Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion

The much awaited #Baahubali2 was released yesterday in India with almost majority of the theatres in South India was booked only for this movie. In Chennai alone, there were some 60 shows in 5 multiplexes which shows how much the movie is in demand which has gone beyond our imagination and expectations.

I received tickets for the 10:15PM show in Rohini Cinemas near Koyambedu,Chennai. When I went there, I was surprised to see the crowd even at that time.

The theatre is undergoing renovation and still not complete. The theatre now has Dolby Atmos experience which I would talk about it in the coming lines. It also features 4K resolution screen which would give the viewer the ultimate experience. It has 7 screens in total and all the 7 screens were featuring #Baahubali2 movie.

The interior of the theatre looks like this(captured inside Rohini - from the Balcony). Doesn't it look colorful and pleasant?

I was suddenly startled by the ultimate sound experience. I thought it started raining outside since there was a feather forecast of expected showers across the State. Then  realised it was none other than the #DolbyAtmos system which gave me that feel and effect.

Only then, I noticed the speakers and sub-woofers across the centre and also on the sides.

If you would ask me, the sound system played a vital role apart from the VFX in the movie as both Picture and Sound forms an essential part for any movie.

Now, coming to the movie.

#Baahubali2 #BahubaliTheConclusion

The movie is a prequel to the previous part which was released in 2015. This movie however can also be considered a sequel since the later half showed Mahendra Bahubali avenging he death of his father Amarendra Bahubali.

The graphics played a vital role. The VFX is simply world class which gave so much positive vibes and upliftment in the first half of he movie ably supported by Prabhas and Anushka Shetty(who played the roles of Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena). Anushka was at her best and did proper justification to her role. 

Songs weren't as appealing and good as he first part, to say honestly. Having said hat, this part did not actually needed any song since it was talking about some serious business. How Ballala Deva (played by Rana Daggubati) hatches a plot to demean Bahubali depriving of his status and position as the Emperor.

By the way, why did #Katappa kill Bahubali?

This is not a million dollar question any more since millions knows he secret now. Hence it is better to go and watch it in the theatres to know the answer/secret. 

When the movie ended, we never realised we sat in the theatre for 2.5 hours. Baahubali 2:The Conclusion isn't a disappointment. It is certainly worth to watch for its VFX, story line, direction and grandeur.

It is recommended to watch it in #DolbyAtmos powered screens to grasp the actual effect which would make you feel surreal during the stunt scenes - some of which cannot be explained in words.

Book Review - Funds Ka Funda : An easy guide to invest in mutual funds

Title - Funds Ka Funda : An easy guide to invest in mutual funds
Authors - Dr Uma Shashikant & Girija Gadre
Genre - Self Help(Knowledge)
Publisher - Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL) (2016)
ISBN - 978-9385685064

The book is a ready reckoner nd would be certainly helpful even to a rookie. For investing the funds/money, one need not be an accountant or brainy. He/She needs to be smart, cautious and aware of what exactly is happening around us. 

Though the contents of the book is limited to just 56 pages, it gives information which one may not get it even during their life time. Authors of this book has a great exposure and indisputable knowledge in the field with Dr Uma Shashikant holding a Doctorate in Finance and Girija Gadre in a CS and LLB holder.

How does it differ from other books?

Unlike other books, the book gives the concepts in a simple and understandable way without any complicated definitions. It teaches you the basics of investments and what one should now prior to investing. 

Mutual Funds is fast catching up in India and so as investment in stocks an shares which has seen Sensex touching as high as 30,000 points and Nifty crossing 9000+ in the recent days. The one who invests early and continue investing are the ones who stands to gain. There are many examples I can quote on this - be it with Kirloskars or Mahindras who has invested in various companies during their earlier tenure which is now worth few thousands of crores.

The book gives you the confidence where if you just started working, should read and start the habit of investing to see them reap the benefits when they retire. A they say "Make the hay while the sunshines" is the principle of this book.  Know about Mutual Funds, ELSS, MIPs, FMPs, USTs and the most prominent Gold ETFs apart from SIP and switches that is associated with it.

