Book Review - The Light Catcher

Title - The Light Catcher
Author - Sameer Chopra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon KDP

If words could bring out the emotions vividly, this book certainly qualifies for it. This novel is about a story of the protagonist who wanted to pursue his dreams - His dreams of catching the light. The story stamps the authority over the passion and if you put up your action to chase your dream, you certainly can achieve it. The story though is a fiction, would go a long way in inspiring the like minded people who has quit the so called "Dream Jobs" in order to pursue their own dreams and all it needs is their hard work and dedication and nothing else.

Despite being a Science graduate, Purab Kohli aka Purab who is the protagonist of the story does his MBA from a leading B-School and lands up the job in Indian Banking Corporation(IBC) as MT(Management Trainee) along with few others like Rati, Trisha, Rahul and Ishika. The story points out the stark reality of what happens in the so called Corporate World which is full of favoritism and treachery. I could very well relate myself to it as I witnessed most of the events mentioned in the story first hand as I myself has worked in a leading MNC bank for 8 years before quitting it to pursue my own dreams.

Though Purab was getting paid handsome, his heart did not get contended with the money. He wanted to pursue his dream - of being a photographer. Again, this is also very much related to my own story a bit (though I did not want to become one but my dad was a professional photographer just like Purab's father before calling it quits).

He also finds solace in the hands of Rati initially who started loving him. When things were going smooth, Rati starts avoiding Purab.

What made her to do this?
Did Purab reconcile with her?
Did he achieve his dream?

All these have been beautifully captured with great narration and splendid sequence of events in this novel. 

I would like to quote a few lines as an excerpt from this novel which I liked the most:

"I mean, the camera always records what is real. It doesn't lie; it doesn't manipulate unless you explicitly want it to"

"And while faces may deceive, the camera does not lie. He can see it that her happiness has shrunk over the years"

"Well you did make a mistake Rati and I will make you realize it someday"

This book despite of being a debut novel by the author has got all the elements in place which is beautifully spun and can make even the iron hearts, melt...

This book is available in Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

Book Review - How to get Published in INDIA

Title - How to get Published in INDIA
Author - Meghna Pant
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Bloomsbury India
ISBN - 978-93-88271-06-6

If you are struggling to reach out to someone to help you in making the cut in the literary world, the answer lies in front of you – in the form of a book.

What makes this book special?
This book is certainly special for the fact that it is the first comprehensive one written specifically for the purpose of helping the aspiring authors to become a published author.

This book is divided into 4 chapters which includes:

1.       Writing
2.       Publishing
3.       Marketing and
4.       Essays

Each chapter is explained in great detail. Meghna has ensured that no instructions were left unexplained. She has included almost everything which includes how to develop a plot, building the characters, editing hacks, structuring the book, formatting the manuscript, Title, finances in the first chapter, among others.

The book then starts focusing on writing a synopsis, query letter, finding an agent, finding a publisher(explained in detail about traditional and self publishing with their nuances), what one could expect in a publishing contract,designing a book cover, publishing poetry/short story/non-fiction and how to handle a rejection in the second chapter.

The third chapter was about marketing which explains in detail about how you can go about promoting and marketing your book through social media, via PR, best marketing tools and getting book reviews.

What makes this book unique?

There is always a difference between being Special and Unique. This book is qualified for both the terms. The presence of work by some of the renowned authors like Jeffrey Archer, Durjoy Dutta, Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanian, Preeti Shenoy, Rashmi Bansal, Shobha De which brings out the secret of their success and what made them click would make you feel really confident and when you are learning from the experts who have come up the hard way braving the odds, you don’t have to think twice before taking a plunge.

I can say it with 100% confidence that as of today(Feb 2019), this book is the best available resource in the market which would hold good for at least a decade, if not more…

This book is available on Flipkart & Amazon and on leading stores, offline.

Book Review - The Four Pillars : A Game Of Love

Title - The Four Pillars : A Game Of Love
Author - Ushasree V
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - KDP(Amazon Kindle)

This novel revolves around 4 main characters – Urmila(Urmi),Jaitra(Jai),Anuj and Bhoomi(narrator of the story). Set in the early 90’s, this story would make you remember the nostalgia of those days. I must appreciate the author for not being even the minute details like using the PCO since the mobile did not made its cut(not even the pagers).

