Book Review - All Lies, Says Krishna

Title - All Lies, Says Krishna
Author - J Rajasekharan Nair
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-8905-391-3

The two great Indian Epics has been written and re-told in many ways. Each one of them had their own and unique way of approach to the epic. We would have also seen them on television in various versions. However, All Lies, Says Krishna is certainly the one you wouldn't have come across. There are so many reasons to it. One of the main reason is the story is told by none other than Lord Krishna himself to his lover, Radha. Yes, The Lord is instrumental in giving out "Bhagavad Geetha" to Arjun but the narration of the epic itself, in his version is something unheard of.

The story may not be appreciated by the orthodox Hindus as they may beg to differ to this version but we must understand one thing that there is no concrete evidence or proof about the happening of the epic, as has been told to us, over the period of few centuries. I appreciate the different outlook and approach to the epic by the author which in itself is a daring attempt. 

I will not be going in detail into the story as it would become a spoiler. However, I would like to give few instances as to why I call this novel, unique.

1. The story gives great importance to Draupadi who along with her twin brother had planned to take revenge against Drona and Arjun. You read it right, it is Arjun...
2. Draupadi had actually fallen in love with Lord Krisha.
3. Lord Krishna never thought Arjun would make it to the Syamvar since he wasn't invited.
4. Draupadi felt humiliated to be sharing her life with 5 brothers - Pandavas.
5. Lord Krishna's parent is a sibling of Kunti.
6. Pandu was impotent but he concealed it while marrying Kunti.
7. Pandu falls in love with Madri and reveals the secret about him.
8. All the 5 brothers except Yudhistir married once more since they were deprived of sex(as their turn to live with Draupadi would come once in 4 years)

There are lot more to add but like I said earlier, it would be a spoiler.

This is a daring attempt by the author who has given a different perspective to the epic which coincides with the events in some way or the other and would definitely make one think more than once as to why not these could have been the actual reason/cause for the epic to have unfolded in the way, it wasn't suppose to be...

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Book Review - Princes Mandira : Destiny's Child

Title - Princess Mandira : Destiny's Child
Author - Madhurima Jain
Genre - Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64546-952-0

If you have ever been searching for a character which is equivalent to Bahubali, but portrayed by a female protagonist, Princess Mandira would aptly fit the bill. Trust me, when I was reading the book, the portrayal o the Kingdom, The Princess made me stunned and astonished as Madhurima has brought the sheer brilliance of magnanimity through her writing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is been made into a multilingual movie with the lead role being doned by none other than Anushka Shetty herself. 

Coming to the review now. This is the first part of the two part series(prequel) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from the beginning till the end. King Raghavendra aka Maharana ruled HinduKush kingdom. He had eleven wives but one who was very dear to him was Queen Serenova. As the name suggests, she was not from India. When she delivers the protagonist, Princess Mandira, she dies due to delivery related complications. King starts hating her and so as the other wives(step mothers) who wanted to get rid of her.

Luckily, the baby gets saved by Raj Guru who appoints his better half Geeta Bai and his own son Nathu as her care taker. She was taken away from the palace and lives in Ashram. Though she was away from the Royal Family/Palace, she was taught all the arts including singing,dancing,cooking,fighting,politics,drawing among others. Though this was done in order to save the Rajput royal family from falling into disgrace, destiny had other plans.

Mandira who turns out to be a beautiful Princess when she grows up had to marry a person who comes from abroad. 

Why did this happen?
Did she face any consequences after her marriage?
Was she made aware that she was a Princess?
Who married her?

All your questions will find the answers in this beautifully portrayed novel which will give you goosebumps. The character started living through my eyes right from the birth till the end of the story and would continue to live since there is a sequel to it :-)

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - First Love

Title - First Love
Author - Sheeja Jose
Genre - Romance
Publisher - FngerPrint Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-8905-317-3

A classic story which would take you back your teens. You may or may not have experienced the phenomenon called "LOVE" but this would rekindle the memories of your past. They say that the "First Love" is always special and remains etched in the memories forever. This is what happens with the protagonist Tina, only daughter of the single mother Rachel.

