Book Review - Parrot Under The Pine Tree

Title - Parrot Under The Pine Tree
Author - Surendra Pratap Singh
Genre - Romance Fiction
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-86148-55-1

A brilliant tale which you would appreciate once you finish reading it and most importantly, this story would leave a lasting effect on you. Why I say so?

The story revolves around two major characters - Vedanta and Saranga aka Ved and Sara. They both comes from a different background and Ved meets Sara in Kausani and falls in love with her. In fact he was told about this prior by a banker tuned Sadhu. He also tell Ved about meeting up with Maya and also about the turbulence he would face in his love life.

Ved was a practical guy but Sara was different altogether. They eventually fall in love with each other and get married. They get to face the turbulence after Ved commits a blunder and openly admits it to Sara. Did they continue to lead a happy life there after is the story.

As mentioned earlier, Ved does meets Maya. Who was she?

Sara also gets some useful advice from a German lady called Gomati. How did she get the Indian name in the first place?

All these were beautifully scripted in this romantic novel with such a finesse that you wouldn't help but fall in love with it. Most importantly, I loved the way, author has narrated the mesmerising Kausani which would make the readers feel that they were there in person.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Con Kabir

Title - Con Kabir
Author - Vinod Gairola
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Frog Books
ISBN - 978-93-52015-54-2

Are all the con men bad in nature? Is their main purpose to make money and nothing else? If your answer is YES to any of these or all, you must read this novel.

A novel which has been written to make a common man understand as to why there is no peace on Earth today. As an educated lot, few of u know as to why the war and invasion takes place - which is either for Oil or Arms. 

We also hate our neighbour Pakistan and so as them despite being the fact that we were once a united nation. Bangladesh and Burma are no exceptions. Why would a nation like US try to broker peace between us? Don't we see their real intentions?

Through this book, author ha brought out the darker side of the so called super powers and how a con man named Kabir who is the protagonist of the story tries his best to teach them a lesson. A story well written that will make you read at one stretch but having said that, you should read it as a human being without being aligned to any religion - in fact, author has emphasised on this in the very beginning of he book.

Grab your book. Read it. You will understand the reality and would appreciate the efforts taken by the author to put up such big conspiracies in a simple way.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Inside the Heart of Hope

Title - Inside the Heart of Hope
Author - Rishabh Puri
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Srishti Publishers and Distributors
ISBN - 978-93-82665-96-0

A simple novel but with a powerful message. It talks about the life of a heart patient in great detail. The protagonist Ricky Puri was diagnosed with a heart condition as a kid. How it effects his day to day life being a student in School/College and how he misunderstand his parent's care was vividly described.

Ricky even loses his love Amy but destiny had other plans for him in the form of Lisa. Her father disapproves his love and Ricky only had Jacob, his best friend to whom he shared anything and everything.

Did he win his love?

That was the most interesting part of the novel. Read it to get to know as to how the story concludes. I am sure you would fall in love with the novel.

The book is available on Amazon.

Celebrating the Blood Donors #SharingLife

Celebrating the Blood Donors #SharingLife

Donating blood is not only a noble act but also a necessary one. Blood that matches the receiver’s blood group and which is safe to be used is difficult to find easily in hours of emergency. To promote this noble cause we celebrate 14th June as World Blood Donors Day.

On this day we express our gratitude towards the individuals who donate their blood with the hope of saving a precious life. To further support this cause a new app, named 
Life is also available on the Google Play Store. This app helps you locate donors and recipients in nearby places easily in hours of need. 

Donating blood does not only let you save a life, but also lets you share your life with someone in need. It is an act of passing on something precious to someone who needs it more. So, let us all pledge to donate towards saving precious lives, and contribute towards making the world a better place.


Book Review - Principles Of Success Made Easy

Title - Principles Of Success Made Easy
Author - Roopleen
Genre - Self Help
Publisher -Macmillan Publishers India Ltd
ISBN - 978-0230-322691

A simple but an effective book which will lead you to the path of success. It does not tell you anything different. It all talks about how you can effectively project yourself and lead yourself towards the path of success.