Urmi was the senior who was a real beauty and she saves Bhoomi from being ragged and that is how they get to introduced to each other. They soon become good friends. They also get their circle expanded to include Jai and Anuj.

The story revolves around the beautiful theme of friendship until things become complicated due to some misunderstandings. Naren and Dashis comes into the picture. Dashis is believed to have committed some sin in the past and he pays for it dearly.

Urmi liked Jai. Anuj liked Urmi. Jai liked Bhoomi. Please note that this should not be misunderstood as LOVE.

Bhoomi sets her goal to become a civil servant. Jai becomes one.

The way the preparation phase of civil services that was being explained deserves an applause because this could be related only by those who had atleast given an attempt once, if not clearing it. The concept of History being explained by Bhoomi to her friends made me rewind back by memories by 5 years where I was reminded of its significance by my tutor who despite of having a B.E. background, took up history to teach the civil service aspirants.

Things gets different when an incident separates Bhoomi from Urmi.

What was that incident?

What made things worse?

Did the friends reconcile forgetting their differences?

Read the novel to find out the answers

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Book Review - The Last Avatar : Age of Kalki I

Title - The Last Avatar : Age of Kalki I
Author - Vishwas Mudagal
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Harper Collins India
ISBN - 978-93-5302-466-6

This is a novel which would be close to my heart as it has the fusion of myth and technology. Firstly, I was impressed with the cover - which shows the mighty Hanuman, the Vanara God in a Sci-Fi format. Hats off to the creative team who has designed this. The cover page has evoked interest as sn as I saw it. Then the title - "The Last Avatar : Age of Kalki I". As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is believed to come back to Earth in the form called "Kalki" when there is a spurt in the misdeeds, treachery, corruption, scam and other unwanted things.

Coming to the story. The story revolves around the protagonist Neel who is also known as Kalki. He heads the Astra Group which manufactures some out of the world technological equipment which were way ahead of his period.  He was also known to have mastered so many arts which makes him near invincible. This is proved when he gets captured by the Chinese Intelligence Agency wherein despite of being tortured for weeks and being injected with truth serum, he never utters a word. He also seems to have recovered three times faster than a normal human being when he was being hit.

Is he the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu?

The author has touched upon geo-political situation and has introduced a terrifying character called Master Zar who runs the terror outfit called Invisible Hand and has weaved a story as to how it join hands with few others to bring the world to their knees.

There was another major incident which happens in India where the entire Parliament gets blown up which kills all the MP's in one go including the Prime Minister and Ajay Pradhan becomes the Head of Indian High Command(IHC) which along with Army General and Head of Navy and Air Force along with the IAS officers starts administering the Country.

General Jian revolts against his father Wang and leads a coup to capture the power. He wanted to capture Shen and Nushen who were known as Homo Supernus who is believed to have some super powers.

Were they Humans or Aliens?

Then there was this secret place called Shambala which is believed to be protecting the scriptures of God which were safe guarded by Rudras.

The story revolves around various places and characters and there was a flashback for Neel which was not a good one to recall/remember for him. 

What I liked the most are the final two chapters.

Yes. Neel challenges the mighty Chinese Army all by himself in the border and when India was about to surrender its border, something unexpected happens.

What was it?

The climax (which isn't the end of the novel) is surreal and it would make anyone who reads it to wait eagerly for the release of the sequel. I am no exception.

This book is available on FlipkartAmazon on both Paperback and eBook formats.

Cook it tasty with Kitchen D'Lite

Cooking is an art. One has to exercise her/his skills in making the food taste delicious. This would become a humongous task especially when you have a food critic at home. While culinary skills forms a major role in making or breaking the final outcome, equal importance should be given to the ingredients as well. This is where the so called masala powder comes into the picture. India is known for its usage of traditional masala powder in its cuisine. Though some of them differ from State to State, there are few which are used uniformly across the country.