Tina was a happy go luck girl. She had her friends circle and was quite popular in her apartment complex Daffodils. The name Daffodils remains special to me as my first blog which still functions was called - daffodilstouch).

Coming from an affluent family, he has this attitude in himself by default. He ridicules Tina. However, Minu, Adi's sister likes her. As they say, "Love is blind", Tina starts loving Adi but Adi who has dated many girls like Dia, Shruti, Riha never approved of her love though they had sex.

This book is straight forward in establishing the fact that there is no need to be ashamed of Sex and it would be good,if it is discussed with the parents. Of course, not everyone would take it the same way as Rachel. On the other hand, if it is kept hidden, it would invariably lead to lot of consequences. 

The story is set during two timelines - 2012 and 2016. While Tina keeps failing in impressing Adi, she tries to make her single mom happy in all aspects. What she does is something revolutionary. She gets enrolled in tennis class and Rohit who is Tina's tennis partner, falls in love with her.

What happens to this Love Triangle?
Who emerges successfully in the end?

Read this beautifully portrayed novel which would keep you captivated till the end.

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Book Review - I-SPY : A peep into the world of Spies

Title - I-Spy
Author - Amit Bagaria
Genre - True Accounts(Non-Fiction)
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1684666324

Penning a non-fiction isn't easy. It needs lot of hard work and determination coupled with extensive research and application of mind because you cannot afford to give an incorrect information which may backfire against you. Amit just did that. All his previous books including this one is that of non-fiction genre and he has mentioned it in the very beginning of the book that it took thousands of hours of extensive research. He has sourced these information from various places and given it to us in a single book which certainly needs appreciation/applauds.

Initially, I thought this book is about something else. I had an hint that would be about spies but I had not imagined even in my wildest dream that it is about not just spies but about the spy organisations as a whole, from across the globe. Yes. This book is about the Top Spy Organisations across the globe which has been explained in great detail.

You can decide about reading all of them in one shot, one by one or you can also skip some of the organisations, if you do not prefer to read about them. This wouldn't affect the continuity of the book as each and every chapter is unique and is not connected with the other. Of course, in reality, they may have worked together on various projects and let us not go into that.

You would be surprised to read that not all the Spy organisations are well funded and despite facing the cash crunch, there are few who has excelled in their work. Needless to say, CIA is one of the top funded organisation and their budget exceeds the overall budget of many smaller nation. This isn't a surprise for the fact that they try to assert their supremacy all over .world.

I was delighted, stunned, surprised reading about various organisations. So, I could say safely by even without having a second thought that it has satisfied me in all the aspects - be it with content or otherwise.

I also must admit the fact that despite of having an opinion that I knew about most of them, when I finished reading this book, I realised that what I knew prior was not even 5% of the content that was covered in this book. Hats-Off to the author for such a great attempt and he surely is an author who differs from other and yes, he is on a Mission!!!

This book is available on Amazon and also in leading stores, offline.

Book Review - USAMa The Global Terrorist

Title - USAma The Global Terrorist
Author - Amit Bagaria
Genre - True Accounts(Non-Fiction)
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1684666355

I have read Amitji's other books. His knowledge is beyond comparison especially when it comes to International/National Politics. Part of it may be attributable to his studies and the work he did, as a student in USA. This book is a testimonial to his knowledge.

The content in this book is the outcome of a very well researched activity. I felt like watching a thriller though the book is a non-fiction. Though the book is bulky(close to 500 pages), you would never feel that you have been over burdened with facts and figures. This is because of the way, the content was being presented. The flow of content coupled with evidences sourced from various magazines/journals/newspaper would send a chill through your spine.

The fact that this is the 10th in a period of just 1 year shows the amount of hard work put in by the author in researching the subject and coming out with a well written book. I am sure, if you have read any of his previous books, you would certainly not beg to differ from my view point.

What is in this book?

This book contains some shocking revelations of what has been done by the USA in 80+ sovereign nation. The fact that many of them are hardly even connected with the super power, in any way, be it politically or economically would certainly make you to think twice, if not more, as to what prompted such a kind of action? 