There are so many simple thins which we take it for granted which in turn effects us in more than one way or the other. When these things are controlled, the end result is brilliant.

Author, who is an ophthalmologist has used relevant examples from the real people including Amitabh Bachchan, J K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Hawking apart from he sayings by some of the world's renowned leaders.

Points were emphasised through bullets which also makes it an interesting read and gives you a feel that you are going through some management book. The book has 14 chapters with each discussing about different characteristics including Confidence, Visualisation, Hard Work, Perseverance, Discipline, Handling the stress etc., and it is clearly recommended even by the author to read one chapter a time to grasp the contents in full. When you read them at all one stretch, it becomes a chaos. So, enjoy the book. Read them one chapter at a time. Take some time to try implementing it before going to the next chapter to see it works.

Do not compromise on few but at the same time be confident ensuring that you are neither under confident nor over confident. Be yourself. Read. Grasp. Implement. 

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Karma : World's First Instaread

Title - Karma
Author - Kevin Missal
Genre - Horror(Fiction)
Publisher - Kalamos Literary Services
ISBN - 978-9384315627

I was amazed when I got this book. It was surely the World's first Insta Read. A short yet very crisp story that would keep you guessing till the end. When I finished reading it, I was still unsure - just like how it would end in a Hollywood Movie keeping the viewers guessing as to who the real culprit is/was.

Sharman Malik was happily married to Urvi but their life gets shattered by 3 of their neighbours which surprisingly Sharman was not aware of. His wife gets brutally raped and murdered only to return back after 8 years to avenge her death.

What did she do? How did she avenge her death is the story. Beautifully written with perfect synchronisation of events which gave a thrilling read despite the fact that it was a real short story. Read it to find out who the culprit was....

The book is available on Amazon.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is the most sought after medium these days. I would say, it started evolving with the advent of social networking platforms. Though they were there for sometime with the creation of World Wide Web(WWW) by Tim Berners Lee, it became real popular after the advent of Facebook and Twitter.

Earlier digital media was expensive since internet itself was expensive with slow speeds and one needs to pay even for the connection - I am talking about the dial-up days where we not only ended up paying for telephone bills per minute but also for the dial-up connection billed as per minutes/hours.

Big companies like AOL, Yahoo thrived those days with their valuation hitting few billions of dollars but they failed to innovate any further. This had seen their valuation falling down drastically after a decade since more innovative methods of advertising took its forte. Google which had a humble beginning calculated perfectly that the future depends on digital marketing and technology and invested heavily. Well, it does continue to invest even now. It was initially offered to another well known brand for a possible take over willingly by the founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page but was rubbished by the other brand. The rest is history. Google is now the biggest brand in the World.

The social networking sites changed the story altogether. Even though Orkut was the first to create a break through, since it was static, it did not flourish. On the other hand, Mark Zuckeberg came out with a revolutionary Facebook which has evolved from time to time and with the acquisition of WhatsApp, Instagram and few other platforms, Facebook has grown manifold which has steered its Founder to the Top 5 richest person on Earth.

Twitter is another platform where the brands leverage their presence by conducting campaigns from time to time. Digital Media has transformed the idea of advertising since it reaches the masses 24/7 at a fraction of a cost when compared to traditional way of advertising which includes Paper and Media. They have their own limitations though which cannot be denied but at the same time, it is becoming an effective platform from time to time.

We have software these days to effectively predict Impressions, Reach, Likes, Comments, Shares and Interactions which would give us a greater insight on the effectiveness of a campaign. It also gives us the freedom to spend - which means a person even with limited resources and funds can reach out to the masses on the other part of the world through "Targeted Marketing".

Digital Marketing also gives us the insights in a crisp format at the time we need rather than to wait for the entire campaign to get over. As mentioned, this is not completely fool proof due to the presence of some irrational elements who would want to use it for their enrichment through various unprofessional ways but is a safe bet for sure.

