Book Review - Different Shades Of Women

Title - Different Shades Of Women
Author - N.S Ravi
Genre - Fiction
Publishers - Author Paradise
ISBN - 8944571548429

Nuranis Ravi is a critically acclaimed author who has been successful in penning different stories of different genre and has been successful in getting them reaching the readers like me in the most efficient way. I pretty much liked his other two novels including the last one Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh which has had a different dimension to a novel.

Different Shades Of Women is a unique book. I would say all the 8 short stories included in this beautiful book speaks about womanhood. It talks in detail about the emotions faced by women who don various roles in their lives - as a Child, Sister, Mother, Wife, Sister-in-Law, Mother-in-Law.

Each story talks about these roles in detail and would make you cry for sure. I would not talk much about the stories because it would become a spoiler otherwise. It talks about the general issues faced by women when it comes to claiming a share in the property, when being unable to conceive to give birth to a child, when falling in love, when forced to take the crucial decision to name a few.

When the women is seen as a mere puppet in the present world and is being portrayed as one even in some of the movies in general, author has portrayed them in a very respectful way which would bring out the emotions from any man, if he really appreciates a woman because it is she who has given birth of him. Read the book to appreciate the womanhood.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Heavens We Chase

Title - The Heavens We Chase
Author - Lavanya Shanbhogue - Arvind
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Roli Books
ISBN - 978-81-86939-80-2

The Heavens We Chase is a novel written by Lavanya Shanbhogue - Arvind. The story was set in the Pre-Independence period. It revolves around two main characters namely Satyajit aka Satya and Saraswathi aka Sarah.

Since the story isn't a thriller or a crime genre, it moves slowly but at the same time, you wouldn't feel bored which is what I would say is the speciality of this novel. If you are a lover of classics, I am sure that you would appreciate this novel beyond any doubt but even otherwise, this would take us back to the past which would give you a first hand information on how the days were back then.

The story runs in two parts - one that of the protagonist Satya who wanted to become rich despite his background. He was an orphan since his mother dies of a snake bite and was charged with a brutal murder. Why and who did he murder and what happens next is an interesting plot.
He somehow overcomes his trouble and gets educated in Oxford. He had a friend by name Salmaan who helped him when he was in need of some accommodation initially and in turn he does an unbelievable act. Though Salmaan was angry, he did not avenge it but helps Satya. Why he does that is another point you would need to discover by reading this book.

Coming to the second part - it is about the girl who wanted to become a singer. Her father however does not approve it. She is Sarah. Who was her father and why he did not approve it? There was another love story for this character which brings out the difficulties of being brought up in a aristocratic family and the pros and cons attached to it.

The novel is not suitable for kids but having said that the incidents that warrants it were beautifully supported by the characters. It brings out the melancholy in both the characters in one way or the other. A great attempt in this fast paced world where most of the time, we run behind crime, thriller and horror and stories like these needs our appreciation and attention.

The book is available on Amazon.

Are you breathing safe air inside your home?

Pollution has become a part and parcel of our life. While some are ignorant about it, others do not give proper attention that it deserves. We mostly have a common notion that pollution exists only outside our house. If you had that opinion till date, its time to get it changed.

Pollution exists even inside our house. First and foremost, it is the dust which gets accumulated at our house. While we think, it is the spiders and its cobwebs which is the major pollutant, you are incorrect. It is we, who are the major pollutants. Yes. It is human beings. Our body is designed in such a way that hundreds and thousands of our skin cells die everyday and it gets replaced by fresh cells. Where does these go?

It falls on the floor inside our house as minute particles which is the major composition of dust. We think that it is because of something else.

We can clean it by having to clean the floor everyday with a broomstick.

Then comes the cob webs. It is undoubtedly a pollutant inside our home and if it went unchecked, we would end up seeing them occupying most parts of the house. Though it is beneficial in one way by eradicating insects, we cannot be lenient towards it since it may be allergic to few who would start sneezing continuously which isn't a good sign in the long run as it may affect the respiratory system thereby leading to heart problems.

The above can be tackled by using broomsticks, dusters or suction cleaners. It is advisable to keep our nose and mouth closed while cleaning this.

Next important pollutant inside our house are the termites. While these do not attack teak wood, not all can afford to decorate our interiors with teak. However, there are termite proof plywood and boards are available these days which can solve the problem. 

Termites and Borers not only damage the wooden interiors but they also act as a cause for allergy since these wooden particles would be falling inside our house which would enter our respiratory system. These termites can be killed with the help of insecticides which is the only option. To prevent it, we should ensure that the interior walls are not damp and so as the wooden cupboards and almirah.

