say that these offered a very good alternative to pizzas but was more tastier than that.

The place is a great one to hangout with your friends. It offers 2/4 wheeler parking too. 

What makes this restaurant a must visit?

1. Unique Hookah experience
2. Ambiance
3. Taste and Quality of food
4. Delicacies
5. Presentation
6. Seating arrangements
7. Parking facility
8. Affordability
9. Hygiene
10. Location

If you are looking for a place with all the above to spend some quality time with your family or friends, you know where to head over to....

Selling a gadget isn't easy

Selling a gadget isn't easy though it looks otherwise. There are many pros and cons to it. Let us first see the pros:
1. You can get to upgrade it to the gadget of your choice.
2. You can get rid of the old one which you may or may not have liked.
3. Be up to date with the gadget.
4. Flaunt it among your family and friends.

The cons includes:

1. You may not get the best price for your gadget.
2. You may have to shell out more money when it comes to an upgrade.
3. Most of the time, you might end up selling at a price which is less than 30% of the original price.
4. Data being at risk, if not formatted or erased properly(laptop/desktop/mobile).

I too had faced some difficulties when I wanted to sell my iPhone since it was outdated by then. I am still thankful to the brand as such because unlike its counterparts which is eligible though not guaranteed with a single upgrade of the existing OS, iPhone on the other hand gives an upgrade of up to 4 versions which is not known to many. When I say 4 upgrades, it is the minimum or guaranteed one but having said that, a survey showed that Apple had always priced its products at the rate of Rs.90 per dollar when it was being sold in India due to high overhead costs which includes Tax. If you notice, you would also see the product rate getting slashed by more than 20 to 30% when the next model releases. However with 4 minimum upgrade on a gadget, one could use it for 4 years which means after that, the product loses its sale value though it would still be in good condition(depending on the usage).

I bought an iPhone 4 when the price came down to some 25,000 rupees and it was already 2 years old by then since iPhone 5 was launched that year. However I got lucky wherein I had won a contest bagging an iPhone 6 within 2 months of its release and hence it became imperative for me to get rid of the old one which was near to obsolete since it did not get any further software upgrades as it crossed that guaranteed upgrade timings.

Now, I was bombarded with various questions which included:

a. Dude, the product is of no use since it won't get any upgrade. Why do you want to sell?
b. Can you give it to me for Rs.500? (even a Jio phone is expensive)
c. Can you give it to me for FREE?

After a long while, a friend of mine was convinced and agreed to buy it. I was packing my phone to be delivered to him as he knew as to how I used the product and moreover the actual age of the product was less than 2 years though it was in market for 4 years. He did agree to pay a good sum which was agreed by both of us. Had it gone through, it would have been a win-win deal for both of us. Then came a sudden storm. My mom who was watching all these scene had decided to barge in and you know what probably had been the outcome...

Yes. I decided to give away my iPhone to my Mom. I did not regret it but I missed a great deal since I would have sold it to my pal even without giving an advert(I did give an advert and I did not get the desired price which is a different story altogether). My friend felt sad but I couldn't help out. How would I when the supreme force has intervened?

It did not end there. I had to repeat the same task but with different beneficiaries which included the likes of my Dad, my better half, my in-laws since none of the smartphones which I had could not be sold due to the poor demand and excess supply(I am an Economics Student) which made me a real loser as I could only get the happiness of seeing these gadgets being used by my family but some of them, if only it would have been sold would have fetched some good money for sure. Since family is involved, there is no regrets from my end, whatsoever.

However, I am sure not all would end up with the scenarios just like mine. If you did, it is time that you headed over straight to https://www.cashify.in/

Do not forget to use CLEANCASH as you would be entitled to get Rs.250 as additional payout when you sell your gadgets through them. I would say its time to #CleanUpCashOut

Take a look at this impressive video which was made with some real life scenarios but would make you think well, before you could take any decision as to whether you need to sell your gadgets. If you did, what needs to be done and where you needed to head over to...

Book Review - Secrets, Sins & Struggles

Title - Secrets, Sins & Struggles
Author - Kamini Kusm
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Zorba Books
ISBN - 978-93-85020-95-7

Secrets, Sins & Struggles is a collection of five short stories written so very brilliantly by Kamini Kusum. The protagonists of this book includes Pooja, Shrawani, Avni, Harsha and Geshna.

