You can live without cash - with PayTM (Ab ATM nahi, #PayTM karo)

While everyone has been using eCommerce sites and Digital Wallets, I decided to do it differently. Why not try to live a day without cash?

I knew for sure that it is possible with the advent of digital wallets and introduction of debit and credit cards but not all the time you would be carrying your card but for sure, you would have your mobile phone with you at any given point of time.

Hence I decided to use my PayTM wallet. The end result was really surprising. Take a look at hos my day unfolded. Some sentences may have been dramatised to give that feel and appeal to you(readers). I began my day by buying couple of kilos of rice from a Rice Merchant.

So, as mentioned above, my house had enough stock of other materials like oil, vegetables etc and rice was cooked since this is our staple food. I then went on to buy a footwear(Since I have forgotten to capture it, I am not sharing the SS here).

Dad had to get his blood sugar check up done. Do I need to say that I use my PayTM even over there?

From there, I went straight to a medical shop to get is blood sugar tablets. The shop did accept my PayTM mode of payment.

Unfortunately, the shop did not had Blood Pressure tablets on stock and hence we went to another medical store and the procedure for making the payment was totally different. Even though I scanned the code, there was an OTP generated which needed to be shown to the shop keeper. I showed it and the transaction was done.

By the time all were done, it was already noon.  I had my lunch and took a nap. It was 3PM then and I already started feeling hungry. PayTM came to my rescue yet again. I went to a local cake shop and purchased cakes and puffs along with bread. The payment was accepted without any hassles.

It was evening then. I decided to complete my dinner. I went to a local restaurant and they accepted the payment with all smiles.

Finally when I was returning home, I found something irresistible. I saw a shop selling pickles and idli podi. Needless to say, I was tempted since I saw PayTM prominently displayed outside the shop. I went ahead and completed my purchase. My day was done.

Points to note:

1. I did not mention the establishment name unless it was displayed on the payment screen as I do not want to put other establishments in trouble being less advantaged.

2. You can find all the shops that accepts PayTM payment in and around your locality using nearby option on the app but I would suggest to check it prior whether they accept since some may not. I had this experience with few shops since they refused to accept the payment due to less patronage or the shopkeepers were reluctant to use it. It is an opportunity for us being an educated ones to highlight the importance and benefits of Digital Payments which I did.

3. Do ensure that your wallet is loaded prior.

If I can live a day without cash or card, you too can for sure. Give it a try and feel the difference.

Book Review - Aliens in Delhi

Title - Aliens in Delhi
Author - Sami Ahmad Khan
Genre - Sci-Fi
Publisher - Niyogi Books
ISBN - 978-93-85285-71-4

If you are a Sci-Fi lover, I am sure that you would love this novel. When I was reading it, I could relate this book to few Hollywood movies like Species, Independence Day, Men In Black(MIB) and Aliens to name a few which means, this book is not based on any one of the above but has some resemblance from all the movies combined which makes this story, unique.

You would be entertained from the beginning till the end since the story has some unexpected twists which would take the readers by surprise. What I liked the most was portraying one of the dreaded terrorists which the world has ever seen, as an Alien. 

The story can be said in a single line but having said that, it is really difficult to elaborate it to such an extent keeping that one line as a base. Interestingly, at least to me, I found that there is no protagonist who can be singled out but yes, in the end, there emerges one but I wouldn't say he or she is the sole one.

The mission is simple - to save mankind but when the events starts unfolding in India, I felt glad for the fact that this did not happen in the usual location - United States. A different approach to the subject is what makes this novel, a real interesting one.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review : Harappa - Curse of the Blood River

Title - Harappa - Curse of the Blood River
Author - Vineet Bajpai
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Vinnet Bajpai
ISBN - 978-93-5268-548-6
A gripping novel from the beginning till the end! Well, I wouldn't say it is an end because the novel does not end with this book as it continues in the next part as Pralay - The Great Deluge.

A perfect combination of the past and the present, where the story goes all the way back to Harappan Civilisation and comes to the present one. Author has also asserted that he has used some of the historic references to make the story interesting and it is a pure fiction. He has also mentioned that he respects all the religion, though the novel has touched upon few others in the story.