These powders enhances the taste of the final output and also makes them presentable in terms of appearance. I had the opportunity to try some of the powders from Kitchen D'lite which includes:

1. Tomato Powder
2. Garlic Powder
3. Red Onion Powder
4. Ginger Powder
5. Green Chilli Powder

Each one was unique in its own aspect. I used them across various food preparation and I must say that I was not disappointed.

There are few reasons as to why I would recommend this:

1. They are natural and safe.
2. They are easily soluble in water without leaving any clumps.
3. They have a longer shelf life(if stored properly).
4. They make cooking easy since you can substitute these powders in the place of the actual vegetables wherein you can save some time since you need not have to cut/chop them.
5. Taste does not differ and infact gives you the perfect finish.

How did I use them?

I used Tomato Powder while preparing Indian Soup(Rasam) and it tasted really good.

I used ginger powder while preparing Pongal since I myself use to segregate ginger when it was used in the preparation. Now that it is the form of powder, I don't have the option to do it. 

I used Green Chilli Powder(in very limited quantity) while making bread sandwich.

I used Garlic Powder while preparing Idli Podi. The taste was surreal.

I used Onion Powder while preparing Chutney.

Since these powder has multiple uses, they can be used day in and day out in our kitchen for making various cuisine. It is time that we tasted the real goodness that comes in a sealed pack.

You too can get these products and know about their wide range by clicking here

Book Review - V.Q.E

Title - V.Q.E
Author - Dr Vivek Gumaste
Genre - Memoir
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64467-978-4

When I first saw the title of the book, I wondered what does V.Q.E denote though I had a hint about the content after going through the cover which said “The tale of an Indian physician in the United Kingdom of the 1980’s

Before I could begin writing about the book, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the Preface and Prologue. I usually do not care to write much about this but the content in these two sections kindled the interest within me to finish reading the book in no time.

The content of the book can be put up in a single line as was mentioned in the quotes. The experience of Dr Vivek Gumaste who had graduated from one of the top medical institute (JIPMER) in the country was nothing less to be compared with an adventurer or explorer who was set to travel to an unknown land keeping only the education and work experience as his defense.

I was glad in a way that I saw some similarities with the author. Yes. I did work for a UK based bank for 8 years and not even once in those 8 years, had I worked on our Independence Day (August 15th). The sense of patriotism was very much evident in the writing of the author which brought out the reality of the so called “Developed Nation” during the 1980’s. The Country was riddled with racism and when he himself was a victim on couple of occasion, what more could stand as a testimony to it?
The book has been divided into Three Parts with 24 chapters in total. Though this is a memoir, author begs to differ. By all means, his thoughts are justified as well.

What I liked in this book is the way, the events were narrated which is nothing less than a fiction making it a real interesting one. It gives a vivid picture as to how favoritism ruled the appointments even in the incumbent field of medicine where only the Knowledge and Experience should have played a vital role. He also outlined the difficulties he faced with regards to food, culture, climate and customs. Lot of critical events have been vividly described and what I must appreciate in this book is the inclusion of intricate details which shows that the author possesses a great memory power considering the fact that this book was written almost after 30 years.

His struggle did yield him the desired results in the end but in order to achieve that, he has to undergo so many rigorous procedures braving his life, at times. Since I worked for a UK based company and was in the customer service department, I could clearly connect the difficulties an Indian would have faced in the initial stages especially when it comes to understanding their language and dialect.

There are two things I would like to mention among many learning points for me in this book.

1   1. Dr Vivek Gumaste set his foot in the U.K. in July,1980 and I was just a month old by then, to be precise.

2    2. We usually call the nurse as “Sister” which is reality is designated only for the “Head Nurse” and not for everyone.

Read this book which would open up new thoughts removing your doubts over how even a successful doctor has had to undergo so much in their life before they reach the place, where they are today…

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - How I Survive Vizmom

Title - How I Survive Vizmom
Author - Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar
Genre - Self Help / Personality Development
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64429-887-9

Have you ever wondered as to what this life has to offer?
Are you the one who has been complaining constantly about LIFE?
Do you think that the LIFE is not treating you properly?
Most importantly, "ARE YOU A WORKING WOMAN?"