To sum up, the book is your next step to success in the field of investing. There are 6 titles available in the series "Demystifying Investments" by CIEL. Collect all. It is worth the time as it could guide you in the right direction when it comes to investing.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Three Wise Monkeys

Title - The Three Wise Monkeys
Author - Jeet Gian
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
ISBN - 978-9352016181

Where and how do I start about this book? I haven't read a book which is as hilarious and as sarcastic as this book.Full credits to the author. I initially felt bit bored but as soon as the introduction of Pawar brothers, things took a different turn and I was reading the book with my body position turned upside down.

I am trying to write this review in line with the author, The story is about three clueless CA's - Chartered Accountants (not anything else) who clears after so many attempts and were still struggling to make money through their profession. One should appreciate that they remained dumb and honest despite becoming a CA who usually makes all the twists and turns in the account - may be they were not tuned to do that.Who knows?

They accidentally stumble upon the Pawar brothers who owned Kohinoor and Shalimar Group - again, these names does not resemble any existing brand as the author asserts all the names and characters mentioned in the story is unreal and fictitious. How on earth will he find a name being named from Venus where Indian Govt is trying to send their manless shuttle which will go either go closer or probably land if it survived or we lived, whichever is earlier or later.

They had the bad habit of buying awards and shot to fame though they were filthily rich. There was a mention of VDIS but there was no mention of Demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 Currency noted because the story idea and concept was conceived much before that :-) So DO NOT blame the author. 

They tried to form some company somewhere and managed to do it as well which unfortunately falls under the scanner of I.T. officials ( you would not see them until your money is revealed or exposed. Its like they were dormant and all of a sudden become an active volcano in Japan). How the trio - sorry, I failed to name them earlier - The Protagonists - Amar, Akbar and Antony (again not from the movie) managed to escape unscathed.

I can very well say that the book promises complete fun and laughter. It is better to read it without any high expectations and with the open mind and keep some medicines, if you start rolling on the floor laughing and get hurt......

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - She:She heals everything

Title - She:She heals everything
Author - Deepak Gupta
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing
ISBN - 978-1545451915

The book She:She heals everything talks about one major character or creation - SHE. The author talks about in great detail as to how and what troubles are being faced by a woman right from her birth. It begins with the formation inside the womb - Thankfully, due to the strict prohibitions on scanning to ascertain the gender is in place, she gets a life but again, she comes to this world to face more trouble since she has been in the "Hate List" already.

The book also talks about various aspects in her life right from her dressing, her freedom to select her partner, social evils lie dowry, harassment which includes murder, acid attack which is the common scenario in our country. We boast that we are modernised and civilised but why do we still come across incidents like Nirbhaya(which has become a known name nation wide but there are 100's and 1000's of Nirbhayas across the country who never come to the limelight).

The book is an eye-opener. Though one may say, it may not be relevant in the city, it is in the same city that a famous actress was assaulted. Author has brought out his best feelings speaking on various topics as mentioned above which would appeal to the readers and feminists and those who champion the cause of female rights.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - A Season For Dying

Title - A Season for Dying
Author - Sharmishtha Shenoy
Genre - Suspense Thriller

When I got this book, I never realised that the author has already penned few novels. I was made aware of this fact due to the presence of abstract of couple of stories in the end of the novel which seemed equally interesting and intriguing. 

Coming to the actual novel - A Season for Dying is a perfect title for the novel since the death occurs eliminating one character or the other throughout the novel. It all begins with a murder of a housewife and it continues with the killing of few more including doctors. The killer wantedly leaves behind a note mentioning the date for his next hunt.

The cops get into action and they get more annoyed when the killer challenges their talent and wanted to teach him/her a lesson. ACP Gopi Reddy gets in touch with his ex-colleague and friend Vikas Rana who is now the famous detective. Did they manage to unfold the mystery is the story.

What I liked the most is the way the story went. It would make any reader including me to keep guessing as to who would be the potential killer but in the end, it was a real surprise. A perfect weekend novel which is best enjoyed with a snack and tea/coffee to beat the boredom.

There are lot of characters in the novel which you need to remember. I would suggest to make a note of them so that you will not get confused at any given point in time. These characters are very much required and hence there is no complaints whatsoever.

This is a usual crime novel with an unusual twist.

The book is available on Amazon,

Book Review - Echoes Of The Heart

Title - Echoes Of The Heart
Author - Farzana Zahid
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Raindrops Company
ISBN - 978-93-86163-25-7

This is a collection of 51 beautiful poems written by Farzana Zahid which captures the essence of human emotions lucidly. It talks about love, melancholy, loneliness, fate, dreams, memories, hopes among others.