What happens when a person who is a Half Human and Half God when he tries to stop something inevitable? Well, this is what the actual story line is but the secret does not end here. It is much bigger, wherein the characters were used very intricately by the author. This is the story of sudden disappearance of the mighty Harappan Civilisation against the popular “Aryan invasion” theory.

Vivasvan Pujari was the Demi-God(I can say that he is the Indian version of Thor)who took care of the wellness of all the beings in Harappa. However his brother-in-law Chadradhar's wife Priyamvada gets poisoned by some dark forces. 

Who are these dark forces? 
Is it a single entity or multiple person?
What was their motto?
How did the mighty empire fall?

After centuries the greatest grandson of Shastri lineage Vidyut is summoned suddenly to Varanasi where a dark family secrets awaits him? What is this secret? An assassin is sent to eliminate Vidyut? Why? There are leayers of secrets buried in the sands of times and multiple relationships formed, tested and broken.

I must admit that the story is a great plot wherein you will not feel bored right from the beginning till the end since author has penned it so meticulously without deviating even a little. I am now eagerly waiting for the second part to be released. I am sure, when you finished reading it, you would also be expecting the release of the next version. If you didn't, then I must say that you haven't got the plot for sure ;-).

"This Book Review/Interview is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Book Promotions" to know more log on to http://thereaderscosmos.blogspot.in/."

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Three Psychos

Title - The Three Psychos
Author - Yash Pawaskar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Dimple Publication
ISBN - 978-93-86469-04-5

A novel attempt by the author where in he has penned a story which comprises of three characters. While the first character Alexander Silva gets stuck inside somewhere which says DE22912 and he tries his level best to understand what it is all about and where and how he got struck. It gets decoded in the end for him and that is where the real suspense is.

The second story was where Amol aka Patient No.9 gets stuck in a hospital where he keeps meeting a secret creature from the other planet. He finally gets an hint as to what that is. Did he manage to save the earth from the brink of extinction?

The third one is about Aakash getting a gun fully loaded(6 bullets) as soon as he turns 16 and what he does with that becomes a nightmare. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very good attempt of portraying three different characters in a complete different set up and when they come together in the end, it would make you even more surprised. A perfect way to spend your weekend to read a completely different genre which would not have been read by you, at least in the recent times.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review : Love Buddy - Is Love Worth The Wait??

Title - Love Buddy - Is Love Worth The Wait
Author - Zahir Chauhan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - StoryMirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-27-5

Zahir has penned a story which is so compelling. I am also very much sure that many of us would have been in the dilemma or the situation that was portrayed in the story in such an effective way. I can confidently say that this is my story, this is your story or rather, this is our story.

We all would have had an experience of first time love or would have at least been a witness of someone falling into it. The experience can be correlated only by those who had felt this feeling and for those who haven't, fret not, this novel can sill make you understand that.

The story begins with bunch of friends Samar,Anika, Nijo, Rajat and last but not the least, the protagonists Kabir Shroff and Kashish Khan. While these friends come together after a while for the engagement of Samar and Anika, things start turning against them. They face lock-up.

Why did this happen?
Who was responsible?

Around this time, Kabir understood that he loved Kashish but did not had the guts or rather the intuition to tell her(may I say propose?) but now Kashish is already in love. She was in love with Prithvi but still had soft corner for Kabir.

What has happened in the end is a perfect way to conclude the story. The story line may be the same or the usual stuff but the way it was written gives a uniqueness to it as a whole. I am sure the readers will not be disappointed. Give it a read today.

This book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Her Wounds Hurt Him

Title - Her Wounds Hurt Him
Author - Aiman Parween
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - BlueRose publishers
ISBN - 978-1-64008-870-2

A simple story with a powerful message. I wouldn't mention anything about it because it would turn to be a definite spoiler. I liked the way, the story was written but the editing bit could have been better. Having said that, I always give weightage to the story line and not to the language as long as I grasp the content.

This story is about how a chirpy girl Dhani's life turns into nightmare and how she faces it bravely. The story is a common scenario in India which either gets neglected or made mockery of which should be addressed on priority so that occurrence of such unfortunate events can be avoided. After all, we Indians love our Mother Country and give due respect to women.

