Book Review - No Shortcuts

Title - No Shortcuts
Author - Nistha Tripathi
Genre - Self Help / Motivational
Publisher - Sage Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-328-0826-7

One of the favorites quotes from an author I have read till date is Shiv Khera's "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently". This quote is very much apt for almost all the successful businessmen or leaders or those who are successful in their life.

When I read "No Shortcuts", the above said quotes reaffirmed it because those who went ahead to set up a successful venture on their own, saw the potential lying in front of them and utilized it to their best. 

What did I like the most about the book?

There are various things which made me get a real good impression about this book which includes:

1. Professional write-up
2. Coverage of success stories of 15 successful start-ups which weren't covered in a single book, earlier.
3. The book was written in such a way that you wouldn't feel bored since each one had a combination of facts and figures.
4. Categorization by Industry, Current Status & End Result - whether the brand was bootstrapped, venture backed(running, acquired and pivoted away).

At the end of each chapter, there is a takeaway which talks about Person, Product, Marketing, People in common for most and for some, there is Pricing, Marketing & Sales, Fundraising, traction, operations & challenges.

Each chapter is also accompanied by a picture which most of us wouldn't have seen it till date. This makes this 280 page book, real interesting and compelling. The book can serve as a real learning experience for the potential entrepreneurs who wanted to be successful in their life because each story imparts you with the knowledge of a lifetime which has been acquired by these extremely successful people through their sheer determination, will & guts backed by foresight and leadership skills.

I could see that the author has written this book not for the sake of writing but has put in her heart and soul which is clearly reflecting in every word that has been used in this book. This might look flattery on my part to most of you but this is the reality. When you finish reading this book, you would not agree to disagree with me.

The book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Of Aakash and Aarti

Title - Of Aakash and Aarti
Author - Dr Govind Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1644297841

A compelling novel which would leave you in tears. The story captures the essence of how the life would turn when you become addicted to drugs. Hats off to the author who has captured this and explained it with intricate details that it would bring forth the real danger and effect that one would surely has to face when become addicted. Though we get to see the statutory warning flashing across the movie screens and on the packs of these items, we tend to give a damn about the warning. The end result would mostly be devastating unless you are blessed with a miracle.

The protagonist - Aakash who lost his parents in his childhood had to go against his own will and wishes in order to fulfill the dreams of his grandfather. He falls in love with Aarti but never revealed it to her. Aarti who hailed from a poor background also had a miserable childhood. Aakash enters into good books of Rajeshwari Devi whose better half Basant Somani was the richest person in that locality.

Though Aakash had all the luxuries that were ushered in on him by Rajeshwari Devi, he could not enjoy it as he becomes addicted to drugs. In the meanwhile, Aarti's life track gets changed. The story isn't a thriller but it would still keep you captivated till the end as it brings out mixed emotions which includes love, lust, treachery among others.

The dark face of the society which is hiding behind the slow poison called "Drugs" has been captured very vividly by the author which has portrayed the character in its real essence.

At the end of the story, I was left in a dilemma as to who I should feel sorry for - Aakash, Aarti or Rajeshwari Devi. Read the story and I am sure you wouldn't agree to disagree with me.

The book is available on Amazon

Insure yourself for a BIG amount with ICICI PruLife Term Insurance

Insurance is useful when it comes to covering the risk associated with the happening of an unforeseen event. It is a matter of solicitation. However, it would help the family of the insured to help them maintain the same lifestyle if there is a loss of life where the unsuspecting family loses the breadwinner.

The concept has proved to be effective across the globe where insurance is all about covering the risk which usually occurs to a fraction but the risk is covered by many. Hence, the premium which forms the basic foundation of this contract, between the insurer and the insured, is mostly on the lower side.

There is a basic difference between the two major classifications of Insurance namely Life Insurance and Term Insurance. For life insurance, the premium is much higher since you would either receive the insured sum along with an accrued bonus, either at the time of maturity or when the insured is deceased, whichever is earlier. On the other hand, for a term insurance, the amount would be handed over to the family by the company in case of death. Since the premium is not paid back to the insured, the premium amount is usually very low.

There are few companies which offer Term Insurance and me was convinced by it only after going through this particular term insurance premium calculator, you can also calculate here

I was impressed with the functionality of this since it gives you the complete control of ascertaining the premium, all by yourself.

Why term insurance with ICICI PruLife?

  1. Lesser Premium.
  2. Greater Coverage which means you can get an Insurance Cover for Rs.1 Crore for a premium which is as less as Rs.490* a month.
  3. Term Insurance gives you overage upto 99 years which the traditional life insurance doesn’t give as it seizes to exist once you turn 60+.
  4. Tax Benefits under section 80D.
  5. With an optional raider, you can cover any of the 34 Critical Illness (upon diagnosed with one).
  6. Life Cover even in case of terminal illness including AIDS.
  7. Accidental Death Benefit can also be availed at the time of purchasing the cover or even after the purchase.
  8. Accidental Cover is applicable until the age of 80 and can be paid to the family in case of an unforeseen event, over and above the basic life cover.
  9. 4 Payout options which include regular income, lump sum, lump sum + regular income and increasing income.
  10. Option to buy online with MWP Act.

I made a quick calculation based on my age and here is what I have got.

I can opt for a minimum period of 5 years (premium payment option) to a maximum of 47 years. I was thoroughly impressed because for a premium of Rs.4.55 lakhs, I am getting a cover of Rs.1 Crore up until I turn 85. I pay this amount only for 5 years where I would only be just 43 but I can enjoy the cover for another 42 years without having to pay even a single paisa as a premium. Isn’t that amazing!?