If you love thriller, you would surely fall in love with this book as well for the fact that he has taken all the pains to describe about various course of action being taken by the Government controlled bodies of USA like C.I.A. as to how they use to extract information from the opponent by way of torture, black mail apart from planting fake news, fake public protests, porn films, poison etc to name a few.

While, the general public of USA is not even aware of most of these instances and majority of them were even against the actions proposed or taken by the USA, the way they exercised their influence over various forms of Govt be it Dictatorship or Communism certainly drives some valid ;points which has been discussed in great detail by the author in his book.

Do not miss it, if you want to know the truth!!
Remember, you may or may not be knowing all of them which has been discussed in this book in great detail.

This book is available on Amazon and in all leading stores, offline.

Raksha Bandhan Memories

Raksha Bandhan is always special especially when you have a Sister.  It is this day which reassures the sibling relationship, though it is felt and experienced almost every moment. Initially, I never believed in a day which is specifically dedicated to celebrate any function/relationships but then I realised that it is a pre-requisite, for the fact that one could at least show the other person, that he/she is been important in someone's life.

You may be different with your thoughts but you cannot expect the same from the other person as well. Thankfully, I realised this much earlier rather than not realising it at all or realising at a later stage. I have seen lot of siblings who show their affection on Raksha Bandhan. I too have few memories from the past which I would like to share.

Raskaha Bandhan isn't a festival but is much more special than that. It is a day, where there is a contest between the brother and sister who would try their best to prove as to who shows greater care over the other. This is a healthy contest and shouldn't be overlooked. When I was a kid, I realised that I have a greater role to play in the life of my younger sister, as and when she grew up.

Image Credit - India TV

My sister always had the habit of gifting me something which she had done it herself. It included Rakhi, Greeting Cards etc and I always use to wonder as to how she could do it so beautifully and how much time was required to get the creation done. Not all would be lucky as me. Yes. There are lot of siblings out there who live in different parts of the world due to various reasons. This can happen even before the matrimonial alliance is struck. Education may be one of the major reasons for the separation but fret not, you can send Online Rakhi Gifts for Brother, with ease. Distance isn't a problem, any more.

Coming back to my story. I was surprised on many occasion when my sister gifted me something during Raksha Bandhan which I had never thought about even in my wildest dreams. Most of the time, the gifts weren't expensive(in terms of monetary value) but it is invaluable because of the time spent on that creation and the personal touch given to it. Those cannot be compensated monetarily but yes, I always felt blessed for having been given such a caring sister. What I gifted her back in return?

I always gifted her something which she wanted at that point of time.

She was a hardcore fan of an actor back then. I gifted her, a special magazine of that actor, once.
On another occasion, I gifted her a Silver Anklet.
On one of the Raksha Bandhan, I presented her with a beautiful watch.

The above was possible because even till today, we stay nearby (she stays literally on the next door) but there are not so fortunate siblings who would stay miles apart. With technology coming into picture, you can send Personalised Gifts For Raksha Bandhan anytime, any day, to any place.

When I say Personalised Gifts, it can be any of these following categories which includes and not limited to:

a. Cakes
b. Chocolates
c. Gift Hampers
d. Perfumes and
e. Personalised Gifts

I am sure that you would be able to find a suitable gift for your sibling, with ease from any one of the categories mentioned above as it covers almost everything, you might ever think of gifting. 

So, next time, even if you are out of the Country, you need not have to worry about sending gifts to your sibling. You can Send Rakhi Gifts to India with a click of a mouse. Distance wouldn't be an issue, any further. Celebrate the day, as usual. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

Book Review - The Unprodigal

Title - The Unprodigal
Author - Manu Dhawan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - RUPA Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5333-541-0

A story that is intricately woven - says Actor Ayushmann Khurrana. I cannot differ from his view point. To start with, I loved the cover. It is simple yet different and YES, the cover picture has some role in the story as well.

Author has done a neat work in bringing out the story in its real form. What I mean is, this is happening in many of the affluent families. While few comes out in public, many of them remain hidden.

We ourselves have witnessed family feud in those families which would have certainly made us wonder as to what could have been the cause apart from fame and money.

The story revolves around the protagonist Aryan who despite having enormous wealth, runs away from his family.

