5 Innovative Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day

One will always fall out of words when it comes to describing a mother. No amount of adjectives and expressions can do justice to her love for us. She puts in all her efforts to make sure we live the best of our lives.  A mother sacrifices all her desires to fulfill our needs. Being a mother is one of the most challenging yet gratifying tasks. She accomplishes the family's wishes without any hesitation.

A mother finds n number of ways to take care of her children. She makes their happiness her priority. One can never repay all that a mother does, but you can surely make her feel special this Mother's Day.

Here we have 5 innovative ways to celebrate Mother's Day

1) Breakfast in bed

Mothers wake up early every day of their lives. It is time to let her alarm go off for at least one day. Switch off the alarm clock. Let her have her beauty sleep for a little longer. Now it is time for you to step into the kitchen and take control. Preparing a meal needs effort and time and she does that for you regularly. How often do we appreciate all the pain that she goes through? Cook her favorite dish. You can even decorate the tray with flowers. Use this chance as a gesture to appreciate all that she does for you.
A specially cooked breakfast with some fragrant flowers by her side would lighten up the morning for any mother.  A mother loves to see how her kids make an extra effort to provide her with the best. Don't worry if breakfast doesn't taste fabulous after all a mother never complains.

2) Party with her peers

Remember when you used to be a kid, and your mother would plan a party for you during your birthday or other special events? Now is the opportunity to do the same for her. Organize a special party with her peer groups. Decorate the place with balloons and fairy lights. Invite all her friends and invite your friends and their mothers too.

Take the chance to make your mother and the rest ones feel loved and special. While you are in the middle of the celebration, surprise her with mothers day gifts and witness the glow on her face. Watch her while her eyes are filled with tears of joy. She will indeed cherish this moment for the rest of her life. If possible, you can arrange all of these as a surprise party.

3) Load up for a long drive

A long drive with some music and some heartfelt conversations would be ideal for a mother who works hard day and night. Make the plan spontaneously. You can engage her with talks and songs from her favorite artist. A mother appreciates when her children take out time from their busy schedules and have intense yet emotional discussions with her. While you are driving, recollect all your childhood memories. It would definitely be a ride to the past scenario.

Fill up your car with her favorite snacks and drinks.  You can also carry some cushions and sheets to laze around. Travel around new places and explore. A weekend getaway would relax your mother. Plan it beforehand. Visit different places and try their cuisine. The cold winds and a change of location would be the perfect way to let your mother relax and enjoy the special day.

4) Time for theatre

Mothers spend most of their time dedicating it to their families. Their every thought revolves around them. A mother too deserves to take some time off. Movies are the best way to relax and divert minds. Watching a good film puts a person into a good mood. A mother who stresses half of the time needs to slow down for a while.

You can gift her movie vouchers so that she can relax in the recliner and enjoy the movie. If not movie vouchers, the other option is to binge-watch her favorite series and movies. Either way, it is an excellent way to have a movie date with her.

5) Crave for chocolates

Chocolates are fancied by all. Age and gender barriers do not exist when it is about chocolates. The availability of options when it comes to chocolates is endless. You can either go for homemade chocolate or assorted ones depending upon the preferences of your mother. If your mother is a fitness freak, you can also opt for sugar-free chocolates.

A mother loves to eat chocolates. But she saves those for her kids. Mother's love is boundless and unconditionally. A mother's nature brings sweetness all around. It is time to revert it to her in the form of chocolates. Your mother would really be delighted. She will remember you every time she has a bit from that chocolate.


A mother puts everything that she has to offer to make sure her children’s happiness is secured.  These are some of the innovative ways to celebrate Mother's Day. This time, make your mother feel special and let her know how much her presence matters in your life.

Author Bio:
Khushi is a Content Writer at Talash.com. Her area of interest includes Bollywood movies, music, fashion, and sports. She wants to make an impact through writing. She believes in capturing her humor into the writing space too.

Zilli's - Immunity Booster Recipe Series

With the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit us all globally, a lot is being said about staying as safe and healthy as possible. While taking all the precautionary steps like washing your hands, keeping a safe distance from others etc may reduce the risk, eating right plays a major role too.