Why is this book special?

The book will connect with you in each and every moment of your life. The emotions are more or less common for all of us but they way it gets put forward makes the difference.

If you are a poet or desire to become one, this would surely help you out as you would get an idea of the structure and the way to go forward.

I myself would wanted to review it with a simple poem composed by me to make this review look different and unique. Here it goes:

There came the parcel
Which had the book - I expected
It was a lean book
But not a mean one - in anyway
The idea was clear
To read and grasp - the contents
When I finished reading
I was certainly awestruck - with its sheer excellence

The book is available on Amazon.

Lions Club of Chennai Centennial Heroes Monthly Meet - Minutes

The club meeting was conducted this evening as informed. The secretary welcomed the members and outlined the salient features of Lionism and noted with satisfaction that our club is functioning well. He also praised the President for his dedicated work. 

The Treasurer read out the accounts and it was passed unanimously.

The President in his speech touched on the various aspects of the club like subscription of members, Dues to District , projects and our standing in the District. The President took pride in the fact that our club is now a well recognised club in the District.

The President also clarified on the issues recently raised. 

The meeting resolved to strengthen the club with more effective measures.

I thank on behalf of the Club Lion Asokan and his wife Lion Bama who hosted the meeting. Nice snacks were provided and the members felt at home.

A meeting well conducted which helped review the progress of the club, take corrective measures and lay the path for the future. Ln Baskar the President of the club deserves credit for getting an award from the District for the club. I am sure the learning's from this year is valuable and help make this club dynamic and vibrant. 

Well done President , Secretary and Treasurer

Book Review - The Wrong Turn

Title - The Wrong Turn
Authors -  Sanjay Chopra & Namita Roy Ghose
Genre - Fiction
Publishers - Om Books International
ISBN - 978-93-86316-96-7

Did you ever get a chance to know what probably would have happened during the pre-independence era? You might have watched some war documentary but nothing would come closer to this. Though this book is a fiction, it still makes you feel that you were very much present in the battle field yourself.

The 488 page story is a perfect novel for enthusiasts who would appreciate its quality over the length of the story. It covers lot of aspects - majorly about Indian Independence and Freedom Struggle carried out by eminent coupled with love and is a perfect movie material and no wonder this story is being made into a motion picture.

The story begins with the introduction of Debraj Mookerji who was born in a healthy family and his Dad was Knighted by the British Empire. Things did not go well despite their riches since his mother was lavish in her spending hosting parties which makes Sir Harry run into debts and his sprawling estate gets taken over by his close confidante Gangadhar Goopta aka G.G. who became rich due to the initial support from Sir Harry.

Deb's only sis Debi gets pregnant with one of Deb's friend Andrew who did not approve of becoming the father since he was a racist and he eventually gets killed. It is then Deb meets up Nishonko in an unusual situation where the cops starts chasing them. Deb gets saved by Nishonko and he joins him to be taken to the camp of INA headed by Netaji.

You read it right.

The story has a good fictional involvement of the great freedom fighter Netaji himself and as a reader, I wished some of the incidents mentioned in the book should have come true to see our Nation in a different situation altogether. 

While we know about the outcome of the war, this story makes you feel intrigued to find out as to what happens next. Netaji had some close confidantes like Kabootar, Gaffar, Nawaz etc and one of his trusted aide turns out against him.


The story then introduces a character named Aditi. While Nishonko was in love with her since his childhood, Deb also falls in love with her. Who did win her love eventually?

What happens in the end?

The story is nothing less of a suspense thriller which would make you keep guessing from the beginning till the end making it an interesting read.

I have got this book for free from Readers Cosmos as a part of Book Review Program. You may also get yours by enrolling with them. Click -> http://thereaderscosmos.blogspot.in/

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Communication & Civilization

Title - Communication & Civilization
Authors - Jayraj Jayant Salgaokar & Amit Chatterjee
Genre - Information
Publisher - Kautilya Books
ISBN - 978-81-929987-4-9

A classic is here. The book talk in great detail about how communication has begun and evolved which in turn helped the Civilisation. Human, as we now used signs and symbols before the alphabets were introduced.

Similarly from recording the writing in rock edicts as scriptures, the development saw the writings in palm leaves until it was replaced by papyrus which led to the introduction of paper.