The book is available on Amazon.

Stay Smart with ARQ

Have you ever thought of something which has given an unbelievable returns but still was not as risky as its peers. I can hear your mindset where it says "I know you are going to talk yet again about a chit fund company which conned us a decade ago or about an MLM company".

All I can say in one word is a big NO!!

I am not going to speak about any of the above aspects. Having been in the banking field for close to a decade with a accounts degree, I have had the privilege to work as an unpaid Financial Planning Manager(FPM) for my colleagues back in my previous company thereby saving few thousands of rupees as taxes for them. I never had thought about hiring a chartered accountant to plan my finances since I was salaried back then and with limited resources, I planned my finances carefully and ensured that I paid minimum taxes as mandated by the Law.

Having switched my profession now from being an employee to a self employed consultant in the professional capacity, my scope had widened with unlimited avenues to income earning potential with a equal burden of tax. It was then I decided to move away from the traditional investments like Insurance, Metals, Deposits to name a few.

I wouldn't deny the fact that these investments came at a cost which involved lot of sacrifice and sweat that saw my earnings gone into various schemes but was I happy with all of them? Honestly speaking, I wasn't. While some were done for the last minute pressure to avoid taxes, some were done for the sake of recommendation and friendship but yes, I do realize that when it comes to investment, emotional things must be kept aside.

Well, I have no regrets for what had happened in the past which cannot be undone but the present action can always be rectified to ensure that all my investments further would not only reflect my true potential but also ensure that I got the maximum returns. Now going back to the very first para on this. I was saying about maximum returns. How much percentage does your bank promise on deposits?

4,5,6,7,8? while it is 3% minimum, it goes upto a maximum of 8% on a normal savings accounts and little over 10% for long term fixed deposits. Again these are taxable at the time of maturity and with the inflation that needs to be taken into consideration, the end result would put you in minus. We do not think about it most of the time. While I am not completely critical on this aspect since few do this way as it is convenient for them or they are averse to consider other options or they may not be aware of some of the greatest options available.

Now this is where, ARQ comes into picture. What is ARQ and what makes it unique compared to others?

ARQ is a revolutionary automated investment engine that takes emotional bias out of investing and let's you harness the maximum performance of equities as an asset class, ARQ offers recommendations for Mutual Funds (Lumpsum & SIP) and Equity Stocks. It is accessible to all Angel Broking Customers via Angel Eye or the Angel Broking App. ARQ's performance test results are available for you to examine, before you take the plunge with your hard-earned money. ARQ’s advisory is based on a model whose performance has been optimized to provide recommendations with high outperformance and strike rates. The model has been tested using scientific back-testing and has also been validated based on its track record. The model has been calibrated to take advantage of the upticks in the stocks or mutual funds during an investment period.

As you could see from the above, ARQ is an unique app that helps you in making the investment in a planned way which is a tried and tested method and has been validated as well based on its track record.

To make you understand in a simple way, let us take this example.

We all were talking bit about BSE hitting all time high benchmarks in the recent times. An analysis shows that it started at 100 on 12th May 2016 and ended at 122.7 on 30th June 2017 which is an impressive increase of 22.7 over a period of little over a year.

Now consider the ARQ Index. It also started at 100 on 12th May 2016 and ended at 138.2 on 30th June 2017. Now that's an increase of 38.2% which by all means is even better than the exorbitant credit card rates(kindly note that I am not advocating using your credit card to rotate funds and getting higher returns because unless you clear the credit card balance within the revolving credit time period, their interest rates are even higher).

Few more analysis will make you understand this even better. I am going to compare few of them with BSE 100 and a single product with Nifty Midcap 100. The time period used to come to this reference is between May'16 to Jun'17

ARQ Fundamental Winners
ARQ MidCap Stocks
 Nifty Midcap 100

ARQ Quality Stocks
BSE 100
ARQ Value Stocks
BSE 100

As you could see from the above, the difference in terms of returns are clearly evident.  While there are no human interventions involved in the usage of this app which eliminates even the single possibility of error being committed since all the calculations were based on previous performances and records, this also ensures that you get the best and trusted advice when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

Now you will see as to how the ANGEL BROKING app which is available on iOS and Google Playstore has helped me to plan my finances.