Taking the right diet should be our priority so that it supports our immune system and our body is ready to take on anything.

Presenting before you a series of recipes that might aid in boosting your immune system. In this series, we will share you one recipe daily. These are the recipes that you can incorporate in your everyday lives since at the end of the day, it is all about having healthy body and a healthy mind.

Kaali - Season 2 and other Originals : Only on ZEE5

Spending this summer holidays just got better for the kids. ZEE5 is back with Kaali Season 2.

When the content is engaging, it invariably invokes interest among the viewers. If you have watched Season 1, you would be waiting eagerly for the release of Season 2. I was no exception. It was a while ago, I shifted my patron from television to OTT. I did this for few reasons:

1.       Ad Free content
2.       Interesting content
3.       Not repetitive content
4.       Performed by leading artists
5.       Not a lengthy one(mega serial)
6.       Keeps us guessing until the next episode is released
7.       More realistic and thrilling

When I saw the Trailer, I was overwhelmed.


Firstly, it is the content. Though the trailer runs less than 3 minutes, it has already evoked interest in me. The emotions shown by various artists look so original. When you see something which is as good as a real one, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss it. Will you?

The story is set to happen in Kolkata in 2018. It begins with a confrontation and subsequently, opening the fire where Kaali kills a goon.

Source: An OTT platform ZEE5.com

Who was she?
Why did she kill a goon?
Who was she running from?
What is the secret she is guarding?
The scene moves to the next one wherein there seems like a gang war/shootout. Who are these men and why do they kill each other?

The story moves past to 2020. The place this time is Ashok Nagar. She looks transformed now and was taking care of a physically abled person. Now a question arises.

Who is this person?

The shoot outs continue since she is seen with a revolver.

 Why should she have a revolver with her all the time? Then comes a twist in the tale which says “A mother will fight against all odds”

Source: An OTT platform ZEE5.com

Does that mean she is fighting all out to save her kid?
If yes, who is this kid?
What did he do in the past?

When you get to see something of this genre wherein a mother comes to the rescue of her son, you would know for sure that there is something you wouldn’t want to miss. While the goons usually intimidate others, looks like they have stepped on the wrong wire since this mother is not going to give up until she gave her full fight. Though she is up against some of the powerful forces, it has not dampened her spirits. She could go to any extent to ensure that her kid is safe and no harm comes to him.

I have seen many originals in the past but this one surely stands apart due to its unique content and the way it is pictured. For other contents about ZEE5 Originals, you can visit my site.

What I have discussed here is just one of the many originals which ZEE5 has to offer. You can watch such captivating content on their platform. If at all you are looking for the content which is good, engaging and captivating, you have to visit ZEE5 Originals.

Book Review - The Eleventh Indian

Title - The Eleventh Indian
Author - Gautam Marwaha
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Readomania
ISBN - 978-93-858540-33

This book is an excellent read. I have read stories about kidnapping and hijacking in the past but have never read one which involves pirates in the seas. Hence when I saw this title, I immediately grabbed it. Who else could explain this better than Commodre Gautam Marwaha

Though this story is a fiction, it is based on a thrilling account of a real-life rescue mission and man, I must admit that I had a great time reading this novel. It captured the essence of the tension that prevailed during the event by making the characters speak to you. 

A happy merchant navy guy whose uncle gets falsely implicated in a case in the Indian Air Force decides to leave the country to overcome the loss and immediately accepts to sail in Laximus. He was destined to face his fate along with his other crew members wherein they get attacked by pirates. When things were going as planned, they get a jolt from the Nigerian Navy. 

Did they got rescued by the Navy?

While I was searching for this answer, things take a different turn wherein Mafia too gets involved. Now you might ask who were these guys and how did they get involved?

Pick your copy to read the first and account of this thriller which will make you understand that life of a merchant navy is not a rosy as you might think and various steps involved in negotiations in order to free the captured crew. 

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats.