Finally, it is the smell which is also a major pollutant inside the house. This can happen due to various reasons. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Surroundings not being maintained properly and the smell enters our house from outside.
2. Socks.

These can be avoided by keeping our surroundings clean and when it comes to socks, it has to be washed daily and sometimes, this foul smell may emanate due to some health issues as well which needs consultation with a physician.

We also tend to use sambrani and room fresheners which may prove to be even more harmful than the actual foul smell due to the presence of various chemicals in it.

There are many harmful things which can be avoided inside your home including the smell of the paint and varnish. Some can be done by your physical activity like cleaning and some needs smart thinking because you cannot be there cleansing the house especially the walls day in and day out. What would you do by then?

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How to stay healthy?

What is being healthy according to you?

There are many notions for this. Being healthy to some is being muscular. To some, it having greater stamina. While all these are globally accepted phenomenon, being healthy according to me is stop falling sick often and looking young even when you are ageing.

When I say abut looking young, it doesn't mean that one should apply all the creams available out there or apply cosmetics. It has to come from within.

How do you achieve it?

There are many ways to achieve it. I have few secret ingredients which can hep you achieve them. If you are already aware of these, you may ignore.

LAUGHTER - Laughing is the best therapy available out there. There is no harm in laughing. It is a good exercise for all your muscles and remember, your face has the mot number of muscles across the whole body. There is a saying which says "Laugh until you die". This is an apt one. Laughter can give you relaxation to both your body and your mind. There are many "Laughing Clubs" across the globe. You need not have to join all these. All you need to do is to watch some comedy scenes from a movie and laugh heartily.

Before we could go to the next scenario, take a look at this brilliant video.

WATER - Water is the best medicine out there. There are many complications which arises out of water being insufficient or impure. Ensure you drink good 3-4 litres of water minimum per day. Do boil the water and drink it, if you do not have filter at your home. Avoid drinking it from outside. Keep your body hydrated. Since most part of our body is comprised of fluids, it is essential to keep them on balance.

FOOD - Food is the basic necessity. Do not eat anything and everything at your will. Avoid junk foods. Avoid deep friend food and oily items. Try to intake more number of half baked vegetables. Include fruits in your diet on a daily basis. Do consume greens regularly. Eat your food in small portions throughout the day so that no unwanted fat is accumulated in your body.

AIR - This is not in our hands to some extent. I am sure, you would agree if you are living in some of the polluted cities in the world. However, this can be moderated to some extent. While air i usually clean and fresh in the early morning, try to get the benefit by going for a early morning jog. You can also get the purified air when you do Yoga. For those, who travel day in and day out, try using quality air filter masks.

Being young is certainly in our hands. Firstly, one must feel young from inside. This is one of the main reason as to why teachers usually look young because they always move with kids/students most of the time and this keeps them energised and make them feel young by default. Not all of us can be teachers and professors but we all can certainly feel young by spending some quality time with the youth - be at home or outside. This will not only give you more exposure but also help you to come out of the social media addiction which is rising rapidly in the recent times. 

Keep your mind fresh. Be open to feedback Do not mix your personal and professional life. Try to enjoy your life and work, as it is. Do not complicate it. Life is to be lived only once. Let us make the best use of it by living it happily and spreading happiness and love throughout the world.

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Stand a chance to meet Ronaldinho,Ryan Giggs & many more footballing legends as Rooter partners with Premier Futsal

The second season of Premier Futsal is upon us and the entire country will witness the legends of football descend upon the small arena once again!  The second season of the tournament, whose brand ambassador is Virat Kohli, begins on 15th September, Rooter has partnered with the league to give a further boost to its burgeoning audience base by acquiring fans from the massive audience of football and cricket in India.

To augment the excitement around the league, Rooter will share all the key data and insights from the Premier Futsal with fans. It will include Futsal matches in its list of fan engagement features such as live prediction game, sell tickets and merchandise from the league and provide it with a dedicated team forum on the app where representatives from different teams can directly interact with the fans and push for exclusive content.

Futsal is essentially, an indoor version of football with 5 members in each side and 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. The Premier Futsal league began in India a year ago, and since then, its popularity has grown exponentially. The presence of iconic players has helped this cause, with names such as Hernan Crespo, Paul Scholes, Cafu, Salgado, the living legend Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs and world-renowned futsal specialist Alessandro Rosa Viera, popularly known as Falcao or the ‘Pele of Futsal’, apart from the legendary Portuguese midfielder Luis Figo, illuminating the arena. Incidentally, Figo also doubles up as the president of the Premier Futsal.