Communication is a process that keeps evolving and if we look at how it has grown and people who has contributed to it, you will be astounded. The book as mentioned above has captured all the major aspects and presented the facts supported by pictures in a crisp format.

The book has a good essence of history in it as it takes us back to Bolshevik, Industrial and American Revolution and at the same time, it also makes us understand as t how communication played a vital part in bringing people together be it for the good cause or otherwise. Eventually, it is the good cause which prevailed over a longer period of time.

You would not only get to know about the ways and means but also the modes that has assisted in the growth of communication be it printer, copier machine, personal computers, telephone, telegraph to name a few. Though we keep upgrading from one technology to the other (the latest being the demise of telegraph in Indian Post Offices as it is no more viable cost wise), people who contributed to it becomes a long forgotten one unless he/she has made a greater contribution.

To sum it up, this book is a treasure trove which would give you the essence of the broader terms "Communication and Civilization" in a concentrated form which is easy to grasp and store it in our memory.

Additional pointers to be noted:

The book is a product of 5 years of research and is made with a purpose to serve as a textbook for students of communication. 

The book has already been endorsed by Govt institutions like Mumbai University and Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library which distributes the book to all relevant universities across India. 

Ministry of External Affairs will also be procuring it and send it out of India as well. 

Global Indian International School has already placed and order for its students. 

The book is expected to be launched by Governor of Maharashtra soon. 

This book is available on Amazon

I am who I am

India or Bharat is known worldwide for various reasons, be it with inventions or innovations. We can take pride in lot of things but most importantly our Culture and Tradition.

We have an Unique Culture which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. We have the joint family system which is still prevailing in many parts of the country. We give respect to the elders and would always seek their permission and blessings prior to venturing into anything be it with business, studies, travelling overseas and to some extent, marriage as well.

What did I do inline with my culture and tradition which has made me as to what I am today?

I have always believed and practised few things religiously.I believe in God and since I come from the country which appreciates all the religion, I do not confine myself worshipping a single GOD. I believe GOD is ONE and is UNIQUE and I have got friends from all the religion and I have always taken part in their festive celebrations and invited them when I celebrated mine like Pongal, Diwali, Dussera etc., In fact during Diwali, we all gather week before in my place where we use to burst crackers on the terrace, after which we go to restaurant to cherish South Indian delicacies.

We use to send the specially prepared food items and sweets to our neighbours who were predominantly Muslims and Christians and they use to reciprocate by sending Biryani during Ramzan and Bakrid, Cakes during Easter and Christmas. I believe my locality was truly an example of being united together and nothing that happened anywhere across the globe has affected us even once. We still continue our friendship even though we have gone to various parts of the World. I guess this UNITY is the need of the hour since intolerance has become the most common scenario.

What makes me feel proud about the other aspects I have followed inline with my tradition and culture is being a teetotaller since I have promised my mother as a kid that I would never touch alcohol and tobacco which I am following even after 25 years. I made this promise when I was 10. Now, you know my age :-)

I made the promise after being inspired by Gandhian Principles who is the Father of our Nation.

I was also deeply moved by Raja Harishchandra and vowed my mom that I will not utter a lie. I followed it during difficult times which saw me come out of it unscathed. There are incidents I could cite that I faced as a kid during the schooling days and as a man at my work place where I was targeted for no fault of mine. I must admit proudly here that nothing harmed me because I stuck to my position firmly and the so called TRUTH saved me.

Last but not the least, I must say that I worked for a UK company and true to my patriotism and commitment, I had never worked on our Independence Day - August 15th and once I was at the work place and my work was suppose to end at 12:30 AM on August 15th. I took special permission from my team leader who has gracefully agreed to my request and asked me to log-off from my work station. I would remember this incident forever....

Book Review - Algorithm Of The Future

Title - Algorithm Of The Future
Author - Sandeep Sharma
Genre - Fiction Thriller
Publisher - Authors Paradise Publishers(2017)
ISBN - 8944571547484

Those who missed reading this exceptionally fast thriller fiction back in 2013 when it was first published, can rejoice since the second imprint is published now with an attractive cover that very much complements this story.

The story revolves around a mathematician named Rakesh Sharma who devices an algorithm to predict the future. Even before he could shot to fame, he gets a threat from Akash Singh Rathore, a famed but a banished Magician. He could not believe any one since he gets deceived by few and gets help from Rahul but it did not last long.