Book Review - Irrationally Passionate

Title - Irrationally Passionate
Author - Jason Kothari
Genre - Business & Economy
Publisher - Harper Business
ISBN - 978-93-5357-265-5

"Leaders are born and not made" is what we might have heard for ages but after reading this book "Irrationally Passionate" by Jason Kothari, my perception has changed. The author has not come up in his life easily. He is also pretty much open in admitting that he had also face failures before he could become a success story. He even goes a step further to say that if someone thought that all the successful entrepreneurs never failed or always had walked on the rosy path, they were wrong.

The book is a first class account of a person who struggled on his own, braving the tides before emerging as one of the most sought out CEO's in the business world. It encapsulates the journey in a way which couldn't be done any precisely than this. Having born in a upper middle class family, Jason has to move to Hongkong since his father's profession demanded it and subsequently to USA before returning back to Hongkong. The way as to how he was bullied and his thought process of how his parents had let him face the world on his own was explained in a candid way. 

The success story did not happen overnight. His reference in the very beginning of the book "You'll never know how fortunate you are to live in India, until you've been made to live elsewhere" would make each and every Citizen of India feel proud for sure. His leadership skills were honed at various instances - the first being his involvement in basketball. He explains so beautifully as to how he became one of the talented player through his grit and determination and what it taught him in his life. His initial stint with Domino's Pizza and what strategy he adapted to make a cool USD142 in a single hour took me back to childhood days where I too tried my stint in selling stamps. Unlike the author, I wasn't lucky enough to transform those into a real bigger ones but hey, I do not regret it because I am reviewing this book :-)

Opportunities are plenty and it is right in front of us. It is for us to spot that and grab it which in turn would yield good returns. This is what Jason did by selling comic books which eventually made him to bid for the then bankrupt Valiant Entertainment with no money in his pocket. How he bagged the company and transformed it is, History!!

If you think he was lucky in all aspects, you were wrong. He gets rejected by a girl, who later contacts him, when he was successful, to be rejected by him. His only love always turns into a failure though he did all he could, in his capacity. His stint in Thailand in getting trained in Muay Thai by Apidej Sit Hirun aka "Golden Leg"and by Wooden Man is another interesting read.

The book gives a detailed account of his stint as CEO of Housing.com, Freecharge and later as CSIO in Snapdeal and how he helped transforming them is a must read.

The book would definitely serve as an inspiration for budding talents and wannabe entrepreneurs for sure. It was thoughtful of Jason that he decided to come out with this book which would by default will serve as a guide - not how to succeed but not how to fail.

Though we might able to read the contents in few hours, the journey that was captured in this book, is atleast close to two decades but the experience, is for LIFETIME!!

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Hardcover formats. 

Book Review - Two Girls

Title - Two Girls
Author - Shivam Diwedi
Genre - Romance
Publisher - 24by7Publishing

There are various types of romance novels such as Mills and Boons, slow-paced, based on teary-eyed separation, and a few more. However, the most outstanding one is fast-paced romance thriller. When I had read the blurb of this novel, I deemed it as one of the stereotypes. But the chapters of this novel are so short that I managed to read 4 to 5 in one breath. Ever since the very first page, the book was highly promising on action, boldness, and adventure. It was becoming a hot and heady romance with thriller in the background.

This is a story of two girls Shriya and Anika and one young man Rudra. The novel is set in the cities of North India, Kanpur and Lucknow. The male lead Rudra lives in Kanpur and for his sustenance he works in McDonald’s. He has no parents, but in the form of a good friend and caretaker, there is Anika, she is also his co-worker. They both handle the restaurant with full responsibility and the owner treats them like their children, especially to Rudra.

The novel is interesting since the first page but it grows more exciting when Rudra meets Shriya in Lucknow and falls in love with her at first sight. Anika hides her feelings and doesn’t reveal her crush on a guy whom she loved to keep anonymous. The novel is written in flashback and third person narration, thus making it an impressive read. Shriya is disappeared and the police capture Rudra for that. But Rudra instead of taking the blame straight chooses to investigate the case as he still feels love for her. But the investigation is not easy because by then Anika comes into his life. No matter all circumstances favour Rudra to be with Anika, but fate has something different to tell. Who will marry whom? And what will happen to Shriya after the disappearance? Will Rudra be able to solve the case and justify the stance of both girls in his life?