The story revolves around these five female characters and details out as to how they get exploited, betrayed and made to succumb to the selfish wishes and desires of the male counterpart. I must admit that these incidents happen across the globe and has been very effectively captured by the author.

While these women gets exploited for various favours, there were few good men as well who lived in this story to portray that not all the men were bad which I must appreciate. Needless to say, in this male dominant world where everything is done as per his wish, women have very little to say.

However, the story also details out that not all women would be considered as a weaker sex since if they wanted to take a revenge, they would ensure that it is done at any cost which would serve as a alarm signal for men who wanted to take them for a ride, at their own behest.

A great attempt which would surely need support from all of us....

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Corporate Avatars

Title - Corporate Avatars
Author - Disha
Genre - Business/Self Help
Publisher - Jaico Books
ISBN - 978-93-86348-88-3

Corporate Avatars is a mirror of your life especially if you have worked in a corporate world. The book details about the various type of characters which exists in the corporate world. You may not have necessarily come across all of them since the book has more than 40 different characters but atleast a few of them in your stint with the corporates.

It doesn't mean these characters do not exist outside or in any other firm. They do exist but what makes it most interesting is the existence in great numbers due to the sheer size of the employees. There are at times you might have felt dejected for not being able to climb the so called "Corporate Ladder / Growth Ladder" in the organisation you work and you might be wondering as to what exactly is going wrong. If that was the case, this book will just help you in overcoming those shortcomings because in the Corporate world, no one would guide you through out as they themselves wanted to grow and may hardly dedicate time to oversee your growth.

The book not only talks about all such characters in detail but also gives an example which would make you understand and classify as to what segment/category the particular person would fit into. It doesn't end there. You have also been given few tips to handle those characters and a final tip which is the icing on the cake.

I loved reading it from the very first character Mr Free Rider to the last one Mr Confused.  Since each one is unique and different from one another, you will not feel bored or find a repetitive character in this exhaustive book which according to me would surely help you grow in your professional career.

The book is available on Amazon.

Shop smart with Myntra

Whenever a festival approaches, we all tend to go for shopping. Gone are the days where we use to take our time, travel really far along with the family and spend huge sums to do our shopping. Invariably, we would end up spending more than our budget which would become a real headache after that which would take at least 2-3 months to offset that overshot expense wherein we would be forced to work overtime.

While some were smart enough to hunt for offers by going across various localities, others ended up spending more for the same product which would become a real trouble in the household. Having come across this phase myself, I wanted to make myself super smart and what I did was simple. While others were busy looking for offers in the high street stores, I knew where I need to head to. I adopted the path of Online Shopping which I knew for sure would help me in saving not only the time but also the money.

Being a watch fanatic, I keep buying them on occasion like Diwali, Birthday and my Wedding Day. I also had another habit. I keep changing the brands so as to ensure that I had maximum number of brands. This time, I wanted to go for Fastrack Watches.

You might ask why this in specific. The reasons are few:

a. I do not have this brand.
b. I always wanted to wear this brand and flaunt it among my friends.
c. Being a brand of TATA, I know for sure that this is one of the best brand when it comes to watch.
d. It would complete my collection in entry level segment so that I can concentrate on mid-level.
e. The after sales service wouldn't be a problem since they have service centres across India.

Needless to say, I not only wanted some range to select my favourite but also to get that at a discount. After going through the extensive range of Fastrack Watches, I zeroed in on the below model. There were few reasons behind this selection.

1. Firstly, its from a genuine Online Shopping site which always offered genuine products.
2. The product exactly did fit into my requirement of being unique and stylish.
3. Last but not the least, the product was available at an impressive 40% discount.

What more would I want/ask for?

Like I said, the site also offers the option of selecting according to your budget which can be done with the help of filters. Give it a try.

While I have restricted myself with regards to my purchase, the options that are available in front of you are very many spread over various segments for all age groups which would make you spend all that you wanted but in an effective way since spending on Myntra would ensure that you get more for your money. Is it not a tempting one? I am sure you would thank me later for having helped you in saving some time and more money.

Seeds for healthy life

We live in a world where adulteration is imminent. There are lot being done in our day to day consumption of food. Not all could be blamed but at the same time, it is our precaution that would keep us at bay.

