Book Review - Life Know-How: A Life Guide with Sensible Advice to Live Life to the Fullest

Title - Life Know-How: A Life Guide with Sensible Advice to Live Life to the Fullest
Author - Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - APK Publishers

The book according to me is a combination of Self Help and Motivational one which would help you realize what you are and what your real potential is. What I liked most about the book is the way author has put forth his points without using any complicated diagrams/charts etc but ensured that you could get all that you have been expecting/expected from this book.

Written in simple English, this book would make you to sit over, think/ponder on various things/events that you have come across/witnessed in your life. Each chapter begins with a quote from a famous personality which adds more value to the book.

Why would I recommend this book?

1. Simple Language which facilitates easy understanding
2. No jargons
3. Author was up to the point without beating around the bush
4. Separate headers for various troubles
5. 10 Pointers for each of the header/title which teaches you as to how to overcome it
6. You may be aware of most of them but somewhere in this journey of life, we all have forgotten or tend to take few things for granted and forget it
7. Motivational
8. I felt a real vibration of positivity/positive vibes around me after reading this
9. Author has given importance to common scenarios which would wreck the life, if not being handled with care

I would suggest that you pick any chapter in the book in any order of your liking and you will find good advice. Like it has been pointed out in this book by the author himself, not all of them would be applicable to all. Try implementing the simple things which has been highlighted on this book, in your life, to see how you can transform yourselves....

P.S. The book is more appropriate for young adults(age 20-35)

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Tarikshir, The Awakening

Title - Tarikshir, The Awakening
Author - Khayaal Patel
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Westland Publications
ISBN - 978-9387578500

The novel is well written and considering the fact that the story happens during the 19th century, it offers a unique proposition to the entire story. I liked the introduction which was really lengthy but it justified the need of it.

There was something which was guarded secretly and when it gets unleashed, it could bring in much of destruction. People called it Tarikshir but awakening it wasn't an easy one. While the story is set in the Devangarh ruled by Rajputs, Rudra Pratap Chauhan who was the crown prince loses his father Raja Ravindra, his mother and also his uncle Shamsher Singh, who was once hated by all for his lust for power and greed.

While Raja Ravindra was preparing for facing the British invasion led by Walken, he gets mysteriously killed. While Rudra's mother suspects Shen-Zhou, a Chinese Master who once taught war tactics to Rudra, he doubts his uncle. 

He approaches Ghazi to help him rule Devangarh but he gets killed as well. He however finds a recluse in Duryadutta, Nafisa through whom he comes to now about some secrets while he also unveils some secrets himself from a fort.

What are these secrets?
Who is Tarikshir?
Was Tarikshir awakened?
If yes, who could stop it or how was Tarikshir banished?
Who was behind the murder of Raja Ravindra?

The 330 odd page novel is nothing less than a nail biting novel which would keep you hooked from the beginning till the end. The flow of the story was splendid. I liked the way, the story was portrayed using various characters effectively unleashing various surprises at different parts of the story which would keep you guessing and unsuspecting.

The book is available on Amazon

Customize your shirts with ease at Bombay Shirt Company

Bombay Shirt Company is here which makes your customization of your shirt, a real breeze. The brand has couple of showrooms in Chennai as on 20th August - one in Adyar and the other one in R.K.Salai, Mylapore.

I had been to the Mylapore outlet and was amazed with their offerings. The showroom is located bang on the main road just above Lenskart showroom. The outlet is very well air-conditioned and they also have the provision of serving water(Those who hail from Chennai knows as to why I highlight this).

What makes Bombay Shirt Company unique?

Gone are the days where we use to visit a local tailor who would know our preferences and cater to our needs. Having said that, I was under an illusion that only my tailor had given me the best till date but I was proven wrong, when I visited this outlet.


The showroom has few thousands of shades of clothes to choose from. They have different textures and patterns/designs. The Fabrics are sourced from finest mills around the world. I was surprised to know that what they had in store will not be found even in a mega store which stocks hundreds and thousands of shirts . Such a massive collection of customization is possible with them. All the orders were taken on iPad. Here is where, their expertise comes into picture. They have a staff who has diploma/degree on fashion technology and on top of that, trained by the brand's headquarters in Mumbai. He would help you with your customization, if you ever had a doubt. I got bit confused with Monogram and he immediately came to my rescue. On an average, a person can get the customization done in less than 15 minutes and few may take up to 45 minutes, if they wanted to order more.

When you place the order for the first time, which they call it a trial order, an account would be created by them so that once the order is ready, you would be receiving a call from the showroom. For first time alone, it would take up to 2 weeks and on subsequent purchases, you could get the delivery in a week. I saw few shirts being lined up for the delivery.

I am including the accessories like buttons, twill tapes, suede, leather that goes into the making of your shirt.

