Tea Treasure - one stop destination for all the tea lovers

Do you love drinking tea? 
Do you get refreshed with the mere aroma of tea?
Is Tea your best companion?

Then you have reached the right destination. How many cups of tea do you drink in a day? A research says drinking 3-4 cups of tea will enhance immunity and also keep you young and healthy. Tea has lot of goodness in it which will never do any harm, anytime.

Do you get bored by drinking the tea? I am sure you wouldn't unless you are not that much interested in sipping tea. It is one of the most preferred drink worldwide. It goes well with lot of things. For goodness purpose, I am not mentioning all but a very few which includes chaats, biscuits and samosa to name a few.

I was not a great fan of tea myself but when I came across Tea Treasure on Amazon, I was amazed. The reason was that I could see not less than 30 varieties of tea. You read it right. They have a collection of various combination of tea which you wouldn't have even dreamt about it. I did not wait any further but started ordering all that I could.

As you could see, there are so many and they also have some accessories like tea cup, filter, filter bags which are reusable, Honey(which can act as a substitute for Sugar) etc.,

The products I ordered includes Sweet Dreams, Slimming, Kadak Masala, Premium Chai Masala, Immunity Booster, Mint Fusion, Tulsi, Lemon Tulsi, Premium Chai Combo, Topical Hibiscus,
Kashmiri Kawa, English Breakfast, Herbal Tisane, Oolong, Zesty Lemon, Silver Needle, Darjeeling FF, Darjeeling SF, Premium Chai, Green Butterfly, Princess of Green, Coconut Sencha, Pure Sencha, Pure Rooibos, Rooibos Temptation, Chamomile, Peepal Baba and Infuser.

As the name itself suggests, you can go for specific ones in order to see better results.

For instance, drinking Immunity Booster will help you get more immunity in your body in a natural way.
Topical Hibiscus -> You will find the hibiscus leaves infused with tea leaves.
Slimming Tea -> will help you in the slimming process.
Darjeeling SF -> Tea sourced from Darjeeling plantations
Mint Fusion -> Works well during cold.
Princess of Green -> Green Tea.
Tulsi -> Good for cold.
Lemon Tulsi -> Goodness of Tulsi combined with Lemon.

Eventhough some of the product names may look similar, each and every product differs from one another greatly. The speciality of these tea are the ingredients which I am sure that you would not have seen/witnessed it elsewhere. Only when you buy and use it, you would vouch my claims as you could see it yourself.

I could see that you are already having a near fatigue on going through such a huge list of varieties they have.

Each and every pack comes with unique ingredient which also sports a illustration mentioning as to how to use it. Most of the times, it is all about heating the water and add the the powder as usual and once it boils, remove from the stove. Add honey. Filter it and drink it. The smaller packs can serve atleast 8-10 cups which may differ according to your usage.

As you could see, I had the pleasure of tasting some of the best teas available out there sitting at home. Had I ventured out for the same to taste it in a high end restaurant or a dedicate tea house, I would have shelled out a bomb to sip/taste these many varieties of tea which luckily I avoided.

Now you also know where to head out to.....

An #IPL tournament for Women's Cricket - feasible?

We all have witnessed some real cricket in the recently concluded Women's World Cup and unlike Men's Cricket, Women't cricket is much regarded for various reasons which includes the match fixing and betting. Though it shouldn't be compared, I, as a commoner felt that this is what that makes Women's Cricket superior over Men's Cricket.

Indian Women's team has not won the World Cup match so far and has been dominated by Australia followed by England and New Zealand. If only India would have on the finals which was splayed yesterday- 23/7/17, it would have been a fitting tribute for the retiring Captain Mithali Raj and terrific bowler Jhulan Goswami.

The Women's Cricket team has been in existence for  while now but not much interest was given towards it by our Nation. It was Anjum Chopra who got some attention to the game with her brilliant knocks and captaincy. When Mithali Raj took over, it was a complete turnaround. She went on to become one of the most successful captains in the history of Women's Cricket apart from becoming the first in the planet to cross an enviable 6,000 ODI runs. Unlike men's team, women's team get lesser matches to play and her score was compared to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar's. Her consistency prior to the start of World Cup and continuing even in the WC by scoring 409 runs thereby becoming the first Indian batswoman to cross 400 runs in a WC is remarkable. What is also noteworthy is despite her age, she scored with such consistency that she got No.2 position in the top scorer section trailing by just 1 run for the top score.