The concept “Term Insurance” was really popular in the western countries and it is slowly catching up in India too. There are few articles on various websites which could help you in making the selection of a perfect plan with the plus and minus points of term life insurance and when you should buy.

The term insurance premium calculator is such a powerful tool that one could calculate his/her premium amount all by themselves. You do not have to depend upon an advisor or anyone. All you need to do is to log in to your internet and get the premium calculation done. I got mine done. You too can get your premium quote online.

Book Review - mOToRcyCLe SPorTS & a rACe hELp scHOoL fiGHT CrImInAlS (Paramount school series Book 1)

Title - mOToRcyCLe SPorTS & a rACe hELp scHOoL fiGHT CrImInAlS (Paramount school series Book 1)
Author - Asimava Roy Choudhury
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

The story is set up as happening in a school. The protagonist, Harsh was studying in class ten. He was more focused on sports and physical activity. While playing a game of soccer, he meets a new guy called Nikhil aka Nickel. After facing the defeat, he goes voluntarily to his house to congratulate him and meets Tidy.

Around the same time, one of the security cam gets stolen from the school. This cam was suspected to have captured few events which had led to the collision of the Principal with the Physical Education teacher Mitty. Even before this could be investigated, he received RTI application asking for many information. Most importantly among them was the information about number of CCTV's being installed and their configuration.

On the other hand, Harsh an his friends ends up in a physical dual with the local goons. This leads to lot of unexpected turn of events in their life. Though they were warned by the cops not to take that route, Harsh was forced to take it.

What made Harsh take that dreaded route?

The goons escape and they have now become a threat to the lives of Harsh, Tidy, Bruce and others. On the other hand, there was this annual function planned. 

What happens to the RTI?
Who filed it?
Did the school annual function happen without any hindrance?
What had happened to the local goons and why they were in dual with Harsh,Bruce and Tidy?
Were they been arrested?

To find out the answer for all the above questions, download the book on your Kindle. I am sure you would go back to your schooling days(not because of the incidents/portrayal of events as it is but would make you rewind back your memories with respect to your behavior like fear, obedience, friendship, rivalry among others). A good attempt by the author.

This is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

Book Review - When The Devil Whispers

Title - When The Devil Whispers
Author - Ajinkya Bhasme
Genre - Crime Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64429-434-5

The story is inspired by the real events. I am really not sure as to how much was related to the real life incidents but for sure, this would give you goosebumps when you finished reading it. 

A young woman, Shalini gets kidnapped in the middle of the night and when she recollects the incidents after being kept in captive, she vaguely recognizes her father being around at the time of her kidnap.

On the other hand, Manoj starts getting some bizarre dreams and illusion. He gets to see the images of few kids with blood in their body. Who was he? Why should he be getting such dreams/illusion?

Alka, mother of Shalini after finding her daughter was in trouble, heads over to Sangli(where Shalini stayed).She comes under the lens of cops after her erratic behaviour which included the identification of the corpse of her husband. The mutilated body's post mortem report said that the person was around 27-30 years whereas Ajay was easily in his 50's. Why did Alka lie?

What she has to hide?

Gayatri took extra care on Shalini. Why did she do so?

Dr Dhope who was the family doctor for Ajay and Alka, treats Ajay even without letting Alka know about it. What is so grave that he has to hide the fact?

Radhika and Smita on the other hand were black-mailing Manoj. Who are they and why did they blackmail him?

Did the cops Inspector Patil, Inspector Prashant, Deepak and Ashwin manage to solve the mystery behind the murder, kidnap and torching of an old lady with her house?

As this story revolves around various characters, it would become real difficult for you as to who you would call a Protagonist. Each and every character was given an equal role.

A Captivating thriller, is what I can say about this book as I enjoyed from the beginning till the end.

This book is available as eBook and Paperback on Amazon.

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Book Review - City Of Nine Gates

Title - City Of Nine Gates
Author - Pankaj Rajput
Genre - Fiction(Religion/Spiritual)
Publisher - Notion Press 
ISBN - 978-93-84049-64-5

Gyan, the protagonist of the story makes millions in his business and was about to be awarded for his business acumen and achievements. Just then, he stumbles upon a startling discovery. Though archaeologists considered it as a temple, he wasn't satisfied as it never looked like one. However, when he finds an entry which was concealed for centuries, he could not believe as to what he saw.

The site which was found close to Himalayas, along the Ganges was believed to be more than 5,000 years old. To his astonishment, he comes to know about the architectural marvel as the initial discovery was carved out from a single stone. He then finds out that the structure was just a jewel in the crown to the mystical city of nine gates.

This is where, his journey begins and so for us as well - the readers. This beautiful city is cursed and who can lift the curse and when? Most importantly, what is this curse and why should this be lifted?

Gyan who was initially confused with the various inmates in the city starts realizing about what is happening around him, slowly but steadily. He also gets the assistance from the magic fabric which keeps guiding him with various information that it prints for him(before it is disappeared).

The City of Parth was the place he was travelling to. He initially wanted to find as to who this person Parth is but when he comes across each and every individual who called themselves as "Parth", his confusion grows manifold. But slowly, he starts unfolding the mystery surrounding him and the mystical city.  He stumbles upon the truth o how Budhi, Vidya and Ahamkara can infuse self realization in the human soul which in turn leads him into the sea of mixed emotions creating an imbalance or liberation.

Author has beautifully infused the story with worldly knowledge by making a proportional mix of Archaeology,Philosophy, Physics and Myth among others making it an interesting read. It would give you a tinge of reading and sailing through various genre without letting you feel bored but at the same time, to give more concentration, without which the story could not be grasped and understood in its true form.

Disclaimer- This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Blog Tours, for details log on to thereaderscosmos.blogspot.in

The book is available on Amazon