If your answer is YES(especially for the last question), this book is certainly for you. The author of this book is a renowned Neuroanesthesiologist who herself had faced lot of events/incidents in her life which has made her to pen this book.

The book was written so well that almost every chapter in this book has a mention of her own personal experience. This doesn't mean, it is her own and may differ from person to person. While this is true to some extent, the basic ideology behind this book is to ensure that none of the working women feel that she has been left alone or she has to carry all the burden over her shoulder(unless she is a Single Mother with young kids).

The book is a real interesting read since each of the 77 chapters does not stretch beyond 3 pages. The content is given in short and crisp manner which makes it really appealing. It is not possible for me to talk about all the 77 chapters as I may end up giving more information than required. Hence, I would like to highlight some of the topics which caught my attention, the moment I read. This includes but not limited to:

1. Be Positive
2. Ask for help from willing workers
3. Voice Out Expectations
4. Prioritize
5. Talk, Express, Share
6. Accept Compliments
7. Avoid Negativity
8. Stay Healthy
9. Know Your Weakness
10. Forgive Yourself
11. Be True to Yourself
12. Introspect
13. Be Content
14. Stand Your Ground
15. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

By now, you would have got a fair idea as to what this book could offer. Yes. It covers almost all the major aspects in one's life in a subtle manner and though this was mainly about the constraints of a working woman, even I felt that many of the points mentioned here are applicable to me as well, since I have also come across some of them in my life. As it is rightly said in this book "Expression and Sharing is not only about problems, disappointments and complaints but more so about love, happiness, joy and respect".

This book would serve as a perfect guide in your personality development (and can also help in a greater extent to have a happy and contended family)as it is in a DIY(Do It Yourself) format since no one can own up your life, commitments and trouble but YOU...

This book is available on Amazon and Flipkart

Book Review - Sadhana Who Stalked Her?

Title - Sadhana Who Stalked Her?
Author - Spandana Chakradhar
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Write India
ISBN - 9788193890318

Sadhana, the protagonist of this story is a beautiful girl. She was talented as well. However she had a limitation on her financial resources which makes her to take up the job in New Delhi. She leaves her home town Hyderabad to go all the way to the Capital for her work.

The story revolves around these important characters - Aasha, Abhi and Manav. Both Abhi and Manav likes Sadhana. 

Anyway, coming to the review. As I was reading this book, I started getting the feel of as if I am watching "Nightmare on Elm Street" where there was this unknown stalker who comes and inflicts wounds on his targets. Yes. It starts happening to Sadhana as well. Though she knew something wrong was happening around her, she hardly could remember as to what happens to her, when she wakes up pretty late next day.

Was she haunted?

Initially the suspicion was over Aditya who gets warned by the cop and when they think the problem is solved, it starts happening again. By now, even Aasha and few others come under the scanner.

Sadhana was liked by Abhi and Manav. Both were financially sound and looked no less than a movie hunk. However Sadhana despite of liking both of them, confesses her love over Abhi.

Did she end up tying the knot with Abhi?
How did Manav take this relationship?
Was he the one who was inflicting pain as he could not withstand Sadhana's love over Abhi?

Though lot of precautions were taken including setting up CC Camera and also a hi-tech watch which could record videos for almost 3 hours in 360 degrees, the culprit manages to evade his identity. This naturally evokes interest among the readers to continue reading the story in one shot rather than reading them in intervals/break.

Yes, this is something which is happening predominantly in India. I know a person who is claiming to be going through this nightmare day in and day out.

Why is that a girl has to go through all these difficulties in her life?
Is she committed a sin being beautiful?

The story brings out the struggles of a common girl in a subtle manner which revolves around love, passion, treachery and most importantly, the will to fight it. This would go a long way in giving the much needed strength for those who has faced/facing this situation in their life, especially women. We have witnessed a revolution which has already begun in the name of #MeToo. This book would add more power to the movement.