Written with good back stories and sweeps, the characterization of Rudra and Shriya and Anika set in tandem because they all looked independent and bold in their capacity. Considering this the first book of the author, I think he succeeded all the expectations that comes with the readers. I enjoyed it and hope you too enjoy it as much as I. The novel is easy to read and hot at times when Rudra gets intimate with Shriya. There is everything that a romance lover will like about this novel.

This book is available on Amazon.

Food Review - VEJ Restaurant

vejindia is a cozy restaurant which could fit 6-8 people. It is located in the Arya Gowda Road. Use @localguidesindia map to reach this place accurate.

The restaurant is in operation for little over 2 years. They specialise in power meals. They use 100% wheat. It is 100% Natural & Friendly. They also have “Jain Food” option.

You can opt for dine in or take away. They also deliver food through @zomatoin & @swiggyindia

I ordered their famous 7-in-1 meal box aka Fusion Box. You can check the pic attached in this post which gives you an idea as to what kind of combo you could go for. I went for Paneer Overload with Butter Jeera Rice coupled with Creamy Beans & Momos Chutney.

It also comes with mint yogurt & sliced veggies along with 2 Chapathis.

I then ordered 2-in-1 pizza (this pizza comes with two different tastes - Tangy Tomato & Spicy Chillies). This was followed by noodles.

I then ordered Coconut Water and ended with their super good butter milk which was thick.

Their dishes are cooked to perfection with no extra spice. I thoroughly loved the dishes that were served hot & quick
Order yours today to feel the difference #AreYouVEJ

Bahubali Thali at Ponnusamy Restaurant, Nungambakkam

Complete Thali - It has both Veg & Non-Veg.

You would get to be informed about the stages and the sequence in which you could have it - to make it a complete meal.

Each and every dish was cooked with perfection. There is hardly anything you would find it in excess - be it oil, masala & spices.
Chicken & mutton were cooked so well that they almost melted in our mouth. They also have variety of goli soda apart from fresh lime juice.
Ambiance was pleasant. They have underground parking space for 2/4 wheeler. Restaurant is on the first floor & is spacious. Prior appointment would be good if you’re going on weekend as it is jam packed.

Best part about this Thali is, it is served even in the evening. You’ll be left with such a dilemma as to which one to eat since all of them taste real good.

Do not forget to try their special omelettes (the one which is stuffed with fish, mutton & chicken). A great place to hang out with ,to treat your family members & friends.

P.S. They also have Mega Biryani Thali.

Attaching the video for your better understanding

Ruchulu - Andhra Bhojanam at Greams Road

What a terrific lunch it was at @ruchuluindia
Usually, we would feel that some of the items did not live up to the expectation but with Ruchulu, I was out of words.

This restaurant is in Greams Road, Thousand Lights & is just 5 days old. Though you may have some difficulty in spotting this, if you go my @localguidesindia map, you can reach the place spot on.

Interior was decent. Staffs were friendly.
What did we order?

Gongura Chicken
Avakkai Chicken
Kodi Vellalu
Mamsam roast
Nellore  chilli chicken
Karuvepillai mushroom
Ruchulu Chefs Spl Biryani
Gongura Biryani
Mamsam Biryani
Prawn Biryani

I must openly admit that each and every dish exceeded my expectations. Gongura & Avakkai Chicken in the starters were top class.
I would highly recommend Ruchulu Chef’s Special Biryani. It is certainly worth its cost & would suffice the hunger of two adults or 4 kids  easily. It has good amount of rice coupled with chicken, mutton & egg.

I also had Karuvepillai mushroom & Paneer 65. They were as good as the non-veg dishes.

Whoever the chef is, he has done a great job by mixing the right ingredients at the right place which makes each and every dish, appealing. 

Food Review - Curly Cravings

I was at @curly_cravings_kilpauk this afternoon along with my friend for lunch. This place was earlier known as Maggevala & rechristened it to @curly_cravings

True to their name, their main ingredient or the most popular dish is Maggi Noodles. They have more than 30 varieties to serve.

