Tea Treasure - one stop destination for all the tea lovers

Do you love drinking tea? 
Do you get refreshed with the mere aroma of tea?
Is Tea your best companion?

Then you have reached the right destination. How many cups of tea do you drink in a day? A research says drinking 3-4 cups of tea will enhance immunity and also keep you young and healthy. Tea has lot of goodness in it which will never do any harm, anytime.

Do you get bored by drinking the tea? I am sure you wouldn't unless you are not that much interested in sipping tea. It is one of the most preferred drink worldwide. It goes well with lot of things. For goodness purpose, I am not mentioning all but a very few which includes chaats, biscuits and samosa to name a few.

I was not a great fan of tea myself but when I came across Tea Treasure on Amazon, I was amazed. The reason was that I could see not less than 30 varieties of tea. You read it right. They have a collection of various combination of tea which you wouldn't have even dreamt about it. I did not wait any further but started ordering all that I could.

As you could see, there are so many and they also have some accessories like tea cup, filter, filter bags which are reusable, Honey(which can act as a substitute for Sugar) etc.,

The products I ordered includes Sweet Dreams, Slimming, Kadak Masala, Premium Chai Masala, Immunity Booster, Mint Fusion, Tulsi, Lemon Tulsi, Premium Chai Combo, Topical Hibiscus,
Kashmiri Kawa, English Breakfast, Herbal Tisane, Oolong, Zesty Lemon, Silver Needle, Darjeeling FF, Darjeeling SF, Premium Chai, Green Butterfly, Princess of Green, Coconut Sencha, Pure Sencha, Pure Rooibos, Rooibos Temptation, Chamomile, Peepal Baba and Infuser.

As the name itself suggests, you can go for specific ones in order to see better results.

For instance, drinking Immunity Booster will help you get more immunity in your body in a natural way.
Topical Hibiscus -> You will find the hibiscus leaves infused with tea leaves.
Slimming Tea -> will help you in the slimming process.
Darjeeling SF -> Tea sourced from Darjeeling plantations
Mint Fusion -> Works well during cold.
Princess of Green -> Green Tea.
Tulsi -> Good for cold.
Lemon Tulsi -> Goodness of Tulsi combined with Lemon.

Eventhough some of the product names may look similar, each and every product differs from one another greatly. The speciality of these tea are the ingredients which I am sure that you would not have seen/witnessed it elsewhere. Only when you buy and use it, you would vouch my claims as you could see it yourself.

I could see that you are already having a near fatigue on going through such a huge list of varieties they have.

Each and every pack comes with unique ingredient which also sports a illustration mentioning as to how to use it. Most of the times, it is all about heating the water and add the the powder as usual and once it boils, remove from the stove. Add honey. Filter it and drink it. The smaller packs can serve atleast 8-10 cups which may differ according to your usage.

As you could see, I had the pleasure of tasting some of the best teas available out there sitting at home. Had I ventured out for the same to taste it in a high end restaurant or a dedicate tea house, I would have shelled out a bomb to sip/taste these many varieties of tea which luckily I avoided.

Now you also know where to head out to.....