How would I not include Blogging here? Bloggers of various niche are most revered these days since they are deployed by major brands for a better reach out. These bloggers are classified under various niche which includes Technology, Food, Gadgets, Auto, Travel, Lifestyle, Parenting among others. Blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress help the bloggers by monetising their blogs through Google Adwords.

Digital Marketing has been embraced by many youngsters for their livelihood with many universities offering courses and certifications on the same. The presence of very many digital marketing agencies is also a testimonial to the fact that the concept is about to stay for a longer period.

On a personal note and experience, I have seen how the Digital Marketing has helped few brands and in specific - www.newspatrolling,com which is a news aggregator website which had a humble beginning but now boasts a Alexa Rank of 25,000 with some 146 sites linking back to it. The site gives a comprehensive coverage on various genre including Sports, Business, Politics - National & International, Coverage of Events etc. With an estimated reach of more than 700,000 through its channel partners,  the website has tied up with many other news brands for the distribution of its news. Do give it a look and add it to your favourites to get an up to date information on all the news.

Book Review - Oh My Goddess!

Title - Oh My Goddess!
Author - Rohan Govenkar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - BruteGorilla
ISBN - 978-93-85699-14-6

A nice plot which would make you engrossed with it from the beginning till the end. We would have used Oh My God(OMG) every now and then but for a change, this story is about Oh My Goddess!

I liked this way the story was conceived. It is an unusual story set up in an unusual way with some great twists. Trust me, you will never find as to who is the real culprit till the end and if you did, you are a genius.

The plot begins like this - Naveen completes his studies and in order to fulfil the favour extended to him for getting educated, he joins hands with Altaf Bhai who in turn had a connection with underworld don Sudhakar Shetty and joins Zaveri International Ltd where he meets his college days crush - Jessica and learns that she is none other than his boss's daughter.

On the other hand, Jackie and Kalpesh were into making some YouTube videos and wanted to make some quick bucks out of it. They did make some money but not as good as to support their living. They come up with a novel idea where they were sure about making a real big money and hires couple of artists.

Since they did video on real life incidents, they decided to get it shot in the Serenity Villa in Goa. It is at this place where Naveen and Jessica gets shifted after being kidnapped. Who kidnapped them and what happens in the story line which is coupled with some good twists involving cops and other characters.

The story has an unexpected ending but I presume it is good for the story because it is not the usual story you would have read earlier....

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Demons In My Mind

Title - Demons In My Mind
Author - Aashish Gupta
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-946714-98-5

A beautiful story book that comprises of three different stories being merged into a single novel. A commendable work by the author, I must say. The uniqueness lies in the confluence of these three stories to form a single one which is beyond the imagination.

It all begins with a head of the village Dakshesh who was suffering from cancer wanted to meet "The Three Monks" who were revered among the villagers for their mystical powers. Since the whereabouts of them were not known as it was legendary story heard about them for generations, they weren't sure whether Dakshesh would manage to spot them but still heeded to his request and takes him to the place.

Dakshesh manages to see them but the Three Monks says that they were not GOD's as perceived and that they had their own dark past. They also warned him that he may not want to listen to their stories because there is no turning back.

The were none other than Rizwan, Murli and Joseph who had a different background and story that included murder, rape and love. Each were portrayed so very well by the author with some amazing poems and at places, the story goes iin the form of a conversation which were also effectively written making anyone who reads the story gets engrossed on them without feeling any boredom.

I have read so many stories of different genre but I can surely say this book is one of its kind with a unique story line which certainly needs appreciation and support.

The book is available on Amazon.

Make learning fun with QtPi

Learning earlier has been one tremendous job. During the early Vedic period, Gurukul system of learning existed where the students irrespective of their family economic status or background would be sent to the Gurukul they get to learn their lessons on various subjects from the master.

They use to stay there for years till the studies got over. The system had it own advantages and disadvantages. When it got evolved, we had modern system of education where hostel facilities were created. It had all the comforts of the home making the students feel motivated when it came to learning.