Rooter users are in for a massive treat as the Premier Futsal will arrange for meet and greet sessions with the legends and provide free/discounted tickets as well as merchandise to Rooters through contests, lucky draws etc. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to meet the greatest players ever to grace the football field long after they have hung their boots. Premier Futsal will also provide Rooter with player imagery rights for fan acquisition purposes.

Commenting on the association, Piyush, Founder and CEO, Rooter said, “Futsal has been making waves and last season’s great response was an evidence of the way Indians have taken to this fast and short format of football. With the second season starting from September 15th, it is the right time for Rooter to come onboard and enhance the fan base of this emerging sport by encouraging fans of other sports to follow it as well. With world-famous players such as Deco already confirming their arrival for the league, the second season’s action can only be bigger and better, and Rooter will ensure that it brings all of it to Futsal fans in India and all over the world!”

Abhinandan Balasubramanian, CEO and Owner of Premier Futsal, said, “As a pioneer project in India, the response received by PF in its first season has encouraged us to go many notches higher. But for that to happen, we needed a much stronger audience acquisition and engagement strategy, and Rooter was undoubtedly the best partner which could help us achieve the same. The platform will perhaps be the most significant cog in our digital fan engagement plans. With Rooter on board, we have taken a giant leap towards making Premier Futsal’s second season a revelation in the Indian sporting arena, and eventually a world conqueror!”  

Rooter has become the go-to platform for Indian sports tournaments to attract, engage and interact with audiences and build a loyal fan base. Its successful associations with tournaments such as the Pro-Kabaddi League is an evidence of its wide reach among the sports enthusiasts in India. Tournaments such as the Premier Futsal league which are still at a teething stage stand to benefit greatly from the continued attention and engagement they get from Rooter users, apart from popularizing a completely new and exciting sport in India!

About Rooter:
Rooter is World’s first sports social gaming platform that connects sports fans and engages them during Live sports matches. Rooter offers unique Live match prediction game across 7 sports and enables a Live chat forum where fans interact during Live matches with Live scores and commentary. It provides a seamless mix of gaming, conversations and Live scores. Rooter was started by Piyush (Founder & CEO) and Akshat Goel (Co-founder & CTO) in Sept 2016 and now engages more than 3 lacs sports fans across 7 sports- Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Kabaddi, Badminton, and F1.

Book Review - The Quest of the Sparrows

Title - The Quest of the Sparrow
Authors - Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma
Genre - Self Help Story(Fiction)
Publishers - RUPA Publishers
ISBN - 978-81-291-1865-3

A story which would make you dig deep into yourselves to realise your real potential. The book is divided into 4 parts. In part 1, person who was wealthy but still was not contended with it, comes and joins Swami Parthiban. Part 2 is where a detective comes. Part 3 is a about Swami Parthiban himself and Part 4 is an unexpected one.

What makes this book special?

It made me cry in few places. They have such a deep meaning but was penned effortlessly by the authors. The events that were explained would make you feel that it did happen in real. There is no discrimination shown by the authors towards any religion which is one of the plus and secondly, the book would make the readers realise the truth behind the so called Divine Power without having to seek it all the time.

The plot is a very interesting one. There is a map given in the beginning of the novel and I wondered or what this was furnished and then realised when I started reading the novel. The story revolves around humanity and how the people in rural India are still humane enough and treat the tourists as their Athithi. There were few lines which had struck the chord and I would like to quote one or two. There was an instance where a worker goes beyond his limits to help Swami Parthiban and his disciples and when asked as to how he would face his master, he utters "Even if my master scolds me, it'll be one person suffering instead of so many", "We don't eat before we serve our guests", "You treat your cattle better than I treated my parents","I have seen only preaching babas but today I saw a karmayogi baba","Sharing pains and problems unites people" to name a few.

I am sure you would also find the above equally appealing along with other lines that runs across the entire book. A simple story that was given with right proportion of knowledge and virtues and if used in the right sense, can bring wonders in your life.

The book is available on Amazon.

My granny & some evergreen memories

Some would be lucky to have been raised by grandparents from both the sides - Mother and Father. I wasn't lucky enough from my father's side since his dad passed away many years before my birth and my granny passed away when I was hardly 5 year and hence I do not have much to recollect or remember about her though I remember her face.

However I was lucky to have been raised by my grandparents from my mother's side. They were simply the best atleast till I was grown up to some extent. They showered me with their unconditional love since I was the first baby boy born for their kids. I use to sleep between them and I have always been very fond of both of them.