I loved the way, the story was penned. Though I personally felt that it was a lengthy story(260 pages) which could have been cut short, if this gets made into a movie, I am sure it would be done by then and I also have no doubt of this story making it BIG since this is "A Thriller Inspired By A True Incident"

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Knock Knock I Am Your Anaesthesiologist

Title - Knock Knock I Am Your Anesthesiologist
Author - Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar
Genre - Memoir
Publisher - Quignog India
ISBN - 978-93-87004-02-3

The field of medicine has always fascinated me. Though I was allergic to biology/chemistry/physics which comes under the broader classification of Science, my family has had its own share of Physicians with one of them serving as the HOD/Dean in Madras Medical College in 70's and my wife's cousin is a Doctor herself. Having said that, I too had my own notion about Doctors to some extent. Those were 80% positive and 20% negative. The positive ones were attributed to my family physician who was always kind enough to diagnose me when ever I fell ill and to my knowledge, despite giving the best of treatment and priority access by jumping the queue, he has never charged my father. He passed away when I was little over 10 years. I had my first experience of being sedated and going under the knife when he performed an operation which is still evergreen in my memories.

I always thought about why and how an anesthesiologist gets paid well though I had a faint idea about their job description and was pretty much convinced after I saw my mom being treated for her decayed tooth under an "Induced Anesthesia" since she expressed her concern of not able to tolerate the pain. She was not completely asleep and was in half sense responding to the Anesthesiologist as and when required. I then understood the complexity of the procedure to some extent since I knew that it would either make or destroy the life.

This book is a perfect compilation of sequence of events which has occurred in the life of an anesthesiologist and to a person who has not embraced science, would serve as a ready reckoner as it has captured the step by step procedure of what goes into making a professional in this highly risky procedure.

I was initially worried about not being able to cope up with the content but I was in for a pleasant surprise when I started reading the book as it was a free flow. Author has not used the complex medical terms unless the context required and these were explained in simpler terms.

I was fascinated by the types, the procedures, the presence of various equipment and what sort of care needs to be taken throughout which were explained in detail by the author in an easy and understandable terms. I bet there couldn't be a much better book than this to decipher the subject/field. While we only look at the monetary compensation that these professionals are paid, this book makes one understand as to what sort of risk, they themselves have to take or vulnerable to.

This 30 chapter book has captured the essence in a nut shell on little over 130 pages though it took more than a decade for the author to gather such an everlasting experience.

This book is available on Amazon

Throwback to how Taxiwaala fought piracy like a boss!!

Piracy is one issue that has been the film industry in general, be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even Tollywood. Of late, actors like Manoj Bajpayee appearing on TV, voicing the industry’s stand against piracy in special PSAs (Public Service Announcements). Down south, actor Vishal has been doing a splendid job in curbing the incidents of piracy by the infamous TamilRockers group. However, when TamilRockers managed to leak a sizable chunk of incomplete (without CGI or grading) footage of Vijay Devarakonda’s Taxiwaala last year, people were shocked. One must note that this leak happened months before the film’s release in November. It was around the same time Vijay’s Geetha Govindam too had leaked. 
However, at the same time, Vijay’s fans, whom he lovingly calls ‘Rowdies’ pledged full support to their star. When Vijay expressed his disappointment by the leak in a tweet, his fans pledged their support to the movie and assured that they would watch the movie only in theatres. 
The group behind the leak, TamilRockers, has gained quite a notoriety among film circles in the past few years. Every other week, they appeared in the news after leaking a popular newly released movie online, from all prominent film industries. Despite having some arrests being made in the past, their activities continue as they keep changing their IP addresses and domain extensions to evade the authorities. 
But team Taxiwaala stood up like a phoenix and continued the post-production work. While such a leak would have dishearted many. Team Taxiwaala struck upon a novel idea. In association with Chai Bisket (a popular Telugu YouTube channel), produces UV Creations uploaded a video titled ‘The Reality Behind Taxiwaala’ on their channel on the 8th of November 2018. 
Featuring Vijay Devarakonda and the cute kids from the previously viral ‘The Dream Behind Taxiwaala’ video, the video was a cutting-edge answer to piracy, brimming with cuteness. In the video, when the kids arrive at Vijay’s house, they start judging the movie on the opinion of few friends who saw a few pirated scenes of the movie. As Vijay finds it difficult to explain the scenario in words, he chooses cooking as a medium to explain the struggles of making a film and why the films the kids’ friends saw was incomplete. How? While many would know the answer to this (the video had gone immensely viral), there’s no harm in checking out the full video again below to refresh your memory.
Watch The Reality Behind Taxiwaala