Why did he do so?
Did he realise the greatest blunder he was about to commit?

Just then, he realises that he may be gone forever, he gets an helping hand but rather than the person helping him, he helps that person.

Who is that person?
Did that person make Aryan realise his mistakes?

Read this novel which has included most of the emotions which we experience in day to day life in a vivid manner. One of the renowned author, Ravi Subramaniam has rightly said that this book is "A Kaleidoscope of real characters and compelling conversations" and you too would agree to his wordings, once you finish reading this book.

The writing style was fluid. Characters were used judicially. I loved the conversation between the siblings Aryan and Zara. This would surely take you back to your old memories, if you too had a sibling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel which looks simple as it is but it couldn't get any more complex than this.....

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle format.

Press Release - Teppanyaki delights at ITC Maratha curated by Chef Jerry

Plating Teppanyaki Traditions
Originated in Japan, and curated around the world, Chef Jerry translates the art of ‘grilling on an iron plate’ onto your platter. Indulge in a visual feast and enjoy a seamlessly crafted spectacle paired with premium beverages.

Restaurant: Pan Asian
Date: 20th July – 28th July 2019
When: Dinner | 7pm to 11.45pm

For details or reservations please contact: 022-28303030 | Email:

Restaurant Review - The Square

Part 1: About the Restaurant

Novotel Chennai Sipcot - The Square Restaurant is hosting #FlavoursOfKeralafood festival which commenced yesterday and will go on until the 31st of July. It is located bang on the main road in Siruseri - SIPCOT.

It has ample parking facility for 2/4 wheelers.

You will never feel the busyness of the brimming city outside.

The theme is attractive. It makes you feel as if you have visited Kerala. Meticulous planning has gone into it.

Staffs were very helpful and friendly. I met few Managers - Restaurant/Floor/Operations apart from Chef who has come from Kerala and the Executive Chef.

Perfection is the apt name for the set up. Here are some of the clicks from the restaurant

Part 2 - About the Food!!
I was here this noon with my sis. We were presented with wide range of buffet for the #FlavoursOfKerala festival at #TheSquare

We were given a welcome drink to start with.

What were served?

I have given the list of food that we’re being served in the same order:

Welcome Drink
Fish Soup

This was followed by Buffet. I had a chance to taste upon all of them (in very less quantities though as the number of items were huge)

Fish Biryani
Kadalai Curry
Red Rice
Fish Gravy
Kozhi Chuttathu
Pazham Pradhaman
Semiya Payasam
Mophal Chemmeen
Varuthatacha Mutton Curry
Jeera Rice
Kadai Paneer
Pumpkin Erissery
Mix Vegetables Thoren
Vendakkai Masala Curry
Various Desserts
Ice Cream - Vannila, Strawberry & Chocolate

What is special about this food festival?

They have recreated the Keralite cuisine to its perfection as they have flew their Kerala property Chef to this place.

We could sense the flavour of Keraka by the way the food was prepared and the ingredients were used.
Do not miss to sip on the Goli Soda which has flavours of Lemon, Lemon & Ginger and Paneer.
I would personally recommend Fish Biryani, Chemmeen, Pazham Pradhaman and Fish Soup and Appam.

I would liek to highlight about Appam here. The batter is mixed with coconut milk and sugar and hence they do not serve it separately. You can have it plain(as it is). I found it innovative.

Try it!! I bet, You’ll surely be falling in love with it.

Note: They also have a Selfie Contest wherein the winner will get to stay in the property for a day for FREE! Do not forget to check it out, when you are there.

Press Release - The Big Asian Brunch promotions at ITC Maratha

The Big Asian Brunch

Treat yourself to an exquisite spread of Asian delicacies from across South East Asia at Pan Asian. Paired with premium beverages, the brunch dots the finest of the region. Complete the afternoon with a delectable dessert buffet at Catherine's.

Restaurant: Pan Asian | Catherine's
Date: Valid till August 2019
When: Every Sunday Brunch | 12.30pm to 03.45pm
Price: Starting at 2750 plus taxes | Special offers for Club ITC Culinaire

For details or reservations please contact: 022-28303030 | Email: restaurantreservation.itcmaratha@itchotels.in