Don't they all look remarkable?

I am now going to show just a little sample of their clothing range. Remember, this is not even 1/20th of their entire range.

Don't they look impressive? I am sure you wouldn't say NO.

I also have captured my experience in a short video which you can view it here

The store also has offers like Buy 5 Get 1 Shirt FREE and they also offer Gift Cards.

What are you waiting for? 

You can even design your own shirt, online. Head over to the awesomeness by clicking here

Book Review - Zidd!

Title - Zidd!
Author - Hetansh Desai
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - Not Available

Hetansh Desai certainly deserves an appreciation for his unique story line. Though this novel roughly runs for 165 pages, the story already has a very good content which can be made into a movie either in Kollywood(remember Kaaka Muttai?) or in Bollywood with a very low budget but can still be a blockbuster.

The story isn't a thriller or a sci-fi or a romance(complete) but still it would keep you hooked to it until the end. What I liked the most is the presence of humor in various places which added more power to the story.

The story is all about setting up a hoarding in the most expensive place of Ahmedabad. Vihaan, who hails from a well to-do family was forced by his father to join business administration course but he takes up his own stream but still drops out from the college. Parth, son a tea vendor meets Vihaan in an unusual circumstance.Both had high ambition. While one knew how to execute it, other one knew how to sell it but both haven't had any money(since Vihaan was not funded by his dad in this story).

Vihaan falls in love with Raina but she never had that feeling against him. He wanted to impress her.

What did Vihaan do?
How Parth assisted him in realizing his dream as well as his(of setting up bijness)?

Read this compelling novel which shows you the realities of life and how, aspiring minds can achieve what they wanted without education, money and background/support.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Four Stories

Title - The Four Stories
Author - Vashima Jain
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-64429-028-6

A novel that is unique. The reason why I say this is because the entire book is divided into 4 stories but each and every story has a connect with the previous story/one another.

It all begins with Rajani who made a mark for herself in her career but something was missing, she felt. She decided to pursue her passion. what was it? Was she successful?

On the other story, Lata who worked as a housemaid had a troubled life since her better half lost all the hard earned money on gambling. Before she could cope up with this, another shock hits her.

Sarthak, a young boy, accidentally discovers the truth about his father and realizes the lies in everything told to him so far. Self-doubt and doubtness gave away to his stammering and struggle in day to day life?

The story of Gabbar was much more appealing to me since I too have a pet at home and I can relate this to some extent.

Well, overall, the book is about Love, Emotions, Infidelity, Dream, Passion which has been combined with a series of events in a very effective way bringing out the best of all the characters. I found it appealing. I am sure, you too would....

The book will be available on Amazon from 2nd September,2018 onward. You can pre-order your copy today.

Book Review - It was a happy trusting world, then

Title - It was a happy trusting world, then
Author - Vilas Kale
Genre - Travel & Holidays
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-9-38728-202-5

A wonderful memoir which is set back in 1971 that is almost 50 years prior makes this an interesting read. The story that stretches for three months and few days beginning from 2nd May and ending on 1st August 1971, talk in great detail about the experience of 3 hitchhikers who went on travel cross Middle East to Europe before returning back to India on a shoe-string budget.

The travel undertaken by Kumar, Vilas and Vidula going across various countries braving situations like climatic conditions, food, language and most importantly the shortage of money due to Forex restrictions back then has been vividly captured in this book.

I liked the way author has narrated his journey which never made me feel bored is the real success. Though most of the nation has gone under a drastic change which includes Beirut which was then called "Paris of the East" has been reduced to another war torn nation, author drives a strong message that life is short and we should try to show love and affection since we only live once and there is no point living the life with conflicts rather than living in Peace.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - DareDreamers : A Start-up of Superheroes

Title - DareDreamers : A Start-up of Superheroes
Author - Kartik Sharma & Ravi 'Nirmal" Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - RUPA Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5304-087-1

When I saw the title, I never thought it is a novel but I was intrigued by the cover and yes, it turned out to be one excellent novel. The cover page is very much relevant to the story and you would agree, only when you finish reading it.

I also ha another doubt as to who pens down which part and this doubt of mine got cleared in the end - in the acknowledgements section.

The story revolves around 6 characters - Rasiq- an Investment Banker, Nick - a crazy inventor, Halka - a strongman, Arjun - a champion shooter, Natasha - a bollywood stunt double and Dr Vyom - a medical Sherlock Holmes.

Rasiq lands up in a lucrative job as soon as he finishes his studies. Though he earned handsome, he gets cheated by his girlfriend. This along with other circumstances pushes him to venture into a new start-up along with others called DareDreamers which involves in rescuing those who were in danger. With very minimal investment but with their sheer grit and determination, they signs up couple of big companies but their rise to stardom in such a brief period makes them get into trouble with their competitor G-Force.