Fans loved the video and expressed their support for the film, criticizing its piracy. This showed how fan support and appreciate can only grower stronger against piracy with time. 
Soon, the movie was ready to release on November 2018. However, Taxiwaala was again hit by piracy after the movie leaked online, days before its theatrical release. It was heartening to see our Rowdy star Vijay being targetted by pirates again and again. But he stood strong and made an appeal to his fans, asking to support the film in theatres. The result - the audience found themselves enjoying a unique thriller that delved into concepts previously unexplored in Telugu cinema.
Now, after a good run at the box office, fans can now treat themselves to Taxiwaala, in the comfort of their homes legally, as the movie is getting a digital release on ZEE5 from 16th February 2019. Now, you can binge on this out-of-the-box thriller starring Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar and Malavika Nair whenever you want. It is pretty affordable doing so too. Subscribe to the ZEE5 Telugu pack with the code GET20 and you can get all the Telugu movies (including Vijay’s Taxiwaala and Geetha Govindam), TV shows, among other Telugu content for just Rs 39/month on ZEE5. 
When watching movies legally can be this affordable, why go for piracy? 

Book Review - Beyond 90 Minutes:An Autobiography

Title - Beyond 90 Minutes:An Autobiography
Author - P.K.Banerjee with Anirban Chatterjee
Genre - Autobiography
Publisher - Notion Press

Before I could start writing my review about this book, I must make an honest confession. I wasn't a keen follower of Indian football and I hardly knew the name of the achievers. All I knew were the likes of Vijayan, Baichung Bhutia, Sunil Chettri but hey, you must also know that by the time I was born, many of the legends - at least in the Indian football has pulled off their boots. Having said that, I must also admit that I had hardly watched other tournaments like EPL,UEFA CL and others. However, I was a keen follower of World Cup football. I was a hardcore supporter of Argentina and I  cried literally seeing Maradona cry after losing that edition World Cup to Lothar Mathias led West Germany(Yes, Germany wasn't unified in 1990). However, my allegiance shifted its base to Brazil which eventually won the World Cup in 1994 and surprisingly, I knew all the names of the 11 players who played in that brilliant team.

Now, coming to my review. When I finished reading this book, I was dumbstruck as I came to know that we too had a legend who we could proudly put on par with the world class top players. Yes. The legendary P.K.da as he is fondly called has lived and living his life till date breathing only about one sport - Football. The book has captured the essence of his feelings and accomplishments in his truest sense. Though he could very well boast about his achievements in the sport, he did not do so but has brought out the book which was brilliantly written by Anirban Chatterjee as was told to him by the legendary footballer.

Not all becomes a legend. A person becomes one, when his action speaks more than his words. I am sure that he is surely a name to reckon with in the game of football and those who are from his State and the other State which produces footballers would still be hailing him as their inspiration and this book is a fitting tribute to the same.

The book talks in great detail about the life and journey of P.K.Banerjee as to how he struggled and suffered when his family had to shift its base during the partition leaving aside all their properties which put them on a spot but he was lucky to have had a supporting Father, caring Mother and later joined by his Wife Arti who was doing both, in the absence of his parents. The book would make you cry, feel proud of what this man has done for the nation and how he put "Nation First" even though he had to go through some testing times. His rise to the fame was very well captured in this book and so as his retirement days, equally.

He has given credits to his mentor Bagha Shome, Rahim saab and talked extensively about Neville(who holds the record till date of scoring the only hat-trick in Olympics for India & joint Golden Boot winner in 1956 Olympics), Chuni, Balaram, Kittu, Sailen Manna, Aziz, Mewalal, Ahmed Khan and Sattar. He talks about how he was deprived of 6 goals to his credit in a tournament. You read it right. It was 6 GOALS. Running 4 miles a day isn't easy as it sounds but P.K.da did it during his hey days. 