Her record of 10 fifties in a calendar year(2017) by surpassing 9 fifties scored by Ellyse Perry in 20169/but may lose it to Deepti Sharma who already has 8 this year), First Century at just the age of 16(in 1999), 7 consecutive 50's, Most number of 50's in ODI(47) are the records that speaks for itself. Charlotte Edwards of England alone has more fifties(55) than Mithali.

Apart from Mithali, Jhulan Goswami played extremely well securing 1st place in bowling and is also World record holder for most number of wickets in ODI. We also saw blitzkrieg matches by Mandana and Harmanpreet Kaur.

Now that the interest of the public has turned towards Women's Cricket, it is the right time to venture into IPL for Women as well. With torchbearer like Nita Ambani promoting sports from across various discipline, I am sure that this would be conceived and implemented within the next couple of years.

Finding sponsors shouldn't be much a problem since most of the companies now knows the talent of our Women's team and with corporate shelling out money in crores for their brand promo, this should not be a problem for them.

Can we expect Woman IPL Team and Matches soon? Only time will tell......

What's the fuzz about Oviya in Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss is a reality show which is been aired by STAR Group. After its initial success abroad where if you could remember how the bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty rose to fame all of a sudden due to racism. The only difference over here is, there is no racism.

While there are many theories running around this concept where some brainiacs has effectively pointed out few flaw saying that the entire show is doctored and was shot in 10 days or so, I have no comments. I respect their findings but at the same time, we should enjoy the show in its truest sense and should not look at each and every thing with a suspicion. If we did so, there will be no fun element in entertainment field. There has been thousands of memes being created about the contestants each showing their own support to their favorite stars and the key word BiggBoss Tamil and hashtags #OviyaArmy and #SaveOviya has been trending for so many days which shows how much rage the program has created.

Pic Credit - Naveen Bala

Actors are actors. We too act on a day to day basis. Take the example of "Jallikattu" fame Juliana. She rose to fandom with her bravery but in Bigg Boss show, things are totally different. She seems to be having a different face altogether which may be her true character. Just because we saw some one for sometime, we cannot certify his/her character. What was clearly evident until Day 27 is, inspite of Oviya calling out to her to lend her support when she had a fall and was suffering from pain, she twisted the story against her but will the camera lie? They do not. Despite knowing this fact, why do the contestants try to act smart? 

Juliana even argued with Padmashri Kamal Hassan saying that it was misconception but Kamal Hassan clearly said it is not any of them and she may be suffering from Hallucination and she started creating a scene immediately after that. She opined that her image is being tarnished. Why would Vijay TV do that?

They gave her the bigger platform and it is her responsibility to make it a success. Isn't it? In this show, no one can blame any one because each and every one is responsible for their own action.

Coming to Oviya who is the rage these days which has even led to the creation of  #OviyaArmy in Facebook and Twitter. I have not seen her films and in fact I did skip the initial episodes of Bigg Boss for various unavoidable reasons. Having said that, when I started watching it, I felt she was uber cool. She has that never mind attitude which is what is required in this reality show.Most of the viewers felt she has been targeted by Juliana and Gayatri Raghuram with Namitha playing the dual role.

When a person gets a fan following just because of her attitude, that clearly indicates how cool he/she is. With celebrities like Simbu,Trisha, Venkat Prabhhu, Rithvika and few others coming to her support, Oviya has become a formidable force in this season. She is not perfect in all aspects as she has used "F" word and vowed to KamalHassan that she would not be using it again but her guts and carefree attitude along with her helping tendency showed that she is one among the favourites to win the Bigg Boss Season 1.

Will she win it? Only time will tell.....

Book Review - The Wise Man Said

Title - The Wise Man Said
Author - Priya Kumar
Genre - Motivational/Self Help
Publisher - Books That Inspire
ISBN - 978-81-933912-0-4

Priya Kumar is an International Award Winning and Best Selling author who has been inspiring minds through her speeches and writing for more than 15 years. She is the winner of 10 International Award which shows the quality of content that goes into her book.

When I got the autographed copies of all her books recently including her latest release "The Wise Man Said", I was intrigued by this title in particular though her other titles were equally compelling(so as the content as well for sure).