What did G-Force do?
Were the DareDreamers able to pull up their strings?

Read the story which is no less than any thriller out there. I am sure that you would like the plot just like I did....

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - 18 Enlightening Tales

Title - 18 Enlightening Tales
Author - Arjun Singh KRANTI
Genre - Spiritual
Publisher - Pothi

18 Enlightening Tales is a collection of 18 real life stories from the author. Through these stories, the author has brought forth as to what "Spiritual/Religion" is all about. Each story differ from the other and so as the message.

The flow was simple and structured. Each of them conveys the message which the author was seeking prior. Author emphasize on reading them over and over again to grasp the real meaning of these stories. The references were simply beautiful.

Though there is a mention of Hindu Gods in the story, I would say that this would fit for people who belong to various faith and for those who do not believe in GOD, there is a story for you as well.

A clear explanation given in each and every story, most of them by the author's Guru makes this book an interesting read. Though it wouldn't take more than an hour to finish this book, at a stretch, I would recommend to read one story a day and these can be used as a perfect bed time story for your kids as well.

The book would surely let you understand the real YOU!!

The book is available on Pothi and Amazon.

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes for your baby

Babies needs lot of attention from their mother(Father is mostly busy and away for work - I am only speaking about Home Maker here or the one who is on maternity leave and not otherwise). They require constant cleaning to keep them supple and fresh.
Babies do not know much about handling things especially when it comes to food and eat them at their wish and will. If it a chocolate, one need not have to say as to how they pounce upon it eating them but more than that, spilling it on their dress and most importantly on their face. While the spill over on the dress can be taken care by the detergents, it is the spill over on their skin which needs immediate care since we cannot leave it as it is which would not only invite houseflies but when it dries up, it becomes real difficult to wipe it clean thereby resulting in rashes on the skin.
Here is where the wipes comes into play. 
Why should the wipes be used?
Listed below are some of the benefits a wipe could offer
1. Monsoon wouldn't be the best time to keep washing your baby especially when it has spillover of food, chocolate among others.
2. You may not use a towel all the time since it is bulky whereas a wipe can be carried easily even on a handbag.
3. The wipes are tested clinically which means you are giving the best care to the baby by using it.
4. Using them is safe and convenient for the mother.
5. A wipe offers various benefits - it not only acts as a savior by cleansing the baby but would also act as a supplement in keeping their delicate skin free from rashes. It is a safe bet.
6. It can also act as a substitute against the normal toilet rolls since they may not have been tested as is it majorly used by adults. Hence do not compromise on your toddler's safety going for them..
7. A wipe can be used to remove oil, make-up, spillovers and what not - from your kid's skin effectively.
8. Last but not the least, a wipe can be used to clean the overall body parts of the baby.
There are many things, a mom should consider before going for the wipes since it is directly associated with your baby's skin care. Hence lot of care should be taken while selecting the wipes because not all of them would be doing good to your baby's skin, let alone protect it.
A wipe should essentially have more water content than a lotion but unfortunately most of the wipes available out there consists of lotion which comes along with preservatives. Lotion based wipes must be avoided. Hence before buying the wipes, one must check as to whether a wipe is water or lotion based. Here is where Mother Sparsh Wipes comes into the picture. The Mother Sparsh Wipes are water-based wipes and free from harmful preservatives. It is made with 98 % of water and has 100 % biodegradable fabric which means your baby's skin is free from harm without compromising on the care.

Few reasons as to why I would recommend Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:
1) It is polyester, paraben and alcohol free.

2) It is dermatologically tested.

3) 98% water component which is hypoallergenic with pH balanced pure water.

4) The product is free from plastic which means it is eco-friendly.

5) The wipes are 100% biodegradable and hence you are protecting the planet yet again inline with point 4 mentioned above.

6) It is easy to carry and the packaging is done in such a way that it keeps the moisture intact.

7) The product is as soft as a velvet. The baby will only feel it good when the body is wiped with this.

8) It costs just Rs.175 for 80 wipes with an effective cost of Rs.2.19 per wipe.

9) Loaded with goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is known for its goodness on skin.

10) The wipes smell good and does not leave any stick residue. They are As Good As Cotton & Water.

Do I need any further reason to justify the fact as to why I would prefer or recommend this?

Go for it and give your baby, the utmost skin care. Happy Parenting!!

Book Review - The Lost Arcanum

Title - The Lost Arcanum
Author - Navin Reuben Dawson
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-87328-28-0

A brilliant, lengthy yet interesting novel. When you finish reading this, I am sure you would be satisfied of having spent your time and money in buying this. Not many in India do write a novel which is a confluence of religion and fiction and this is one such novel which would surely see him in the likes of Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi - if not others.