When we look at the methods of learning, leaving aside the above, we had palm leaves to start with where the writings were inscribed on it. Then came the usage of quill. When paper got invented, it replaced the traditional methods and since this system had a long lasting nature of holding the records, it made learning easy.

Let us leave aside the above also now. We would now change our focus into ways of learning and see as to how it evolved. We have had lot of different learning systems across the globe like sign language which was the initial method of communication that was used in learning as well. Then came writing when language was invented. To make it even more interesting, we had audio visual way of learning. This has made learning really interesting since this made the life of students easier and interesting. Projectors were being deployed in the classroom these days in few schools and educational institutions.

As the education has evolved, we have come across lot of interesting and innovative ways of teaching. One such concept is QtPi. Being founded by industry veterans from renowned companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle and Tech Mahindra who has spent years on research and devised a unique learning composition that aims at eliminating fatigue caused by theoretical training which is now been made interesting with exciting practicals.

The solution was arrived by using Top-Down approach with kids in the mind of the founders which made them built everything from the scratch. When you think just like the person you wanted to be or put it in other words "stand in my shoes to understand", the concept became more appealing and relevant.

The courses offered here are custom made to get the best out of the kids and it is also developed to identify the interest of the kids in design,electronics, software enabling them to hone their interest right from the childhood. What makes it even more appealing is the select few kids would also be featured in the future educational videos.

With human imagination that has the unlimited potential, QtPi thrives at building innovative and yet kids friendly robotic kits which consists of Arduino based main board, Sensors, actuators, building blocks and mobile app.

This would help the kid to virtually build infinite type of robots.

Sounds interesting? Do check it out yourself at www.QtPi.in for more information. You may follow them on their social media pages too -> www.facebook.com/qtpirobotics & www.instagram.com/QtPiOfficial

Book Review - Black Coffee

Title - Black Coffee
Author - Priyanka Nawalgaria
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - 978-938-431-5726

When I read this story, it kind of reminded me the real life story of a prominent model whose real life story reflected something similar to this. Having said that, if I had not read that book earlier, I would have been really angry on the protagonist of the story - Tamanna Modi Sarthak.

It is easy to come to a conclusion as a man but when you put yourself in the shoes of a woman, especially when she is your spouse, you would understand the difficulties they are going through. It is not the sex that they are interested in all the time but other worldly desires which can be narrowed down to Love and Affection.

Tamanna who was in love with Raj as a kid was forced to marry Sarthak due to her family circumstances. Raj never showed true love to her though he liked her very much. Tamanna fell for him but nevertheless got married to Sarthak and was leading a peaceful life until she bumped into Raj one day. She also in the due course met couple of other men named Aadil and Nikhil which brought whirlpool in her peaceful life.

What she did is beyond the imagination but before she could be blamed, think about the circumstances that has forced her to take such  a decision. A story that is well written with a strong message that never take things granted in your life.

The book is available on Amazon.

Wisdom is everywhere

Wisdom is Universal. We seek it through various means and methods. Some search for it by reading books and literature. Others seek it through traveling from place to place, or by visiting a place of worship. Do they succeed in finding it? Not everyone does, but the very few who manage to come to realize that there is nothing greater.

I came across a unique video about Wisdom and I was totally awestruck.

The video is an encapsulation of what Wisdom is by Dr Ru Rui, Abbot of Pushou Monastery. It was filmed at Mt. Wutai, which is considered one of the 4 holy Buddhist mountains of China. Each of the monks and scholars from these four mountains has their separate set of tenets on Buddhism which, I should add, really was news to me.

The Monastery site is focused on Wisdom. The videography was unique, containing a very realistic take of the events, which would cause anyone watching this video believe that they had been there personally.

Another marked point about Mt. Wutai is that it houses hundreds of women seeking Wisdom, the reason being that they’d come torealize how empty yet infinite life is. Some part of the video where Master Ru Rui speaks is captured in Chinese, but do not fret,  it doesn’t detract from any crucial elements of the storyline.