He also talked about other legends like Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin, Ferenc Puskas, Sandor Koscis, Nandor Hidegkuti, Athletes like Milkha Singh, Abdul Khaliq, Jessie Owens among others.

He has given so much of information through this book as to how he was referred by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia who wished his country had produced at least one P.K.Banerjee during the Asian Games Awards ceremony. He also had a mix of his humor when he talked about how he lectured about cables to the M.D. of Nicco Cables which controlled half the world market by then.

His better half was awarded a Certificate which was signed by Sepp Blatter and Antonio Samranch (FIFA & IOC) which acknowledged her contribution to the Women Football. Now, where wuld you see a couple like this?

Facts to ponder :

1. Do you know India has qualified for Football in Olympics for 4 times consecutively?
2. India drew with mighty French football team in Olympics?

Achievements of P.K.Banerjee:

1. FIFA Fair Play Award - 1988
2. Padmashree Award - 1990
3. Indian Footballer of the Century by FIFA
4. FIFA Order of Merit - 2004
5. Player of the Millenium - 2005 by FIFA
6. International Fair Play Award by the Olympic Committee 
7. Arjuna Award - 1961

After reading this book, I so wish that India produced more legends like P.K.Banerjee which would have put our Country in the limelight. I wish that day would come, sooner since this book would inspire a minuscule, if not many. Considering our population, this minuscule would easily run into millions which is sufficient enough to produce many football legends in the coming days...

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

Niir Project Consultancy Services announces a book titled “Manufacture of Pan Masala, Tobacco and Tobacco Products”

New Delhi, 25 January 2019, The book titled “Manufacture of Pan Masala, Tobacco and Tobacco Products (Tobacco Cultivation, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarettes, Bidi, Cigars, Khaini, Zarda, Gutka, Katha, Mouth Freshner, Pan Chatni, Kimam, Sweet Supari, Nicotine Sulphate, USP Nicotine, Nicotine Tartarate, Nicotine, Polacrilex Resin)” released by Niir Project Consultancy Services, provides a comprehensive information on Tobacco and Tobacco Products Processing businesses. Some of the information and products in the book are Tobacco Cultivation, Tobacco Diseases and Pests, Organic Tobacco Production, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarettes, Bidi, Cigars, Readymade Khaini, Chewing Tobacco (Khaini), Zarda, Gutka, Katha, Mouth Fresheners, Pan Chutney, Pan Masala, Kimam, Tobacco of Various Grade, Sweet Supari, Nicotine Sulphate, USP Nicotine, Nicotine Tartarate, Nicotine Polacrilex Resin, Smokeless Tobacco (SLT), Hookah, Tobacco Products Manufacturing Processes, E-Liquid (Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components), Additives in Tobacco Products, Additives Products, Packaging & Labelling (Design Trends & Technologies), Plastics in Food Packaging, Packaging Laws and Regulations and Photographs of Machinery with Supplier’s Contact Details.

Chewing tobacco has been a tradition in India for centuries. A large proportion of Indian economy is agro based in which Tobacco is one of the principal cash crops. The smokeless tobacco has historically been served as a tradition in India for many decades. Presently, the smokeless tobacco is the largest tobacco product category in India.

Of the total amount of tobacco produced in the country, around 48% is in the form of chewing tobacco, 38% as bidis, and only 14% as cigarettes. Thus, bidis, snuff and chewing tobacco (such as gutka, khaini and zarda) form the bulk (86%) of India's total tobacco production. In the rest of the world, production of cigarettes is 90% of total production of tobacco related products. The per capita consumption of cigarettes in India is merely a tenth of the world average. Tobacco and tobacco products generate around US$ 3.1 billion in revenues to the national exchequer by way of excise duty, and around US$ 768.69million by way of foreign exchange every year.

The book will provide you comprehensive information to tap the opportunities available in the Tobacco sector. It will be very resourceful to its readers who are just beginners in this field and also to upcoming entrepreneurs, engineers, professionals, existing industries, technologist, agriculturists others interested in the field of Tobacco products manufacturing.