I was amazed by the unique style of approach and writing Priya has adopted. Having read 1000's of books myself, I can certainly vouch that I have not see this kind of style elsewhere till date. The book gives you an in-depth knowledge about so many things that is happening around us which we tend to ignore or rather we are programmed to ignore, living the life, missing out the bliss.

This is what happens when Naina who despite being a successful author herself fails to connect with her life(despite her writing inspiring others. I am sure this is not Priya in real life).It is then she meets Sammy without knowing that he was a multi-billionaire but set to live a carefree life leaving aside everything and survive by taking what ever that comes his way. He travels to some exotic locations like Macchu Picchu, Iceland, Macau, Boashan Stone City, Peru, Timbuktu, Mexico, France, Greece among others. 

Sammy meets people of different origin with different beliefs and records all his experience in a diary and leaves it gracefully with Naina. Each and every experience of his is a lesson for all of us which must surely be read and treasured. For better results, read 1 story a day as it would settle in your mind in a most positive and effective way making you grasp all the contents without leaving aside anything.

I have liked all of them and in particular where Sammy gives away hIs limited edition Rolex in exchange for slippers from a farmer who exchanges it for a few missing bricks to mend the roof of his house. It drives the meaning "WHAT YOU EXCHANGE SOMETHING FOR, DEFINES ITS VALUE"

Sammy also recorded this " I gave away my clothes, my belongings, my companies and money year on year and somehow every year I have more to give" which made me immediately connect with the legendary Warren Buffet who despite of giving away close to USD$30 Billlion towards Charity is still sitting over a personal fortune of more than USD$70 Billion.

I bet you would find this book not only interesting but also motivating. Go for it. You will not regret but appreciate me for having referred such a wonderful book.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - If you never try, you will never know

Title - If you never try, you will never know
Author - Sahil Mehta
Genre -Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-947137-07-3

This is a debut book by Sahil Mehta but I must openly admit that it never looked like one. The story is a compelling one with a strong message "Follow your passion" 

The ending of the story is not the usual one but the one with a positive message that would certainly appeal to the readers.

The Protagonist Robin Mehta was born in an affluent family and his dad always wanted him to join his business. His brother Suraj dies after having a spat with the father which shakes Robin very much. He also wanted to become a musician but his dad wanted him to complete his engineering degree and join their thriving business.

Robin meets up Aisha who comes as a breeze in his troubled life since he has lost his brother while his mother was dead, long ago. She brings a positive energy in his life and they both fall in love which has been explained very beautifully in the story. Just then, Robin invites her to meet his flat mate Jordan who very much resembled his brother Suraj but to Aisha's horror, there was no person like that.

Was Robin conversing with a ghost/unknown entity?

Just then everything was about to go in the right path, Robin takes a drastic decision. In the end, he emerges successful but did he get settled with his love life?

Read this interesting novel which will keep you hooked till the end.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Bhrigu Mahesh PhD : The Return Of Damayanti

Title - Bhrigu Mahesh PhD : The Return Of Damayanti
Author - Nisha Singh
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Partridge
ISBN - 978-1-4828-8899-7

This is the second novel in the Bhrigu Mahesh PhD series. I have not read the first one yet though I got a chance to download it just few days back and after reading this book, I cannot actually wait to read the first one as well.

This is a 432 page lengthy novel but not even at a single place, you would find it boring since the author has written it so interestingly that you would not even think about skipping the pages. The story begins with an elderly retired Government servant named Nataraj Bhakti reaching out to the protagonist Bhrigu Mahesh asking him to help since he was haunted by his wife Damayanti who was dead a while ago.

Mahesh take up the assignment after the persuasion from Bhakti and reaches his village with his assistant Sutte. They witness something unusual in the initial days and though Sutte was convinced it was the handy work of Damayanti, Mahesh thinks it otherwise. He interrogates Chiranjeev, Bhakti's brother and his wife Premkala. He also earns that Mahesh's sister Savita was living with them. Though she said she had lost her husband, the reality was otherwise.

Mahesh also meets up with couple of other people Manjunath and Parichay Mishra(a Pundit) and when things were about to be decoded, Savita gets killed.

Did Damayanti's soul killed Savita?
What was the reason behind the killing and the motive of the killer?

The story revolves around so many incidents and characters which would make the reader to keep guessing as to what exactly was happening and whether it is related to supernatural stuff or that of a human one. The twists and turns that takes place making each and every character falling under the suspicious list is a good one as I feel has made this story interesting.