Akash takes Rakesh's family into his custody and wanted to something unimaginable. Did Rakesh with the help of algorithm managed to stop the calamity? What did Akash wanted in the first place?

The story even though runs about 174 pages would make you feel really on the tip of your chair with its fast paced events and incidents and when some of he secrets gets revealed in the end, you will be shocked for sure. A perfect story to spend your otherwise boring weekend. I would recommend a cup of coffee/chai with some chats to enjoy this story.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Vertical Living

Title - Vertical Living
Author - Vidyangi
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Partridge India
ISBN - Hardcover - 978-1-4828-7549-2
             Softcover - 978-1-4828-7548-5
             eBook      - 978-1-4828-7547-8

Vertical Living is a Self-Help book with a unique proposition.Any one prior to start reading this book may come to a conclusion that there is nothing much this book could offer as there are hundreds and thousands of self help books out there but you would be proved wrong.

The main reason is the concept - Vertical Living,where the author brings out in a subtle way as to how one can achieve this.This is a unique concept and the way the facts were given makes it an interesting read.The book may be just 200 pages but the information it would give you is equivalent to few thousands of pages.

The book is divided into 10 chapters with each chapter emphasising on a certain aspect. The book also talks about five levels of Vertical Living and also the ways and means to achieve it. Being a Toastmaster Professional, the book couldn't have been any better. The topics are complemented with some beautiful images and charts which would make you get more attracted towards its content.

We may not give much importance to few things in our daily life like self control, choosing the right food etc.,but all these plays a a vital role to achieve the desired goal. Many a times, we would have listened to our inner mind or intuition and took a decision which most of the times proved to be correct. The book talks about the intuition in great detail.

Be open minded. Be reactive. Be receptive. Try to hangout with people who have varied interests. Most importantly "Share the Best Practices" which can make not only you but also your association/company a successful one.

What I liked most about the book is the citation of few examples with the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Dr Devi Shetty, John R Adler, Robert Noyce, Albert Einstein, Suhas Gopinath to name a few who have achieved something big in their respective field and how they made it possible and how they handle the name and fame coupled with their heavy work schedule.

You should not miss out on the 22 Vertical Living Lifestyle Tips which is the crux or the essence of this book. I had goosebumps in few places when I read some of the quotes. For example Walt Disney's statement on recession "I've heard there's going to be a recession. I've decided not to participate"

The book is not only a treasure trove but also a perfect guiding companion for you to reach your path of success. Remember, the book is only a tool. The success of your life depends on how you would grasp it(contents) and put it to good use......

By the way, what is Vertical Living?

Do buy the book to find out more.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Minds@Work5

Title - Minds@Work5
Author - Various
Genre - Poems
Publisher - FirstStep Publishing
ISBN - 938330641-6

An high five to this book. I have read few anthologies of story books but for the first time, I have come across an anthology of poems and when it has some 15 poets, do I need to mention the fun it brings out?

Coming from various backgrounds, these poets has put forth their thoughts in a beautifully scripted poem with each of them are unique from the others. They carry a mixed feeling which one can connect as soon as they have finished reading this book.

The idea to bring an anthology is a unique one.While few of them have written only 2 poems, most have written 5 with the highest being 6 by Daman Singh. The message is clear. Go and grab the book and show your support towards these awesome poets who had brought out their best through this anthology.

You can also get to know about these poets which would clearly show their passion despite having different backgrounds but has united them together.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Iridescence

Title - Iridescence
Author - Abhishek Gupta
Genre - Travel Photo Poetry Book
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - 978-9384315290

This is one of its kind book. It is not your usual poem book but a book with a difference. You would certainly agree to it when you finish reading this book.

The book is divided into 2 parts with 30+ poems in total. This is a Photo Poem book which means each poem is supported by a beautiful pic or vice-versa. Both complement each other is what I would say because be it the pic or the poem, it brings out the nuances that surround us.

It would surely given you an eccentric feeling especially if you appreciate nature. There are lot of things happening around us which we hardly fail to notice or give much importance. Abhishek has noticed it in minute detail and brought it beautifully through words.

They say a Picture would speak 1000 words worth of content and imagine this concept - a Picture+Words which speaks more than what a picture could actually speak or convey to the readers.