According to Master Ru Rui, Wisdom comes from making good use of one's mind, insomuch as to seek emptiness and infinity in all that one does; furthermore, that it does not include nor give importance to material wealth and accomplishments, which are considered to be earthly by nature.

The essence of the meaning is Wisdom = Focus of the Mind

Master Ming Hai, Abbot of Bailin Temple perceives Wisdom as that which “transcends nationality, religion and culture”. To end on this note was a real inspiration since it talks about making mistakes that need to be rectified, that which cannot be discussed through simple talk, but instead should  be found from within.

How does this Wisdom affect us in our day-to-day lives?

The message from this short video is clear. Wisdom is spread everywhere and should be realized from within. Nothing can compensate for it or replace it, since it is unique and can only be acquired through self-realization.

This message helps one to realize the importance of Wisdom, while at the same time leveraging easy ways to obtain it, which in turn will help him or her to overcome the limitations one faces throughout life. The message of the video is that Wisdom needs to be spread far and wide, since it is the need of the hour which can ultimately help to avoid jealousy, one of the root causes of all miseries.

You may watch this exemplary video by clicking the following link -> http://bit.ly/2sRq1o0

Book Review - The Inimitable Chaos Of Life

Title - The Inimitable Chaos Of Life
Author - Dr Maliny Mohan
Genre - Fiction (Short Stories)
Publisher - Story Mirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-46-6

A book well written by the author. StoryMirror has been doing a great job in finding the hidden talents from across India and its founder Mr Devendra Jaiswal, despite of having a Corporate background has quit his high paying job and took up this profession with passion and I must say that he has done a fantastic job so far in giving a platform which is real big without any expectations. His idea is unique and simple. Find new talents continuously and keep them motivated. Few of my friends had their books published via StoryMirror and they have been doing really well.

Coming to the book now - It is a collection of 13 unique stories - each having its own set of emotions associated with it and has been conveyed in a subtle way but yet in an appealing manner. It talks about love, betrayal, emotions, victory, sacrifice to name a few.

Few stories even made me shed tears which shows how unique and appealing the stories are. All these stories are connected to the journey of life which no one can escape and has to pass through. I wouldn't be going into the stories here since this isn't a novel where few lines can be written about it. These are short stories and even few lines may end up exposing the whole story. Hence I would not be giving any spoilers here.

Why should you buy this book?

As mentioned above,the stories are unique, appealing and can connect with the readers easily. Go for it, today.

Review - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pic Credit - IMDb

Pirates of the Carribean - the movie which has held the fort strong ever since the first part was released has yet again proved why it is one of the highest grosser of all time.  The movie is a classic without any doubt. I saw the movie on the same day it was released in a multiplex.

Johny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was as cool as ever. The irony is whatever he does turn to his advantage. Wish it happened to all of us in the real life and to him as well :-)

Having said that, the introduction scene of Jack was really awesome where he is found sleeping inside a treasure chest of a bank during its opening ceremony with one of the lady. The entire building gets shifted by his men along with the chest and in the end, the chest alone remains with all the money and valuables spread over the city.

At once, his own members revolt against him saying that they did not consider him as their captain since the "Black Pearl" is no more. On the other hand, the protagonist - Blacksmith Will Turner meets his father in the "Flying Dutchman" where he was captured as a soul due to a curse and he promises to get his dad relieved from the curse. He gets threatened by Salazar - who plies in a ship with dead souls who wanted to avenge Jack Sparrow for causing this.

Did Salazar avenge his death?

Did Jack Sparrow got back his crew?

Did the Blacksmith Will Turner helped his dad?

All these were captured in a very subtle manner in this movie so excellently. The VFX effects were at its usual best and is best enjoyed when being viewed on 3-D.

The lover of the protagonist was not as appealing as Keira Knightley. To my surprise, Keira makes a guest appearance in the end.

A movie which is still capable of giving the pure entertainment.