Then I went ahead with the Questionnaire.

Based on my answers, I was given few more questions with choice of answers given.

All I or any one for that case needs to do is to be honest and fill the questionnaire.

As you could see from the above, I entered the answers which were true to my knowledge.

I was immediately given the option of what my investments need to be. Kindly note that the recommendations were based on NOBEL PRIZE winning Modern Portfolio Theory.

Based on my answers, I was given the above mentioned Asset Allocation Portfolio which I selected. As you could see, my traditional investments on metals has not found any significance in this with due weightage given to Equity MF followed by Debt MF.

Needless to say, I was happy and went ahead with the plan for the fact that knowledge is unlimited and we are always in the process of learning and when you have proper guidance available, the best and wisest thing is to make use of it.

ARQ is the brainchild of Angel Broking which is a member of BSE, NSE and also with NCDEX and MCX. Catering to the needs of more than 1 Million retail investors, it has a nationwide network of 132 branches with 17 regional hubs and more than 9000 registered sub-brokers/business associates with 3500+ employees across India.

With the advent of GST and increase in tax rates on most of the products, it wouldn't be wise, if you have not acted upon your investment planning which would not only help you secure your own future but also the future of your entire family as well.

Bring Smile - A Campaign which can make a difference

We come across many campaigns day in and day out. They differ from one another in terms of ideas and execution. We would have donated to few of them without even knowing whether it is solving the purpose or reaching the real beneficiaries. However we do this on goodwill and as a good samaritan, we have all the rights to get to know as to where exactly our money goes or being spent.

Campaigns related to hunger, floods and other natural calamities are a common one in our country but have you ever thought about bringing smiles in the face of kids? While there are few which is related to kids are found online, they do not deal with enhancing the kid's knowledge but mainly to address their basic education and food(hunger) in most of the cases.

Here, I present to you a campaign which is making waves. The campaign has been started by QtPi Robotics which is a Bengaluru based company. More about the company and its functions can be found at the bottom end of this post. They came up with a special initiative where they wanted to pick up the bright students or to put it in other words, students who have visionary thoughts and knowledge but never had the chance to bring it out of them to exhibit it to the outside world. Most of these students are confined to Govt funded/aided schools where the resources are not available completely, all the time. These students mostly hail from Rural India who come up with very many innovative ideas since they would have either witnessed it in their locality or would have thought about it "Would it not be better, if things were done this way?"

We need not have to go to Urban area kids as it may not be relevant to this context since they have very many opportunities and avenues. Hence QtPi Robotics came up with Crowd Funding concept where through the funds raised, it would help the kids from the rural areas who were identified based on their ideas and knowledge and help them realise their dream. This does not require a major contribution but even a mere Rs.100 would go a long way which would help in sponsoring for the robotic course to the underprivileged in Rural India. In return one would not only get a shout out from the company on Social Media but also a sense of satisfaction that their money has gone towards a noble cause. 

A simple contribution by sacrificing a coffee in a swanky coffee shops can help a child realise their dream. The campaign has so far raised Rs.43,700 from 37 backers which is close to 15% of the total target funding of Rs.3,00,000 with just 19 more days left.

You can make a difference by clicking this link -> https://goo.gl/ZfFKWi

Be the change India wants to see. Jai Hind!! 

QtPi Robotics is into space of building ecosystem for children/kids to build robotic projects. QTPI Robotics is entirely designed and built in house by veterans from Software, Mechatronics, and Integrated Chip industry. A proud “Make in India” initiative.

Book Review - Harp

Title - Harp
Author - Nidhi Dalmia
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Authors Upfront
ISBN - 978-9-38443-989-7

A romantic fiction that was set in the 1960's which would make you go back to those days and people like me who were not even born by then have had the chance to get to know the first hand information of hos the world was back then - especially the Europe. 

Author has meticulously penned the story including most of the intricate information pertaining to love clubbing with the lifestyle of Europe. The story revolves around 3 characters but predominantly on the protagonist Ashok. The other two being Lauren and Aparna.