What happens in the end is a real surprise and when the motive was revealed, it is even more amazing because this is surely an unexpected twist in the tale since the character was very much unassuming leaving no way even to raise the slightest doubt about the involvement in disaster.

Read this novel and I am sure you would find it really interesting which would eventually make you o read the first one in the series as well.

The book is available on Amazon.

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A platform to find and register for the Right Talent

Have you ever wondered as to where you can find the right talent? You may be a brand who may not have very high budget to afford a super star but at the same time, you know for sure that there are so many talents spread across but it is just that, you do not know as to where to spot them.

On the contrary, you may also be a self motivated person who is aspiring to become BIG in your own domain but do not know as to whom to approach. All your woes gets answered here - https://specialguestapp.com/

You may ask as to what is special about this? In fact even I was not sure myself until I downloaded the app myself from the iStore. The app is a treasure trove and a must for all those who has or looking for talents. It does not occupy much space on your phone and the benefits it gives are innumerable.

The app literally covers everything - from actors & actresses to artists,bands & ensembles, circus acts, comedians, cultural entertainment, dancers, dj's, impersonators, magicians, musicians, photographers & videographers, speakers & officiants, specialty acts.

The above shows that there is nothing which is left in the field of arts and entertainment. By offering a two way interaction between the talents and talent seekers, one can showcase or search talents. What is icing on the cake is the segregation of these talents by geography. You can select the talents available in your area locally(U.S.)and you are all set.

Isn't it an easy way? If you are an owner of a bar, restaurant or a club, discovering the new talents is not a task anymore.

#TheCulinaryQuest2017 at Phoenix Market City, Chennai

Phoenix Market City has always been the place which has been frequented by youngsters and others all through the day. The mall keeps buzzing with one activity or the other. Having located very close to Guru Nanak College, the mall houses some of the top notch brands from across various industries like Gadgets, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Food among others.

Having tasted the success with its #TheCulinaryQuest edition in 2016, the mall announced it this year as well which began on July 1st and would be going until July 31,2017. The announcement came at the time when the nation is already reeling under the shock of the proposal of GST which has seen the prices of the most of items being shot up with restaurants and multiplexes taking the maximum heat.

Having said that, Phoenix Market City decided to treat its customers during this testing time and announced the culinary quest where it has tied up with 10 top restaurants namely - Jonahs, Kobe, The Chocolate Room, Bombaysthan, Mamagato, iD, Noodle Bar, Spaghetti, Punjab Grill and Nandos. Each restaurant is unique in it's own aspect be it with its food or with the style they were being served with one common scenario for all - that all of them are situated inside the Phoenix Market City which means, you may prefer a Vegetarian or a Non Vegetarian food, Tandoori or Chinese, North Indian or South Indian, you get them all in one place.

Coming to the most interesting part. What is the OFFER in store?

There is a 15% off on all the above restaurants and the terms differ from one brand to other but having said that, most of the time, it would suit all and it would effectively offset the proposed GST of 18%

The team from Newspatrolling had an opportunity to visit Punjab Grill to taste the specially curated menu for this festival. We were served with Paneer Tikka Satay, Beetroot Ki Tikki, Tandoori Brocolli, Button Mushroom as starters.

This was followed by the main course which included Garlic Nan and Laccha Paratha with Dhabe Wali Dal and Roasted Masala Aloo and ended with Gulab Jamun Rabdi.

Some of the core points to be noted here:

1. The taste has remained the same over the period of time since we tasted the same items back in 2016 Culinary Quest as well.
2. Paneer is made in-house which ensures that it is prepared properly which cuts like a cake instead of being chewy in the centre.
3. The masala used in these items were blended evenly giving a perfect aroma and an everlasting taste.
4. The food tasted real good and at the same time, it did not burn a hole in our wallet.
5. The offer is valid till 31st July,2017. Make the best use of it to dine at some of the finest restaurants to taste the unique food and enjoy the delicacies thereby celebrating the real spirit of #TheCulinaryQuest2017

Book Review - Promises of a Firefly

Title - Promises of a Firefly
Author - Anupam Patra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - StoryMirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-63-3

Promises of a Firefly is a debut book by Anupam Patra. It isn't a novel but a collection of 11 short stories which would make you feel the words for sure. In fact, I can bet that the readers would surely shed tears atleast for one story or the other as the words were so powerfully used which would make you connect with the stories instantly.