What is most interesting is how the author has handled the flow meticulously wherein you would never feel the boredom while reading this novel. This 455 page novel would surely be a readers delight and I would suggest you to start reading this on a Saturday preferably sitting near to the window especially when it is raining outside.

The novel begins with three gruesome murders and Jack Stevens gets appointed as the investigating officer by the CBI. While he was about to crack the case after stumbling upon few evidences, he gets a message from his boss AD Rajat Singh that the case has been transferred to JIC and David Craig gets assigned to investigate it further.

He realizes that his father George Stevens did not die a natural death but was also murdered and gets a key from Eileen, wh he doubted was the reason for separation between his parents.

The key leads to various places which includes Nallamalla hills in Srisailam, Ajanta and Ellora caves and Kongka La(Leh).

The killer tries to eliminate Jack but gets saved my the cab driver. He also finds a company from Taneez who was from U.S.

Jack gets framed and he becomes a fugitive but eventually gathers more crucial information without knowing that those who he trust were also giving the clue to the JIC to get hold of him.

There was this person who was referred as "MASTER" who joins hands with opposition leader Ajeet Awasthi and tries to unearth the secret on his end.

What was the secret all about?
Who was protecting these?
Had it been unearthed/exposed?
Who was behind this?
Who is this MASTER? What is his motive?

You would get answer to all these questions in this fast paced novel which is no less than a Hollywood thriller.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Last Seychelles Flame

Title - The Last Seychelles Flame
Author - Medha Nagur
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Amazon KDP

A beautiful love story that revolves around two characters Adrija Agte and Omkar Arora. 

Adrija always dreamed high though her family conditions did not support her to pursue her dream course. She took up her passion - Photography against the wishes of her father and aai. She strikes a job in Mumbai with a reputed firm. With hardly any money, she lands there and due to her good work, she gets a chance to fly to Seychelles.

In the meanwhile, she meets her ex-boyfriend in Mumbai. He continues to be authoritative and tries to meddle up with her life but when she flies to Seychelles, she meets Om who seemed to be more supportive.

Due to the haunting memories of her ex, she lands up in trouble losing her job.

Did she attain her dream goal?
Did she get support from Om?
What was the background of Om?
Did she get rd of her ex-BF?

Read the book to find answers for all the above questions.

The story has brought the emotions of a girl who gets stuck in between - memories of ex-BF and a new found love. The wordings were simple yet appealing. The sequence of events were real good which would make you to sit and read it at once.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Second Chances : Will you give love, life and happiness a second chance?

Title - Second Chances: Will you give love, life and happiness a second chance?
Author - Shreya Das
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1642498929

A simple yet a beautiful story revolving around two characters. A different plot altogether is what I would say where a ghost (Sameera) was assigned by the GOD to play as the cupid angel to unite Roshni and Karan.

While Karan was happily employed with a women magazine as a Phtographer(now you know why I did say that), Roshni had a sad past. She had lost her husband Rahul, in a tragic car accident. However she had two good friend Annie and Glen. Glen was shunted out from his house since he proclaimed himself as a gay.

Sameera takes up the hard job. She haunts Roshni and make her change her attitude towards fashion.

Was she successful?

The story also has few other characters like Roshni's & Karan's parents. I don't think anyone could pen it down with so much of love, warmth capturing all the emotions in a subtle manner. Do give a read. I bet you would finish it in one go.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems - Part 1

Title - My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems - Part 1
Author - Sunil Bhatia
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Partridge Publishing India
ISBN - 978-1642498929

The book is certainly one of its kind because having read hundreds of books and reviewed many of them, I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. The book has many protagonists including that of the author where he indulges in conversations with various birds at various point of time.

Yes. He converses(imaginary) with Pigeon, Parrot, Owl, Swan, Sparrow, Crow, Nightingale, Peacock, Vulture, Falcon, Duck, Rooster, Hen, Hummingbird and Bat. He also converses with Copper Fish. Don't you see the uniqueness in the concept?

The story begins with missing pigeon and then diverts to missing Peacock Jr and what happens to them has been excellently narrated in this story with series of events where the author meets up with various birds with each one giving him a teaching/lesson about life. I would rather say that this is an inspirational/motivational book because I was feeling really before I started reading this book but when I finished reading it, my confidence level shot up really high.

This would surely be liked by the kids and is applicable even for the elders and when I finished reading 21 chapters, I got another pleasant surprise with Book of Poems(Part 1) which has poems classified under 10 sectors that includes Mystical,Love, Fantasy Story, Self, Dark, Spiritual, Inspirational, Observational, Humor and Futuristic poem.

I must say that this book will be an excellent read that would satiate your reading desires...

The book is available on Amazon