The book carries the foreword from none other than Mr Subhash Chandra, MP and Founder of Zee Group which speaks about its quality an the volume.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Flame Of Anahata

Title - The Flame Of Anahata
Author - Saranya Umakanthan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - General Press
ISBN - 9788180320248

What would happen when a astra with unimaginable powers fall in the hands of wrong people? The book is a story which was beautifully written by the author with characters that would take you to the past and bring it back to the present before you could realise you have read 200 odd pages.

Suraj, a superstar from Bollywood falls in love with Diya. Diya rejects his proposal in front of all making Suraj feel real sad but somewhere Suraj knew that Diya loved her and it is during one of his trip, he realises his past and he was none other than Indrajith and Diya was none other than her lover Deepali. Indrajith gets deceived by his own brother. Why and how?

He joins hands with dark force who comes back again to haunt this love birds. Did they succeed in their attempt or did the love prevail over the evil?

Read this interesting plot which is as good as a movie since you will not feel bored even for a moment. The characters were well portrayed and used. I am now eagerly looking forward to the next release in the comeback warrior trilogy.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Islands In Flux

Title - Islands In Flux
Author - Pankaj Sekhsaria
Genre - Environment
Publisher - Harper Litmus, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-5264-398-1

We admire beauty but do we appreciate it? We go as a tourist to some of the exotic places in the World but do we know how much of damage we are inflicting on that particular place?

You may argue that you did nothing. I am not trying to fault over here because I was also one till I read this book. I haven't been to Andaman and Nicobar Islands but always wanted to go there but after I finished reading this book, I may think twice before setting my foot over there.

When the pleasure comes at the cause of extinction of native species and inhabitants, do we really need it? Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the largest archipelago system in the Bay of Bengal which has a group of 06 islands and 206 rocks and rocky outcrops covering the total area of 8,200 sq.km. Only 38 of these islands are inhabited with 11 in Andaman and 13 in the Nicobar. This is some 1,200 km away from India and is closer to Sumatra(145 km) and Myanmar(280 km).

Do we know how much of hardship the native tribes are going through in this island?

Do you know that the island has a history dating back some 40,000 years and if history has to be written, British would fit into a page and India in a paragraph but still what has happened here? Lot of places were rechristened to glorify the leaders from Britain and India. Is this a positive sign? Definitely NOT!!

Author has mentioned lot of things in great detail which can make this book a perfect one as an anthropology and also as a history book. The information present over this 200 page book is a treasure trove which has been made possible through a 2 decade of research into this mesmerising island combining environment, wildlife conservation, development and indigenous communities.

The Administration in this island has not implemented most of the orders passed by the Supreme Court till date including the closure of ATR(Andaman Trunk Road), Deforestation, Sand Mining to name a few and I really wonder as to who else can put a check to these activities?

After reading the book, I came to know about the native tribes like Great Andamanese, Jarawas, Sentinelese and Onges - their habits and lifestyle to some extent. I was also surprised to know that this place is a home to some 400 varieties of Coral Reefs and some 3 out of 8 endangered turtle species comes here to nest but face untold hardmanship and troubles.

The book shows the other side of Andaman and Nicobar Islands which bleeds and has been weeping throughout expecting for some Sunshine at the end of the tunnel. Will it ever get it? Only time will tell....

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Shot, Down

Title - Shot, Down
Author - Vivek Rao
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Hachette India
ISBN - 978-93-5195-119-3

A perfect thriller novel that will make you to keep guessing from the beginning till the end. I was thoroughly impressed with the way the story was written which has taken off right from the start and maintained the same pace till the end.

Ajay comes to know about the demise of his brother Vishal Deshmukh and he senses something amiss when he saw his corpse. Though they were not in good terms prior, Ajay could not forget his little brother. He starts his investigation and stumbles upon one clue after the another. He gets ably assisted by Richa, Saif, Ashraf, Roy among others.

He also learns about his brother and regretted for not being there when he needed him the most. Ajay thought he was initially fighting against Vishal's employee Dr Nihal Kapoor aka NK but then he came to know that he was fighting a much bigger outfit.

What happens next is the story. It is a perfect movie material which would surely enthral the audience if shot with perfect screenplay and direction. A story that would make you feel happy, sad, patriotic and above all spine-chilled.

By the way, Vishal Deshmukh was aka SHOT!!

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Death Story

Title - The Death Story
Author - Amay Saxena
Genre - Fiction (Thriller/Horror)
Publisher - Partridge
ISBN - 978-1-4828-8633-7

A chilling story with a good twist. The story line would have been better and I felt the editing would have been better as there were few many corrections through out the story.