The restaurant is located in Ormes Rd, Kilpauk. It has 2/4 wheeler parking facility. Interior was done in an intricate manner. You have short stools as well as the normal one. Order has to be placed at the counter & it will be sent to your table. They have courteous staffs.
Coming to the food:

We ordered the following items:

Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake
Strawberry Mojito

Fully Loaded Pizza

Cheesy Mug Large
Shaolin Temple

Nutella Love

To start with, the taste of the Maggi was impeccable. It was filling as well.

Though pizza had a thick crust, it was surprisingly soft.
Thick Shake was real good & so as the waffles. I could compare the waffles with the top brands out there. It has two layers filled with Nutella.

I must admit that I was really surprised to see the ever flowing crowd, mostly the school/college students which stands as a testimony their quality, reach & success.

Book Review - The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead or Get Left Behind

Title - The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead or Get Left Behind
Author - Rajesh Srivastava
Genre - Personal Development / Self Help
Publisher - Penguin Portfolio
ISBN - 978-0-143-44692-7

This book is an absolute delight to read. When the contents are praised by eminent like Neeraj Roy, Founder & CEO - Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, Neeraj Kakkar, Co Founder - Paperboat, Ashish Bhasin, CEO of APAC and Chairman - Dentsu Aegis Network(India), Harish Bijoor, Brand Strategist Specialist and many others, these stands as a testimony to the amazing content the book has to offer. Rajesh Srivastava, the author needs no introduction since he held higher positions in companies like United Spirits(now Diageo India), J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd coupled with education in IIT & IIM which helped him in spearheading various brands. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book as the contents were completely new and offered a unique way to approach the business which would capitulate to success.

I cleared my mind as was advised by the author in the very beginning which made me to grasp the contents as it is. I would suggest you to do the same. 

The book is divided into 16 Rules which are as further sub-divided into various divisions.

Customer - Rules 1 to 4
Employee - Rules 5 & 6
Leadership - Rule 7
Brand - Rule 8
Workplace - Rule 9
Communication - Rule 10
Supply Chain - Rule 11 &
Business Strategy - Rules 12 to 16

Each of them gave a clear hindsight as to what were done by the successful companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IKEA etc o be where they are today. It all begins with 1CQ(Central Question).

I was pleasantly surprised to read about Zappos which fired its customers for being rude to their employees. I could very much relate this to HSBC(UK) which did the same by closing the accounts of the customers for being rude to their contact center employees. I have witnessed this first time almost a decade ago. 

When I read how the author handled one of the irate customer despite the brand not being at fault which pacified the customer, I found myself in the similar position of being a customer of a famous pen brand whose refills were at fault and when I complained, I received a dozen of them(some of them had the same issue though).

There are many intriguing events which found its way to the book which is worth mentioning here:

Do you know what is Warren Buffet's ABC rule?
What is the 5-Hour rule that is followed by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Oprah Winfrey?
Do you know from who did Nelson Mandela got his inspiration from?
Jeff Bezos's two pizza rule to name a few. 

The book talks about B2B and B2C.

The distinction between a Brand, Cool Brand and a Super Cool Brand is worth the time and read.

Being a Digital Media Marketer myself, I found something really helpful to me in Page 199. Surprisingly, the book did not have any mention about Cashback sites which is playing a major role these days and found investors like Ratan TATA. 

Page 216 talks about ease of returns in case of inordinate delay in delivery of goods. Amazon India has already implemented this rule which I have invoked it on few occasion. 

The detailed study about SIA(Singapore Airlines) as to how they spend a lot in purchasing and upgrading their aircrafts on regular intervals and how it enables them to save on costs is a real useful information. Wish this was followed by some of the airlines in India which would have prevented from going into liquidation.

Last but not the least, do give more importance to Chapter 15 & 16 which talks about different business models and how you need to disrupt your business at regular intervals. I would highly recommend this book for those who are into business and for those who aspire to become an entrepreneur. 

This book is available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook format.