Review - The Mummy

The Mummy - much awaited movie has been released in few countries already and is getting released in India tomorrow - 9/6/17. I had an opportunity to view the "Preview Show" in a multiplex. Though there are two versions available, this multiplex screened only the 3-D Version. There is no complaints about that because the picture very much warranted the 3-D effects.

Coming to the movie. It wouldn't disappoint you for sure but having said that, it may not make you say wow because the very first movie is still the best,according to me. However, I do not believe in comparison and since this story is set in a different place altogether unlike the ancient Egypt, I would say that the movie has doe a complete justification to the story line.

I wouldn't talk about the story in this blog because it is already out there on various websites and I also do not believe in revealing the story line making it a spoiler. Tom Cruise has yet again proved as to why he is a Superstar. Picturisation,3- and VFX effects were too good. I was also expecting the usual sandstorm and the movie did not fail to live up to my expectations.

The story line is good where an evil woman arises from the mummified tomb. 

What led to this? 
Who was responsible?
Why was she mummified in the first place?

These are the things which you need to find out by watching the movie and I would surely recommend a 3-D version. I would also suggest not to take your kids especially when they are less than 10 years for sure as here are few scenes which might disturb them as I found it scary(not for me though)and it may scare few elders too ;-)

Alex Kurtzman has delivered a decent movie. For Tom Cruise fans, this is a good entertainer.

Book Review - On the moon between the Stars

Title - On the Moon between the Stars
Author - Manvendra Kumar
Publisher - AuthorParadise
ISBN - 8944571547521

A story that is so enjoyable from the start till the end since author has capture the life of a common person which is inspired from his real life incidents. The protagonist Mickesh Roy is an average student during his college days but was known for his wits and diffusing any grim situation. He falls in love at first sight on seeing Gauri Trivedi at his work place.

He tried to woo her by various means showing his witty side. Gauri who was always appreciative of his wits never agreed to his proposal. She always considered him as his good friend. She even gave him a shocker of life by saying she would be shifting to Kolkata to take up a new job which came as a big blow than even his increment letter.

Did he win his love?

Read the book to find out how the story transpired. A neat work with limited characters and events that made the story flow smooth without any trouble. Loved the way it was portrayed in the form of a story with the use of simple language. A perfect entertainer, I must say.

This book is available on Amazon.

Review: Wonder Woman(2017)

I am a superhero lover and for that case, I love all the characters which came from Marvel and DC Comics. I am a great fan of Avengers and Justice League too and had a chance to watch Wonder Woman in comics. As soon as I herd that the movie is getting released, without any hesitation, I booked two tickets - one for my mom and one for myself. I could not do the same for my better half since she was out of town, I always appreciate "Woman" and "Woman Power" and after watching the movie, I became a Super Fan of "Wonder Woman" too - read it as both - Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot.

Firstly, a big round of applause for Patty Jenkins who gave us such a nice movie. The movie unlike its contemporary is simple to understand and follow. There were no complications whatsoever and so much of hi-fi sci-fi. The movie was set in the mid 1900's probably during the World War II when Germany was at its prime.

Wonder Woman who was called Diana in the movie did not knew about her history. All she knew was her mother and her aunt(mother's sister) and they lived in a mystical island which was not visible to the outsiders until one day Diana witnesses a plane crashing on the ocean. She rescues the pilot who was a spy by name Steve Trevor. As mentioned by her mother, Diana wanted to find out Ares, the War God and destroy him. She loses her aunt in the meanwhile which makes her angry and wanted to put an end to all the bad things.

Despite her mother's intervention, she sets on a journey to find him. Did she manage to find him is what the story is all about. The movie was so good that for the fist time ever, I could hear audience whistling, clapping and cheering whenever the heroine made the appearance.

Gal Gadot did complete justification to her role. She was absolutely stunning and hen she doned the suit to look like a normal person, she was so graceful. During the action scenes, she was equally fierce. She did complete justification to her role without any doubt, Chris Pine did a perfect supporting role. My mom was completely satisfied with the movie. A must watch for all - especially for kids and Woman.