I still remember, when I use to get annual holidays, my grandpa use to come to my place travelling all the way from his place, the very same day to pick me up and go. He use to get me the best food and chocolate and whatever I wished. I till remember a huge air plane balloon he bought for me which I kept it for years since it was made of special material and I was very fond of bakery biscuits and those days, they would come in a bicycle or tricycle. As soon as I hear the noise, I would turn around to see my grandpa who would immediately call the cyclewala and get me my favourite sweet biscuits. I could also very well recollect my very first proper cricket bat which was gifted to me by my grandpa when I passed my 10th Standard public exams which I used it carefully for almost a decade.

Even though I have a dozen of much expensive bats with few of them being autographed by cricket teams and top players including Sachin,Ganguly and Sehwag, nothing could match the bat which my grandpa bought for me. I would have celebrated this day in an even grandeur manner since I am earning handsome now but my grandpa is no more. He passed away some 15 years back when I was in my final year in my college.

Before I proceed further sharing my experiences further, kindly take a look at this beautiful video.

I do remember the days I and my grandpa use to go alone for the movies and he giving me company in playing indoor games like carrom, chess, cards etc to name a few. I also use to get him his favourite beeda whenever he came to my place and also ground nuts which has become a routine for me to consume during my childhood which I think is responsible for my healthy body even now. I have learnt lot of good things from him including timeliness, cleanliness and being well behaved. I use to massage him and he use to give me few rupees with which I use to buy plastic toys back then. Those days were gone. I will never get them back.

I only have my grandma now and she too stays very far away from my place. She has become more fragile now and hardly comes to my place. I was happy when she came to my home last month (August) and stayed there for a week. I bought her, her favourite food. As a kid, she got me all I wanted and I felt it was time to reciprocate. I am sure she would still remember the good old days just like I did....

“I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.”

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Timeless Asha on Woh Zamaana Kare Deewana in Zee Classic

The legendary Asha Bhosle is turning 84 on 8th September. Even though he elder sister Shri Lata Mangeshkar has reached the maximum heights in her illustrious music career, Asha Bhosle was no less than her. She has been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as the most recorded music artist. She has been conferred with prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke and Padma Vibushan Awards by the Indian Government.

Having mesmerised us through her voice with the selection of songs, this musical melody queen has sung over 12,000 songs in more than 20 Indian and foreign languages and would it not be a fitting tribute to celebrate her birthday in a grandeur manner?

Zee Network which is the leader in the Hindi Channels has decided to take Asha Bhosle's birthday to greater heights through the "Timeless Asha" program. The program which is all set to be telecast on 8th Friday at 7PM on Zee Classic saw the confluence and convergence of the entire bollywood fraternity coming together to pay their tributes to the legendary singer who has been singing for the past 7 decades. The list included stalwarts like Pt Shivkumar Sharma, Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia, Dimple Kapadia, Zeenat Aman, Helen, Tabu, Bindu, Jaya Prada, Moushumi Chatterjee, Leena Chandavarkar, Amit Kumar, Kumar Sanu, Shaan, Udit Narayan Alka Yagnik among others.Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Mr. Sharad Pawar also graced the occasion with his wife, Pratibha Pawar.

With the dashing Aayushmann Khurrana hosting the show, the audience were for a sweet surprise when Asha Bhosle herself performed. 

Choreographer and dancer Terrance Lewis has performed with versatile actor Radhika Apte on  romantic number where as Mujra , a unique cultural genre that was mastered by Ashaji was performed by herself.

If you thought, is this all, hold on. There were many more performances from the likes of Mahi Vij ,Raghav, Pronita,Shakti Mohan,Monali ThakurAntara Mitra, Vaishnavi, Manan , Bhumi Pednekar and last but not the least, a performance by the sensational Lauren Gottlieb which would make you go gaga over the entire program. 

I wouldn't be saying much about the program here because just like you, even I am all set eagerly to watch it on television to see how it unfolded. If you still cannot control your curiosity, you can watch the teaser here or alternatively can be accessed at:

This is what the Star of the Night, Asha Bhosle has to say “I have always celebrated my birthday with my family and close friends. And I am deeply honored that Zee Classic has decided to showcase this special concert to celebrate my birthday. Watching the young singers of today perform on my songs in the presence of all my well-wishers in the industry was indeed a very humbling experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the highlight was the song where all the actresses I sang for came on stage after so many years."
A tribute to all the teachers in my life