Ashok was born in a industrial family and leaves to Europe for higher studies, mostly to implement the learning in his dairy company. He goes across various countries and cities which includes Paris, Wroclaw, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and UK among others. He ends up meeting different women across these places which includes Nicole, Barbara, Vera, Hanna and Irina but most importantly he meets Lauren and falls for her. 

Luckily for him, his love gets reciprocated but destiny had other plans. He could not stay there forever as he has come back to take care of his father's business since he was getting old and lot of issues started coming up in his company after the independence where the rules were really strict and regulated.

What I liked the most is about touching upon the local lives in each and every location with minute attention detailing from the food to how the people over there behaved. The novel is a real bulky one but I am sure those who love reading a lengthier novel would not find any difficulty in going through this in full and the price tag for such a beautiful novel is very much justified.

It kind of made me connect with my own life incident as well but jut that I wasn't there but had my own phase of life where my ex girlfriend was from Kiev and we could not continue any further due to the distance and culture(something similar to the one portrayed in this novel) even though our parents knew about our inclination to each other. So I could very well feel and place myself in the place of the protagonist Ashok.

In the meanwhile, Lauren has to move away from her place for a better life and she meets someone and so as Ashok who ends up meeting Aparna. 

What happens in the end is what this novel is all about. Give it a read. You will find it a real soothing one, especially if you have had an experience of the protagonist at any given point of time in your life.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Kansa

Title - Kansa
Author - Prassant Kevin
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Inked Company Publishing
ISBN - 978-819-324-0571

A perfect novel that would keep you on the edge of the seat from the beginning till the end. The twists that comes up in the tad end of the novel when you have thought that you have found the real killer is just amazing.

Professor Black ho himself has had a dark history gets roped in to find the serial killer Kansa. He joins with ACP Saargi Desai who initially though Professor Black was a ruthless and psychopathic person but he turned to be a real pro and a gentleman.

The start to investigate the case with a person who has escaped the killer and professor stumbles upon a vital clue which leads them to a person. However things takes a different turn and the killing continues. This makes our protagonist to work even more harder and he does finally entangle all the knots to reveal the real identity of the killer which would take you all by surprise.

Though the novel runs for close to 400 pages, you will never fell fatigued till you finish it. It is a perfect companion for  the weekend or when you are travelling a long distance either by bus,train or even an airplane.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Marks

Title - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Marks
Authors - Ashwin Sanghi & Ashok Rajani
Genre - Self Help / Motivational
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 978-93-86224-76-7

This is the third book in 13 Steps Series - the other two being 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck and 13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth(both have been reviewed by me). This book is yet again an exceptional outlay pertaining to the subject which was kept as the title.

We never had understood the smaller things what we did as a kid has in fact helped us greatly. This includes reading in a sitting posture or walking while reading. We have also avoided television (most of the times) and there are so many which we did but had eventually forgotten and when it comes to our own kids, we tend to adopt an approach which is been followed presently which is incorrect. What has worked for you can be tried and replicated with your kid as well.

The last minute rush in reading(not revising), discussing with the other students on and after the exams(which I conspicuously avoided as I knew hat they would simply confuse your mind which would affect the next exam greatly), using different coloured pens to highlight the points, showing working notes to name a few are well explained along with some suitable pictures and diagrams.

The book does not give you any false hope or teach rocket signs but when you read it, you will feel it connects with some or most of the habits you have practised or inculcated but had forgotten about it due to time lapse, would not help you in rekindling it. The author has mentioned about losing 1 mark in his maths subject where he scored 199/200. I can connect my own experience as well where, I missed answering a 2 mark question in an hurry which saw me scoring 198/200 in Commerce Exams in the 12th main exams way back in 1997.

The experience of both the authors will make even a dull student bright as it shows the right path and all one need to do is to follow that direction.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Syncfluence

Title - Syncfluence
Author - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
Genre - Marketing
Publiher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-947586-86-4

This is Yaagneshwaran's second book. The first one being "Is your marketing in Sync or Sinking?"  which was well received by the readers. This book "Syncfluence" talks about a different strategy in marketing.

With the increase in online marketing brands which has slowly started capturing the huge untapped demand across every nook and corner, the need to learn about the strategies when it comes to online marketing which is way different from the traditional marketing becomes a quintessential one. There are many books available out there but this one talks about the perspective on Sync with your Influence which is way better than any other marketing strategy/methods.