Each story is unique on its own. On one, it talks about how a mother misses her child and on the other, it talks about relationship between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-In-Law.You cannot judge which story is better over the other because of its varied content and emotions attached to it.

The book talks about sacrifice, about the life of a prisoner, about the life of a girl child as to how she fought untiringly to perform the last rites of her father and so on and so forth.

I would better not go too deep into each story because it would become a spoiler otherwise since these are short stories. My disclaimer is this -> If you are a soft hearted person, I would better recommend you to read one story at a time and not all of them together because it would otherwise become too much to bear.

A promising work by the author and has proved his mettle on his debut book itself which certainly needs much appreciation and the readers support. Do show your support by buying the book by clicking the links given below.

The book is available on Amazon and Snapdeal

Book Review - In The Name Of God

Title - In The Name Of God
Author - Ravi Subramanian
Genre - Fiction
Publisher -  Penguin Books
ISBN - 978-0-143-42573-1

After giving continuous hits like The Incredible Banker, Bankerupt, If God was a Banker, God is a Gamer & The Bestseller She Wrote, Ravi Subramanian is back again with a bang. This time, it was the most sensational topic which had kept all of us on toes a few years back - The hidden treasure of Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala.

He has used the sensational news in this new novel in a very subtle manner combining some of the real life events like donation of an elephant to the temple by India Cements N Srinivasan making it a real life thriller.

The story would keep you guessing as to who the real culprit was till the end. Initially I too thought that I did find the murderer but I was wrong in the end. There were lot of twists and turns which was handled so very neatly by the author.

The story begins with treasure being found in the temple and chaos that surrounds it as to whether they need to be documented and who would be the custodian and things like that but it gets into a different dimension when couple of murder takes place. I am not mentioning the name of the characters as it may play a spoilsport. 

Why did these murders happen?
Who was behind it?
Was it for the treasure or something else?
Were the culprits been found and brought to the justice?

There were so many why's which can be answered only when you buy this book and read it completely. I am sure that you would not feel fatigued reading this 405 page marvel. It was the usual style of the author who has never failed to enthral the readers like in the past.

The book is available on Amazon and on all leading bookstores.

Book Review - Reminiscences Of A Seeker:Dark Face of the White World

Title -Reminiscences Of A Seeker : Dark Face of the White World
Author - Kapil Kumar Bhaskar
Genre - True Story
Publisher - Angel Books Publications
ISBN - 978-81-933599-0-7

Have you ever got the insights of what exactly is happening in the background of sadhus, yogis and aghoris? This book will take you through the journey of the author who has experienced it in real. Having said that, this book may not be suitable for those who do not believe in GOD but at the same time, only if they read it, they would know what exactly is happening.

You may also wonder whether all these events mentioned in the book were true but it is up to the belief of the readers because author does not insist that we should believe it. Few of us would have experienced something similar to what the author has experienced which would give you goosebumps for sure.

Though the book is all about author's life journey, it makes nothing less to that of a thriller novel as he gets challenged by how his own guru's Guruji Trilokenath and Asurnath on various periods and how he gets relieved from them and whether he ends up getting what he seeks in the end is all this book about.

The events described in the book were surreal and it will make the readers feel that they were there in real. Do give it a read today!!

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Ananta Sesha Naga : Rise of Demon Prince

Title - Ananta Sesha Naga : Rise of Demon Prince
Author - Sanjeev K Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Story Mirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-52-7

To begin with, I must say that I was completely impressed with the story. I have read hundreds and thousands of stories but this one is unique from all that I have read. This is story about Naagins. Initially I was sceptical as to how would author make it an interesting read and since it was predominantly about Nagas(snakes), I did not get attracted to it but as and when the story started to unfold, I was dumbstruck. I did not realise when I finished the book that the story had 280 pages and I never felt fatigued reading such a big one.

There was a quarrel that existed between Demon Sarpas who considered Asuras controlled by Varuna and Devas who was headed by Indra were their main enemies. Though they were from Sarpa family, they also considered Anata Sesha Naga - the Supreme King of all Nagas as their enemy too. The Sarpa Mata Vansa wanted to avenge for which she prepares a Golden Sarpini Swarna as a lethal weapon.