Neha and Ashish were happily married and comes to a bungalow - which was built on the land that was given to Neha's grandfather Alok Rajput. She starts feeling some surreal incidents and the same has been confirmed by Suresh,Riya and Mukesh who were their neighbours. Ashish rubbished the claims until he gets murdered by his own wife.

Why would Neha kill Ashish?

The story leads to a flashback which involves Alok Rajput and his friend Vikrant who were detectives and cracks a famous psychopath case. This leads to all the trouble. 

Who was the trouble maker? Did Neha come out of the tragedy? Read this story to find out the ultimate climax.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Rafflesia

Title - Rafflesia
Author - Gautam
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 978-93-52017-16-4

When I first saw the cover book, I was of the opinion that the story may be a fairy tale or a historic fiction. I was proved wrong. The story is a fiction but not on the lines of any of them mentioned above.

Who is this banished princess? What role does she have to play on the life of Apurva alias Appu who is the protagonist of the story?

Appu was born in a poor family though his parents always had kept him happy. His father Aabir was employed in a job which hardly made him to earn the money to make the ends meet while his mother Trina was a house wife. He had a grandma named Mrinalini.

Aabir had a friend named Vikram who held a top position in the Indian Air Force. He once viited his house with his wife and son Rahul. Ever since Appu and Rahul became close friends. Days rolled by. Rahul faced lot of turmoils in his life and so as Appu. While Rahul lived in the US and cimpleted his higher studies, Appu was employed in the Netherlands.

The loss suffered by both these characters were brilliantly explained in this story. It is not a fast paced one since it is not a crime thriller but will make you feel, once you finished reading it.

I felt there were way too many characters in the story honestly but since the story is set to happen at various places, these characters were quintessential without which it wouldn't have conveyed the message strongly.

A worthy read which has a different story line altogether. One should approach it with open mindedness without having a high expectation. When you do that, the book will surely fascinate you.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - People Called Ahmedabad

Title - People Called Ahmedabad
Curator - Nisha Nair-Gupta
Publisher - authors UPFRONT
ISBN - 978-1-63587-346-7

The book is a compilation of 55 stories written by 17 authors. As they say, if you need to know about a place, you should not go there as a traveller but as a localite/wanderer. When I finished reading this book, I felt like that I have watched a complete documentary of Ahmedabad in Discovery Channel.

The book is a detailed description of the city Ahmedabad and unlike the other books, the book gives you a more perfect description of lot of things as this was penned by 17 different people. The book stands as a testimony that the collective presentation would never fade.

As a typical South Indian, my knowledge about Ahmedabad was very much limited except the fact that it housed some great educational institutes like IIM. When I completed this book, I got to know about lot of interesting things and characters which formed the essence of the book making me feel glad that I read.

Some of the excerpts from the book:

I came to now about Mujawar who are none other than the custodians and keepers of various tombs and dargahs. I was surprised when I came to know Emperor Ahmed Shah has married a Hindu tribal princess. He is addressed as Sarkar which is the title given only to Sufi saints of great esteem. It is also interesting to note that as long as the Manek Burj stands, Ahmedabad can never be destroyed.

The book also talks about delicacies here and there with one being Nahaari, a dish of Afghan origin which is prepared in few places. Barahandi is another traditional dish which is found in a restaurant in Kalupur.

Stepwells are the pride of Ahmedabad which are now declared as a heritage structure.The place called Morbi leads with ceramic production in India making India to be placed at 3rd in the world.There were few awards given to these production houses.

Gujarat houses third largest packaged tea company in India. The derivation of names for few of the places like Wagh Bakri and others were given in detail. While Gulbai Tekra is famous for Ganesh idols, Kubernagar market area boasts of many Sindhi sweet shops. The book also talks about the unity among Hindus and Muslims with few festivals being celebrated together.

The setting up of few institutes by eminent personalities and what made them to pursue their dream despite having greater opportunities is an encouraging factor.

Did you know?

Ahmedabad broke the World Record in largest potluck ever held in June 2016 with 1854 people participating in it?

FiA(Foodaholics Ahmedabad) is a not-for profit group.

Well, the review can go for pages because the book is a Treasure Trove with lot of information which would make you feel delighted to the core making it an interesting read from the beginning till the end.

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The book is available on Amazon.