Not all of us would know everything around us. There is some kind of information or other which is available with each one of us. Though I am in the online marketing and promo field myself for close to 5 years, I felt that this book certainly deserves an attention especially among the rookies and beginners who would need to exercise greater precaution while deciding how much to spend for the online promo. One must read this book, if he or she is unsure as to how to go about marketing. I am sure you will find it really useful.

The book is available on Amazon.
An Inspiring Real Life Story

An Inspiring Real Life Story

Well, we all would have come across some inspiring story or the other. It would have inspired you for various reasons. I too have an inspirational story which is a real life incident that was shared with me by the person concerned himself.

I am not naming the person for privacy reasons. He was invited to give a motivational talk when I was preparing for the civil services preliminary exams. Though I did not clear it since I had a single attempt, the talk that was given by this person has inspired me the most making me to take a vow that I too would accomplish something in my life.

It was a jam packed session as usual since the place where I studied gave free coaching for the UPSC aspirants. The person made a sudden appearance. He started talking in a casual way saying that he too was just like us few years back. He hailed from a rural area and kept attempting to clear the civil services. He then went to Delhi as it was well regarded for better coaching and higher chances of clearing the exams. Unfortunately, he did not clear. But he did not lose his hope. Since he had age and attempt, he kept trying. 

In the meantime, he mastered the subjects and started giving training in the institute where he once joined as a student. The irony was, those who got coached by him cleared the exams leaving him behind. Few even started making fun of this person. However he had full support and encouragement from his parents. He gave the final attempt - which was the 7th one and he eventually emerged successful. He also got the post he wanted all this while. Yes. He got into Indian Police Service. He is currently posted as SP in Jharkand. 

The best part of this officer is his simplicity where he replied to my mail wishing me good luck and that he wanted to see him on the other side along with him as a civil servant. Though I was not lucky, I still felt contended that I made a good friendship which is still continuing....

There are two more inspiring stories in the same line but I guess I would end it here. If you would want to know about them, kindly leave your comment. I would come up with a new blog post.
Fee for Convenience, NOT for Inconvenience?

Fee for Convenience, NOT for Inconvenience?

Well, we all are now accustomed paying the convenience charges for anything and everything. While the charges seems to be on the higher side especially when it comes to the entertainment, we let it go since we do not have the time to stand(just fr few minutes) in the queue to book the tickets. The GST did not exempt even this Convenience Charges since the charges now stand at Rs.38.40 with www.pvrcinemas.com 

While I am not sure about the legality of the charges which runs as high as 25% of the actual ticket charge as there are no legal binding and strict rules on this so called "Convenience Charges", I faced an extreme inconvenience.

Remember, this is not the first time I faced it with PVR. It happened last year when I booked the ticket for Bahubali and I along with friend was asked to leave the show despite having the online ticket where we were given a reason of system error as our tickets were not registered on the system and they issued a manual ticket for some one else. We were just given an apology which did no good because we had spent our time and money to come all the way traveling close to 15 kilometers and have incurred parking charges too.

While I let that go, there is another incident which happened yesterday that cannot be excused. I saw the website showing the screening of Annabelle from 4th August onwards and I promptly booked the tickets for the show on 5th August. I booked the tickets on 3rd August.

 When I went to the theatre on 5th, I could not print the ticket on kiosk and when I enquired in the counter, I was told that the movie wasn't released and I would get the refund in 5-7 working days.

Now my question which I think is very much valid(even in the court of law) is this:

1. When you charge the so called "Convenience Fee" are you not suppose to compensate the customer when they face an "Inconvenience"

2. Refund will and must happen anyway by default since the service was not availed. Is this all a customer is entitled to get? Is this the brand handles a customer?

3. Since no one raises a voice and they get pacified with a simple apology message from the brand which is no good since I paid so much for my travel and spending my time to come all the way, who will compensate it?

I can very well take this to Consumer Forum to teach the brand a proper lesson but since it is a time consuming process, I am writing this blog post so that you all will know as to what exactly is happening and be aware of the smart way of tackling the customers.