In order to become powerful, she has to deceive five out of eight brothers of Ananta Sesha Naga. She gets able assistance from Mahooka, a slave. These brothers who she set to trap to get her ultimatum done were Takshaka, Eyrawata, Shankhapala,Mahaneel and Nahusha. She manages to deceive all of them.

What did she do?
How did she deceive these powerful snake kings?
What did she get from them?

She creates a demon creature who had the blood of all five sarpa rulers along with the blood of underworld demons. He was named Karushetu. He was immensely powerful and manages to defeat Varuna easily. He was all set to defeat Indra when an unexpected help comes.

Did Karushetu fulfils Sarpa Mata Vansa and his mother Swarna Sarpini's wishes?

The story is nothing less of a thriller ride which would make you guessing as to what will happen in the end. I was delighted that in the end, author has given an hint for the next part. I am sure it would be a major hit as well, once it hits the stands....

The book is available on Amazon.

Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

Marketing is the new hero in the ever-competitive marketing field. Marketing has evolved from Print, Banner, Television and Telephones.  With the advent of the internet, things started taking a different turn. Initially, the internet was expensive and one had to pay for – 1. The telephone for the dial-up and 2. For the service provider. However, with the entry of few telecom service providers, the rates came down to the minimum extent possible making the internet really affordable and cheap.

Few companies like Yahoo and Rediff entered this space much earlier and though they survived, they did not evolve with the changes making them cede the market leadership to Google which had a humble beginning but has now grown to be the biggest technology company in the World.

Around this time companies started exploring the digital space. Few Social websites entered the online space. Orkut was the first to get into this space and was introduced by none other than Google but since it was static, it lost its sheen. On the other hand, Facebook got introduced in early 2000's, but it got popular after it spread its wings outside the University campus where it was founded. It became one of the biggest sites in the world pushing it founder to the World Top 10 richest person. Not all were happy with Facebook as it is popularly called and some wanted to express their opinion in a much concise manner. Twitter came to their rescue. With limited characters, Twitter avoided unnecessary stories.

A Couple of other sites where the interaction level started gathering momentum were YouTube (by Google) and Instagram. Instagram gained popularity very quickly. Facebook bought the Instagram for a huge amount. It also spent billions to mop up WhatsApp.

Why were all these done?

It all zeroes down to internet marketing. As the online world grew, along with this came the new form of marketing called the Influencer Marketing.

There are influencers in every area like sports, movie and authors. These Influencers are prime Influencers. Then comes the other set of people who wield greater influence through their social media contacts. You might ask what is in there for the influencers?

The answer is simple.

You get paid handsomely, and some of the top influencers like Miss Malini rubs her shoulders with Bollywood celebrities and earns in lakhs per month - as per the news & quoted by the founders of Social Beat.

Blogging has become a career option for many, but the question is how to monetize your content?

The answer is simple. You must ask your "influencer" friends who would recommend Influencer agenices. As an "Influencer" myself, if you ask me, I would recommend "Influencer.in"

There are few reasons to this. The company is based out of Chennai and is founded by Chawla Brothers - Suneil and Vikas Chawla. They have executed many successful campaigns for their clients and payments has never been an issue. Payments is always made on time as promised to the influencers.

I was lucky as I got introduced to them by another friend way back in 2011 and ever since there was no looking back. I did few campaigns with them including that of Murugappa Group - where I covered Aircel Chennai Open, Margazhi Utsavam. Apart from that I also did few campaigns with them for various brands including Citibank, Kovai Pazhamudhir Solai among others.

I felt that I was given importance during every campaign and my ideas were always considered. I was given the complete freedom to execute the campaigns. The team is always friendly to interact and very supportive.

I was glad when I heard that the agency had opened up another office in Bengaluru spreading their wings.

What makes them different?

Apart from featuring some of the top bloggers from the respective fields, unlike other agencies where they select the influencers most of the time. On Influencer, one can apply all by themselves by visiting the website, and all you need to do is to click the campaign and select - Live Campaign.

Easy, isn't it?? If you are an Influencer looking for some interesting work – go ahead and register on their website.

For those who are always on the move or who do not have access to the desktop/laptop all the time can get their app downloaded on to your mobile and can apply for campaigns with ease. The app is available for both the platforms namely Android and iOS and can be downloaded by clicking the links -> Playstore & Appstore