Rating - 10/10

House of Cards - Homecoming of Terror : Review

The House of Cards is back again. For those who have been watching it since its inception wouldn't want to miss it since it had kept us entertained all these years.

House of Cards - Season 5 features Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Sakina Jaffrey among others. The famed US TV show will be aired on ZeeCafe from tomorrow,3rd June from 5PM onwards and I watched the first episode already.

ALERT - There may be few spoilers in this review

Season 4 which was aired in the beginning of 2016, it talked about US elections n a subtle way where Donald Trump was struggling to make his candidature strong with the Republicans but had taken the world by surprise by eventually winning the one of the closely contested US elections.

The episode 1 of Season 5 begins with Spacey saying "I have no patience for useless thing" which somehow made me connect with the qualities of the current President - Donald Trump. He eventually does something after saying this which showed what sort of character Spacey is going to perform in Season 5. 

With a short introduction dating back to 2013, the episode begins. I would like to highlight about couple of things which I think is worth mentioning here - Mrs Frankwood asking her husband to have a haircut when he had very less hair on his head and reference of Monica Lewinski which goes back to the Bill Clinton era shows that Americans give importance to minute things and also emphasising the fact that even though they forgive, they do not forget.

Garett Walker, the President-Elect did not want Frank Underwood to assume the role as Secretary of the State but to stay in the Congress which Frank was not happy about, Michael Kern was nominated for the role instead to the dismay of Frank Underwood who has brought in lot of donations, endorsements, support and back-up which proved Politics across the globe is no different which is filled with treason, betrayal,disappointments among others.

Zoe from The Washington Herald wanted to work on the news of The White House but was never taken serious enough by her seniors.

What was Frank hinting at here?

How is the Underwood couple going to endure their defeat?

The answer is simple. You have to wait and watch :-)

Well, The first episode itself has kept me guessing and I am certain that this is going to be one exceptional political ride which would see how plans were made to foil the attempts of the opponent and how people come to power at the behest of others.

Its time to move to International Politics.....What say?

Catch all the updates without missing any of them by visiting and liking the Zee Cafe FB profile -> https://www.facebook.com/ZeeCafe

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!

Book Review - Second Chance

Title - Second Chance
Author - Dr Sandeep Jatwa
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - eBooks2go
ISBN - 978-1618138026

Second Chance is a fiction novel by Dr Sandeep Jatwa. A well written story which takes you to places and when I started reading this story, I was totally amazed by its sequence that I could not believe myself that I was already in page 75.

The story is about a rich businessman by name Shekhar Kapoor who did not do anything good in his life be it with treating his employees or his ailing dad. He conspired with a person and acquires hi competitor brand. Just then he meets with an accident. He goes to hell. The journey of Hell was described so vividly that at one point, I felt like I was there but then I realised as to why would I go there :-)

After returning from hell, Shekhar Kpoor starts doing lot of good things. I am not disclosing them here as it would become a spoiler. The story has few characters and incidents. All of them were explained clearly in the initial part of the story and later as well making it a perfect read.

Author deserves an applause for the efforts he has taken in presenting a good story which would make a person with soft corner to cry at least in 2 places minimum because it made me cry in few places which I would say is the success of this novel.

Give it a read as it is worth your time and money.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Moon In The Sun

Title - The Moon In The Sun
Author - Sanjay Kumar Singh
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-947137-47-9

The story of this book has been inspired by two separate incidents which the author has experienced when he was a kid. The book has brought forth those memories in a subtle manner. I loved the way the low has been from the beginning till the end and remember, it was not just another ordinary novel but a novel with a uniqueness.

YES. The entire story was setup in the form of a poem where the story begins with the protagonist Narayan Sambhan as a kid when he gets hired by a forest officer to help him spot a tiger. The story goes until he becomes old and passes away eventually but what made this book really appealing was how the transformation takes place in a human life which was so meticulously described by comparing it with the life of a tiger.

A brilliant effort which surely needs support from book readers like us.  You will surely not be disappointed.....

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