About Niir Project Consultancy Services
The Publisher of the book NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services and market research reports. Its various services are: Pre-feasibility study, New Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys / Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Section of Plant /Process / Equipment, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counselling for setting up new industrial projects.

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Ajay Gupta

Book Review - Empty Wallet

Title - Empty Wallet
Author - Jagadish Jaganathan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-68466-746-8

To start with, I would say that the title is very appropriate to the story and the cover page adds more weightage to it.

What does the title signify?
Is the protagonist bankrupt?
Has he been robbed/looted?

I had the same set of questions just like you on my mind when I saw the title and started reading the book. Ezhil Kumaran, the hero of the story starts his life just like a normal person. His single father raises him with much care and despite securing 55% in his BBA, he struggles to find a job. It is then he meets up with Deepika who was charming and was placed well in a job consultancy firm. He falls in love with her and it gets reciprocated.

He had a closed circle of friends Karthik, Shiva and Krishna. While Shiva ditches Karthik in his love life, they were connected with Ezhil in one way or the other. At some point of time, Karthik, who was founding partner of their company EZ Corp had to part ways with Ezhil.

Why and what made it happen?

Ezhil also had a dark past where he gets dragged into unnecessary controversy.

What was the controversy?

Despite all these setbacks, Ezhil emerges victorious in his business despite some dark forces trying to pull him down.

Who were they?
Why did they do it?

Though this book isn't a thriller, it very much qualifies for one - at least in some places making it an interesting read :-)

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.

Book Review - Pocketful O’ Stories: Micro-tales on Unexpected Moments of Love

Title - Pocketful O’ Stories: Micro-tales on Unexpected Moments of Love
Author - Multiple
Curated by - Durjoy Datta
Publisher - Penguin Enterprise
ISBN - 978-0143445319

Who wouldn’t have experienced love? When you get a chance to get your story featured along with Durjoy Datta, the master storyteller, you wouldn’t have thought twice to take part in the contest. This is what has happened here. The book is the end result of some of the brightest minds out there who gave a different dimension to LOVE.

ITC Engage brought together some of the brightest minds out there to give a whole new dimension to LOVE with the latest book ‘Pocketful O’ Stories’ authored by Durjoy Datta. When you get to read micro tales from different people (who can now refer to themselves as published authors), you would surely be in awe!

In an exciting crowd sourced campaign to invite microtales that celebrate unexpected moments of love, more than 400 best stories have been compiled into a book. More than 10 stories from Durjoy Datta’ own moments to represent an intriguing journey of playful romance.

Yes. You could get to experience LOVE in its various forms. When you get to read micro tale stories from different people (who can now call themselves as published authors), you would surely be in awe. There are more than 400 stories (450 to be precise) with 10 stories from Durjoy Datta himself.
I loved the way the book was made. It is handy and a classic since each and every page is in maroon color. I cud experience the Cupid taking various forms and shapes in each and every story making myself get hooked to the book till I completed reading them all in one go.

I also managed to find out few notable people who have contributed sizeable number of stories which includes Sruthi Sahini, anothergirlwithfantasies, Harsha MV, Soundarya_cool among others and I am sure as to how proud and happy they would have felt seeing their stories taking shape in the form of anthology.

Though each and very story was unique and conveyed the message in a powerful way despite being a micro-tale, I liked one story in specific which I would like to highlight it here. It reads as:
I’m dark and bitter”, coffee complained.
“Not everybody likes me to”, milk sympathized.
Sugar brewed their sweet love and world witnessed the most loved taste.
This story was penned by @Satishsikhwal

How true and thought provoking, the story was… This establishes the point that if LOVE is two-way, there is no stopping of it by anyone by any means (of course there are some exceptions which is miniscule).

This book is a great attempt and honestly speaking, if I had known about this, I also would have taken part in this. Having said that, I hope the publishers and the sponsors would come forward to keep publishing various anthologies from time to time giving various young minds, a chance of getting published alongside established authors.

To sum up my review in three words about the book –
Thought Provoking

This book is available on Amazon. Order it - here

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