My Tweet link showing the Screenshots are here:


The best part is this. Eventhough I haven't watched the movie, I got a prompt SMS asking me to rate the movie and the experience.

Secondly, I got an SMS about the cancellation of screening of the movie, the next day and not a day before or even on the day when the movie is about to be screened which would have avoided the inconvenience caused to me.

This bitter experience has made me to take a firm decision to boycott PVR with immediate effect and I have also tweeted to them registering my strong protest and that I would not be using the refund credit as a mark of my protest.

If you have also experienced something similar to this, it's time to rise up!!!

Communication and Civilization launched by Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devandra Fadnavis

L to R: Jayraj Salgaokar, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis and Amit Chatterjee

The Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, unveiled an academic textbook 'Communication & Civilization’ authored by Mr. Jayraj Salgaokar and Mr. Amit Chatterjee. The book release function was held at Varsha, the Chief Minister’s official residence Mumbai. The Chief Minister, who is well acquainted with both the authors, appreciated the years of efforts that went into the creation of this book. 

The book describes human race’s hunger for knowledge and the journey of  communication from stone tablets to phone tablets and beyond. The book aims to provide layered information & analysis in a simplified manner for students in the field of media and communication.

The book has been jointly authored by Mr. Jayraj Salgaokar, an economist and the co-founder, Editor & Publisher of the popular publication 'Kalnirnay'. The other author, Mr. Amit Chatterjee has extensively worked on digital media in Mantralya and presently focuses on smart cities with Silicon Valley-based enterprise ‘Array Networks’. 

The book has received forewords from Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar and ICT & Law minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad respectively. The Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, Mr. Sanjay Deshmukh has written an introduction for the same.  The book has been published by the Delhi based Kautilya Books and is available on Amazon and Crossword for purchase. (Pages : 234, Price : ` 350/-) There is also a microsite www.civilcommunication.org created for the book.

To know more about the book: 

Minutes of the Board Meeting - 5th August 2017

The club meeting conducted today decided to conduct Installation and Induction meeting. The President is Authorised to see the various possibilities at minimum cost. The President will get back in a few days. 

The President in his address dealt on the various projects done in the month of July. He also  informed the members that two accounts have been opened. Henceforth, members can give cheques in the name of these accounts. 

An Estimate of revenue collection and expected expenses was submitted. 

All the members are requested to give the subscription amount of Rs.7000  immediately as international dues and District dues are to be paid.
The President also explained the thrust areas of Service of the International and the District. 

Those who like to contribute 20, 50, 100 dollars to LCI Foundation are free to contribute. One can opt for MJF Award too for which there is 50% discount offered by the District.

The President informed the members that this year he has taken up free distribution of Sanitary Napkins to poor girl students in govt schools. He will be promoting the project as DC Women Hygiene too.

A contribution of Rs 600 would help in 2 girls getting 10 Napkins every month for 10 months. Lns Sarath Babu, Senthil Raj Babu contributed 600 each. Thanks to the two Lions.

The meeting pledged to increase membership on a priority basis. All the members are requested to focus on membership and that too quality members.

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With festive season coming up soon where we would witness lot of offers across various sectors, Autoportal which is one of the leading eCommerce sites when it comes to booking a 2/4 wheeler, has also announced some amazing offers.

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Before we could go ahead to see how it works, do have a look at the prizes.

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Do have a look at what the procedure is which is really a simple one.

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How to go about using the Autoportal site?

The site is easy to use even for a novice. You can not only search and book the new cars but also the used ones as well. One can even book New 2 wheeler using this site. Since when it comes to 2 wheeler, there are 100's of options available across various brands which confuses us most of the time with regards to making the decision. I am sure you would agree with me on this but fret not. Autoportal makes is easy for us.


Take a look at some of the screens below:

As you could see from the above, the site offers a stupendous compare option using which you can compare various models before zeroing in on one after taking into consideration all your requirements. This simply means, you are not misled by the salesperson in showroom who would want to sell the model which would fetch him more incentives.

 Not only that. You can even search for upcoming models of various brands and can wait and make your purchase if you are attracted to a specific model or brand.

You can do lot many other things on the site which includes renewing your car insurance, applying for a quote, EMI calculation and even buying spare parts.

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