There are few in which adulteration cannot be done or even if done, can be figured out easily. It is nothing but the seeds. Seeds are organic since it will not be manufactured using chemicals but is the end result of something which are either a flower or a fruit.

There are so many varieties of seeds which are available out there for our daily consumption but we hardly use them. I was lucky to find a bunch of them on Amazon. Without giving a second thought, I ordered few of them. I am going to list them here and talk about them in detail. 

Oregano is usually used as a seasoning to give that tangy taste and flavour to the final product. It goes really well with bread toasted in sandwich toaster where it has to be applied along with salad in the centre. Similarly, it can also be used as a topping on pizzas.

Chia seeds is known for keeping your heart hale and healthy. It also helps you in maintaining the complex of skin. The seeds are rich in minerals.

While these seeds can be used in various ways including baking, toppings or sprinklers, the best way is to soak them in water. You would see them bloated up but when you drink it, you will feel real good when it come on your mouth as you will bite it to enjoy its crispness inside.

Regular consumption is good for you to keep you hydrated and my better half has seen her weight being reduced to a decent level.

Flax seeds are really good for heart.It helps in preventing heart attacks and strokes. This is due to the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids in these seeds. 

Flax seeds can be had as it is. It can also be powdered and sprinkled on salads. Alternatively, it can even be consumed along with water or roasted and added to the food.

Gond Katira looks like big crystals or dried pumpkin which is used as sweet. It is a natural coolant and hence helps you fight heat strokes. For better results, this must be soaked for few hours in water before being used.

You can use this in making sweets or can be consumed along with vegetables/curries or can even be prepared as a drink.

Most of us love coffee. Usually the coffee beans what we see is the one which has been roasted that gives that dark brownish look but here is the one with a difference. These are fresh coffee seeds which are not roasted and hence the colour is greenish. Coffee is generally known to invoke our senses thereby keeping us fresh and active for few hours and give us that instant energy when we were feeling low.

Green Coffee beans are good for diabetes patients as it helps in balancing not only the sugar levels but also the blood pressure levels. This also helps in weight loss management. If you feel you are above the normal weight, try using this on regular basis to see the difference.

Using green coffee beans is simple. Boil the beans and filter the water. Add honey to it for natural taste and goodness instead of sugar. Sip it leisurely.

Halem seeds are the must for women as it helps in increasing the menstrual health. It also helps in boosting the immunity in the body and can also help in hair loss treatment.

These seeds can be mixed with cereals. Since they have that natural peppery and aromatic substance, it can be used along with salads, vegetable curries too. They are reddish orange in colour which looks attractive.

Juniper berries are rich sources of Vitamin C which can help you in fighting common fever, cold which may affect you from day to day. Since these berries are helpful in detoxification, you can add them on veg,non-veg, salads or even stew. Kindly ensure that they are either ground or crushed or soaked in water for better results though it isn't compulsory.

Since these are natural food items, do not be averse in using them on a regular basis.

Pumpkin seeds are usually used by us. It is a natural ingredient which is rich in iron, magnesium, minerals and proteins.

These can be had along with salads or powdered and can be used in soups by sprinkling them on the top.

Quinoa is rich in fibre and minerals such as Zinc, Iron and Magnesium and can be used regularly since it helps in the digestion process.

This can be taken as a breakfast or mixed in salads. It can be had as a side dish or consumed in roasted form. if the kids doesn't like it, ground it and add it to the food.

Raw Hemp seeds naturally has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with Vitamin E and various other minerals.

These seeds can be powdered and be consumed along with fruit shakes and vegetable soup apart from being eaten raw and also with salads.

Each and every seed has its own advantage and goodness. Sunflower seeds helps you in fighting thyroid. Since these seeds are rich in magnesium and is a great source of anti-oxidant, by taking this, you can help fighting thyroid ailments.

The seeds look similar to pumpkin seeds but this is little bigger and thicker.

You can use it as it is or in powdered form. It can be had along with dry fruits as a navratan.

Why Sorich Organics?

The company is a 9001:2008 Certified with license from FSSAI which means the end product what you are having in safe apart from being of highest standards in quality. They are available in leading stores apart from being available on Amazon which you can order sitting at your home, conveniently.

The product comes in a sealed, reusable packs and are priced affordably. Each product which has been reviewed above has a shelf life of 1.5 years or 18 months.

 You can also read my reviews on Amazon.