A tribute to all the teachers in my life

I am what I am today. I feel this day belongs to all my teachers who shaped my career and most importantly made me a person with virtues where I feel proud about myself of being a teetotaller, speaking only the truth at all times, respecting rules & regulations among others.
This day also belongs to my Mother who was my first teacher who taught me patiently without which I wouldn't have understood things back then. Though I'm little impatient in teaching her these days with technology, without her, I wouldn't have acquired all the knowledge which I feel proud about and the good characters she made me to embrace - being truthful, not to be selfish, live & let live are some of the few I drew from her vast experience. Though she has not even completed her schooling, she saw me competing couple of Masters with University Rank. Who can be the best teacher than my own mother??
I also owe to my father who taught me the very important aspect of timeliness which I feel proud about because in today's world, I see less than 10% keep up with their time commitment & I'm one among them 
Last but not the least, I'm ever thankful to
Standard 1 to 5: (1984-1988)
1) Uma teacher 
2) Meenakshi teacher
3) Late PNT teacher
4) Geetha teacher
5) Jayanthi Balasubramian teacher

Standard 6-12(1989-1995)
6-10) Revati mam, 
Dr K N Ramaswamy sir and others who shaped my career meticulously.

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Book Review - The Devil's Prayer

Title - The Devil's Prayer
Author - Luke Gracias
Genre - Thriller/Horror (Fiction)
Publisher - Bee Books
ISBN - 978-93-80925-48-6

A very well researched book that involved various churches from historical periods dating back to the early 1st Century till date as to what was the most well kept secret including the tomb of Genghis Khan and how he rose exponentially which is also combined with various other factors like the invasions of Greek and Roman Kings and most importantly the existence of The Devil's Prayer or Devil's Bible which spoke about the birth of the evil which would lead to Armageddon.

The story begins with a nun committing suicide in Spain. While she hailed from one of the most revered church surrounded by great priests, none could able to stop her end since she embraced it as promised to the Devil. Is this devil so powerful and if yes, who was he?

On the other side of the world, in Australia, Denise Russo finds out that the nun who plunged to death which wouldn't be the case otherwise in normal day order was none other than her mother Siobhan Russo who disappeared mysteriously few years back.

What made her to leave Australia?

Denise undertakes a journey only to be attempted to be stopped by some unidentified men but she gets saved by Father Jakub and eventually Siobhan lays her hand on the book "The Confessions" which reveals the dark past of her Mother. What was it? Did that lea to her suicide?

There are so many gripping situations including torture, backstabbing, love, treason along with horror which has been very well clubbed in this story. I felt like I was watching the movies of  The Omen, Excorcist and few other fictional movies all at once.

Luke has made this book a very compelling one to read. I must say that I felt bored in the very beginning but once I cleared past some 50 pages, there was no turning pack since the story line was so well blended with the characters that has forced me to read all at once...

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Colours Of Passion

Title - The Colours Of Passion
Author - Sourabh Mukherjee
Genre - Thriller Fiction
Publisher - Readomania
ISBN - 987-93-858544-5-3

A great story which would make you say is this person the real culprit in the end. A plot that was so beautifully scripted without giving even the slightest hint as to who was the real culprit. The story begins with a murder of an actress Hiya Sen. Her high profile better half Manav Chauhan gets beaten brutally and gets admitted in the hospital.

Agni and Arya enters the scene since the duty of investigation falls on them. Agni starts his interrogation and his doubt falls on Rituja Bose with whom she had a spat. Rituja also had a relationship with Mayank Kapoor who in turn was seeing Hiya as well even after she got married.

On the other hand, Manav breaks up the engagement with Neha prior to getting married to Hiya. Now there are lot of complications as to who the real culprit is and while they were trying to get the investigation complete, couple of murders happens which throws away the investigation angle into a deep chaos.

But having the brainiac Agni an Arya, the case gets unfolded in the end with some unexpected twists and turns and the plot for these murders were even more surprising. Give it a read of this thriller and I am sure you would be entertained till the end for sure.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins

Title - Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins
Author - Bharat Madan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Author Paradise
ISBN - 894-4-571-548-39-9

A  novel that is so well written without making you feel bored right from the beginning till the end. If you love science fiction, this novel is certainly for you. It kind of gives you the surreal experience of going to the past instead of future. 

Jim Morgan is the protagonist and despite being so much successful, there was something that he was not contended with. He meets someone which he himself does not believe as to who the person claimed that HE is and when he goes on a time travel, things takes a different turn. Unlike the other stories, where usually a person goes to the future, here, Jim travels to his past.

Why did he travel back?
What made him to travel?
What did he find?
Was he be able to set things right?

I liked the way the story was penned because it had some fantasies here and there without losing the grip on the actual story line. Jim has to get the clue to answer the above questions and the clues were available in his own novels.

How did he leave them unnoticed?
Who reminds him of these?
Did he manage to find these clues?

Read the story and unleash the answer yourselves.

The book is available on Amazon.